The Piano Guys

I discovered The Piano Guys from the blog of a Texas gate guard lady named Debbie. I clicked on “Cello Wars”, an entirely entertaining and humorous rendition of the “Star Wars” theme with dueling cellos. The icing on the cake was that the music itself was wonderful, which led Mike and me to click our way through several more, shortly becoming avid followers on YouTube.

I will try to write how these guys, their music, and the accompanying settings for their music, make me feel. But words will never do it. You must see and hear them to understand. You can’t call their video settings “background”. The scenes and the music are part and parcel of the whole, intertwining and interweaving with each other like a dance that sweeps you into its story and takes you somewhere else. But it is not just their art or their gift that makes this music surge through you like the rushing streams in their videos – it is the vision of their absolute joy that reaches out to you and draws you into their higher world, releasing inside you a yearning for what could be – the yearning to touch the face of God.

At the beginning of Beethovan’s Five Secrets, a quote comes upon the screen as the music moves to turn your eyes inward, pushing past verbal expression, opening you up to unsuspected elements of your own self. The scene draws us past black rocks marching up and away to a wild and rocky hillside, upon which the cello player sits, his body and countenance in one accord with the melodies. A full orchestra of highly gifted young people replaces the hillside view, and all the while the music lifts and falls, cries out and softens, and you are part of it.

But the words of Beethoven himself gives us a glimpse of how any art reaches out and reaches in to us, in the same way that the Hallelujah Chorus brought a queen to her feet.

“Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the Divine.”
Ludwig Von Beethoven



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