Limericks By Linda

Limericks by Linda M. Smith

Rats!! Rats!! Rats!!

A left-handed rat from the ghetto,
Had a claw just like a stiletto.
But whenever he’d fight
He’d lead with his right,
And he lost to all that he mhetto.


Mooody Blues

A high-kicking heifer from Frood
Was easily bored and would brood.
When the herd tried to please ‘er
By trying to tease ‘er,
She snorted, “I’m not in the moood.”


A Tern for the Worse

A tern, a tick, and a toad,
Took a taxi on a nicely paved road.
The drive was a breeze
Till one of ‘em sneezed
And they took a turn for the worse, got ticked off, and croaked.


Dear Orkin

There was a young lady from Gruder,
Who claimed to love a computer.
But instead of nice hugs,
All she got were the bugs.
And ironing just didn’t suit ‘er.

Linda Loves Limericks



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