A gunslinger runs afoul of the code of the old . . . north? And gets shot down by Aristotle.

A lone cowboy rides into town in a cloud of dust and a hearty . . . hey, what’s that smell? His hands are tied and he’s trailing a rope with a dead tree limb on the end. He looks like he’s been dragged over cactus face down and he’s leaking blood from some obscure wound.

Barclay’s Brush is a tiny Canadian town at the foothills of the Rockies. The first “desperado” he encounters is a savvy little Asian girl (Melody Choi) who stands and stares at this phenomenon. Looking at her through dazed, bleary eyes, he asks, “You speak-y English–y?”   “Do you?” she shoots back. Round one goes to the real kid in pigtails.

This is the first of the “showdowns” that the notorious Montana Kid (Paul Gross) encounters in this delightful spoof of the code of the Old West — Canadian style. But even half dead, the Kid (a little mature for the pseudonym) is hell-bent on carrying out “the code” to the letter of its own law. Because that’s what a real man does. He don’t take no pig slop from nobody. Except maybe those blundering bounty hopefuls who kept him in a pig sty for several days before trying to hang him from a dead tree branch.

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