Favorite Dances from SYTYCD

Turn to Stone
Trapped in a cold, unthinking, unfeeling existence, statues find they are given a few moments of warmth and life. The sheer strength and balance required for some of these beautiful moves by Melanie and Marko are awesome.

The Hummingbird and the Flower
Hok, the hummingbird, flutters about Jamie, the flower, as she ripples and waves lightly in this shadowed green glade. These moves, so delicately, but extraordinarily performed, seem beyond human capability. Yet, these dancers bring this contemporary jazz routine “easily” to life.

We are given a picture of the insidious evil of Addiction in the form of Kupono as he draws the young girl Kayla into his web of deceit and empty promises. As his control over her increases, she struggles helplessly to throw him off, to pull away, to climb up and out of the darkness into which he has drawn her. As his hand cuts off her air, she fights to breathe, fights to live, but he will not let go. With a knowing, crafty smile he completes his mission as she gives in to despair.



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