Come Walk with Me

Come walk with me and see the glories of the Lord through the years. These are the products of Mike’s green thumb and love of beauty, which I gladly share. Some of these flowers were given to us by loved ones and friends who gave from the bounties of their own gardens, some of whom have now gone on to walk in the gardens of the Lord. What lovely legacies they have left.   


Needle n’ Thread  — given to us by mama’s lifelong friend, Dolly Shelton    

Canna Lilies — also a floral legacy from Dolly Shelton — our first yellow ones                

Mexican Petunia — Given to us by my long-time friend and former co-worker, Barbara Ashe. We named the plant “Barbara Bush”. Of course.

Day Lilies — a variety of a larger size and unique color — legacy of Mike’s mother, the late Frances Isabell Smith.

Hibiscus again — there must be a world of varieties of these beauties. 

 A barrel full of just plain old garden variety petunias

 A pot full of petunias

A mass of Moss Roses 

This yellow rose resides in Alabama 

 This crepe myrtle is much, much bigger now. (Lots of rocks where we live).

This boulder is the centerpiece for impatiens and other stuff we don’t know the name of. Mike, a transplant from sandy south Georgia, was enamored of rocks until he swore that every time he dug a hole, if there wasn’t a rock there already, one would move over just to spite him.



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