Review Choices and the New Music Category

I am adding a new category in which the subject will be music. As my posts progress in this area, you will note that the ones I select to talk about will seem to run from the sublime to the ridiculous. However, this is not the case. My selections on any subject, be it movie, book, music, or otherwise, is because it either entertains, edifies, speaks to me on a deeper level, or lifts me up.

I have to give my husband Mike the credit for helping me “see” music in a different light, and how the shape and scope of the music tells as much as the words. He also listens to new stuff more than I do. When he hears something that stands out from the crowd, no matter who sings it, he shares it with me and explains what attracted him to it in the first place. Then there’s older music whose content I feel many have misunderstood, but has a message that should be heard.

I hope each selection will be given the chance it deserves.



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