All-Stars Glitter on SYTYCD

No question. The contemporary routine with Eliana Girard and All-Star Alex Wong shone like the evening star among a galaxy of talent on So You Think You Can Dance last night. The haunting song and music (Bang Bang), and lighting, paired with the exceptional choreography by Stacey Tookey, brought all the elements together for a routine that will glow for years. Eliana was every bit as brilliant as All-Star Alex.

In the hip-hop routine by Dave Scott, Twitch took my breath away from his first movement out of the casket. Though I love little Audrey Case, whose solo dance last night should have kept her in the running, she was prophetic in her analysis of her own ability to keep up with the All-Star. She didn’t. I couldn’t take my eyes off Twitch, whose movements were so sharply defined he could have cut his way across the floor. He is brilliant — and he’s from Montgomery, Alabama, capital of my home state. (Reflected glory, and all that).

Cyrus Spencer continues to amaze, given his limited dance background. He and Jaimie Goodwin brought tears to my eyes with their contemporary routine by the incomparable Travis Wall. Thank goodness the judges gave the young man his due and gave him (and his audience) a break on the feet placement. The kind of movements I saw from Cyrus should be the envy of much more experienced dancers, especially those in that boring artsy . . . uh . . . let’s just say that “artsy-artsy” routine by L. A. Dance Project at the end of the show, and leave it at that.

Loved the Me and My Shadow routine with Lindsay Arnold and All-Star Jakob Karr, a broadway number by Spencer Liff. It was simple, but simply beautiful in its lively, graceful synchronization, and very entertaining.

I also loved the Bollywood routine by Nakul Dev Mahajan. Will Thomas shone as the partner of Amelia Lowe, but his luster seemed to dim next to All-Star Kathryn McCormick, whose airy movements made the law of gravity seem optional in her case.

Cole Horibe, however, cannot seem to catch a break. All-Star Anya Garnis, though still well-preserved and a good “shake ’em up” dancer, is past her prime. I believe if Cole had been partnered with someone nearer his own age, like Kathryn McCormick, he might not have had to work so hard at his acting. And what’s with all the “let’s get down and dirty routines” this year”? Yeah, I know. They’ve had them before. But this year they seem to be going out of their way to get thrown in the “not for public consumption” lot. Some of the language and non-subtle innuendoes on the show are getting worse. Are they TRYING to get kicked off the family viewing rating? That said, never would be too soon to see that foul-mouthed Christina Applegate again.

I’ve been on the fence about Chehon Wespi-Tschopp. His lyrical hip-hop routine by Dave Scott and partnered with All-Star Lauren Gottlieb was one of those “okay, I can take it or leave it” numbers. But there’s no question his solo dance wearing the Edward Scissorhands knock-offs was absolutely brilliant. I’m with Nigel – Chehon took my breath away.

However, the girl solos with Witney and Audrey should have made a big difference in who went home and who did not. But . . . go figure. Audrey was in her element and absolutely brilliant, while Witney chose to go the hackneyed Vegas-girl route. Sure she looked great, but so do the Vegas girls, and no one accuses them of artful dancing. Of course, Witney wasn’t asked to do a hip-hop she wasn’t capable of, either, so she came off looking great in her partnered number. Of course, she was given the plum out of the pie with All-Star Nick Lazzarini as her partner with a routine by Travis Wall.

Now for an update on last week’s fiasco. I have learned that the booting of Amelia Lowe has not set well with others, either. I found the line “Amelia Lowe was robbed” among the conglomeration of search parameters that came my way. My brother-in-law Randy (remember Randy, who thinks Amelia is a beautiful porcelain doll?) decided to give the cold shoulder to SYTYCD last night saying, and I quote, “I will not watch those dance Nazi’s”. You’ll have to excuse Randy. He’s ex-military. Sheesh. Maybe he’ll get over it by next week. He wants Cyrus to rise to the top.


7 thoughts on “All-Stars Glitter on SYTYCD

  1. It amazes me the way I always agree with your comments about SYTYCD. I particularly agree that Audrey’s solo number should have kept her in the running. I’m surprised Witney has lasted this long. Personally, I find her kind of uninspiring and boring. And who would have thought Cyrus would prove capable of all he’s been doing? Phenomenal if you ask me.

    I want Melanie Moore back as an All Star guest dancer. I’m sure they must have tried to get her.

      • Glad to know we see eye-to-eye. What did you think of Benjamin Millepied’s “LA Dance Project” routine? I found it quite uninspiring, but my hat’s off to him for starting this organization. I wondered if he was a bit out of his element as a judge. He’s so completely a classical ballet person, but maybe he understands other dance styles better than I give him credit for.

  2. Sorry. I just now read this comment. L. A. Dance Project was the one I was talking about that was boring and more than a little artsy-artsy, to put it politely. I guess I should have made it more clear by referring to the L. A. Dance Project. But when you are writing, sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. Mike is now my editor-in-chief. Without him to point out the little things I miss . . . well, I’d miss them. Ha.


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