Return to Me

I hate “romance” novels and movies. So why did I love this movie enough to buy it? The same reason I love “Somewhere in Time”. It is thoroughly beautiful and uplifting.

When tragedy tilts Bob’s (David Duchovny) world on its axis, he stumbles upon another world where life is lived inside a nucleus of friends and family. In this new world it would be hard for anyone to be lonely. Tucked away in a little family-owned restaurant, he discovers a wealth of friendship, laughter, and something he could never have imagined. The restaurant is an Irish-Italian eatery. The owners are relatives by marriage played by Carroll O’Conner and Robert Loggia. What a combination! And at the heart of this rowdy crew is Grace (Minnie Driver), who plays a young single woman whose life, up to that point, has been plagued with a life-threatening health problem. She is desperately unsure of herself, and especially so with men.









James Belushi plays a role he was made to order for — the head of a normally abnormal family with undisciplined, and hilarious, hyper kids. This couple is also related to the slightly skewed restaurant family, and the wife, played by Bonnie Hunt, acts as Grace’s friend and confidante. She also gives Grace some really thought-provoking (and knee-slapping) advice about dating in this Irish/Catholic/Italian world.

But while romance blossoms on Grace’s idyllic garden terrace, a hidden truth waits like a thorn to rip it to shreds.

What will this movie do for you? Hopefully, it will make you laugh and cry and fall in love, and leave this world for theirs for an hour or two. So what else can you ask of a movie? And it will make you want to visit these people over and over again.

And so I do.



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