SYTYCD – Wow! to Christopher Scott’s “Cinema” & “Postman” Routines

Cat Deely, Cyrus Spencer, and All-Star Comfort Fedoke. Christopher Scott’s “Cinema” routine had audience and judges on their feet and screaming.

Choreographer Christopher Scott pulled a winning doubleheader last night with his “Cinema” and “Mr. Postman” routines, though the latter was nixed by Nigel with only a lukewarm reception by Mary Murphy. I have no idea what Christina Applegate said. We mute her. Isn’t technology grand.

My favorite dance by Scott, the night’s premier choreographer, and my fun favorite of the entire evening, was Cyrus and All-Star Comfort’s electrifying routine “Cinema”. WOW! It blew me away. Great choreography. Great surprises. Great dancing. Super great entertainment. Everybody was charged up. As dance judge Mary Murphy so aptly put it — “They connected!” And it was Mary Murphy who also came up with the best quote of the evening — “Cyrus was in his Comfort zone.” Rack another one up for Mary. And the brief glimpse we had of Christopher Scott showing the couple one of the moves was provocative. I want to see HIM dance. When I called sister Katie, though, she beat me to the punch. “I want to see Christopher Scott dance,” she said. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Okay. Now it’s time to enjoy yelling “BOOO, Nigel!” I loved Scott’s “Mr. Postman” routine with Eliana Girard and Twitch, in spite of the judge’s nay-saying and uncalled-for criticism of Eliana. She was not responsible for the routine which he claimed did not show her off to her best advantage. I think it showed how well-rounded she is. She can do anything they throw at her. Why don’t they just dock the choreographer’s pay if they feel so strongly about it?

This is one bone of contention I have with So You Think You Can Dance. The dancers do not make up the routine. They implement it to the best of their ability, which in this case was pretty darn good. And in my humble and unprofessional opinion as a mere viewer, the choreography was great. I was entertained. I had fun. I loved Twitch-the-Postman’s facial expression when Eliana came after him. I think that Special Delivery routine delivered.

So, whatta ya want Nigel? We have heard you tell dancers on the one hand, “You have got to loosen up and have fun.” Then you tell Eliana that the last time she had a “fun” dance, the judges had to step in and save her. You not only confuse your dancers, you confuse your audience. Then you dangle a Sword of Damacles over her head with the implication that she might not go into the finals because you won’t be able to save her next time. But, unlike Damacles, this is a sword she can’t remove. I call that cruel and uncalled-for about a wonderful dancer with more talent in her little finger than some of the show-girls you’ve kept in the running.

Surprisingly, I also enjoyed Cyrus and Tiffany Maher in their Home Alone routine by Spencer Liff. Their explosive energy sizzled on that stage. And, unless I missed something, the dance itself was not the crude, grabby routine shown during rehearsal. DID I miss something? And Cyrus rose several more notches in my already good opinion of him. He was not comfortable with the completely tasteless version. He was even somewhat apologetic about the cleaned-up one, which he and Tiffany executed with such electric pizzazz.

And let us not forget Jean-Marc Genereus’s 50’s ice cream parlor routine with second-season winner, swing champ Benji Schwimmer and Tiffany. A great, eye-popping, entertaining performance that set the excitement level for the night. It would take a talented tornado to keep up with Benji, and that precious little Tiffany did it with style and, as Nigel put it, in high heels. It’s hard enough to walk in heels, much less dance in them – and at NASCAR speed, at that.

Two serious routines by Tyce Diorio and Mia Michaels, took us deep down into our own consciences, tapping our emotions by sharing their own through their extraordinary vision, and the gifted expression of the dancers. Eliana and Cole put power into their “hatred/fighting” routine by Mia Michaels, expressing its demoralizing effects in horrendous detail.

Tyce Diorio‘s wrenching view of sudden tragedy that leaves people stunned, helpless, and hopeless, is shown in his routine where one suitcase contains the last remaining remnants of their lives. The hollow-eyed look of despair on the faces of Chehon and Kathryn, and Chehon’s desperate leap for the suitcase, were enough to tear your heart out. These routines will be keepers.

I was again disappointed in the routine given to my all-time favorite dancer, All-Star Melanie Moore. It should have worked. You had two great dancers, Melanie and Cole Horibe. And a great choreographer, Sonja Tayeh. But something wasn’t quite right and I didn’t know what. Then my husband Mike said, “The song is killing it.” And that was it.

I hated to see Cole Horibe go home last night. On the other hand I would have hated to see Chehon Wespi-Tschopp and Cyrus Spencer go. Oh, the dilemma. All three males are winners in my book. I was so glad that the talented trio had made it to this point and I’m sure Cole’s career is just beginning.

I did not hate to see Witney go, and I’ve never understood the judges’ fixation with her. Though she’s a lovely girl, and the “leaving at the altar” routine with All-Star Marco by Ray Leeper was one of her best, she has never been a favorite. She flaunts more than she dances. And I’m not alone in this opinion. She should listen to her father. (I sound like a Jewish grandmother, don’t I?)


15 thoughts on “SYTYCD – Wow! to Christopher Scott’s “Cinema” & “Postman” Routines

  1. Spot on again, my friend. It irks me no end when the dancers are ciriticized and it’s the routine that’s at fault. They have NO control over the routines that are forced on them. At least I assume they don’t. I wonder what would happen if a dancer flat-out refused to do a routine or refused to dance with a particular partner.

    I agree with last night’s exits. Witney is pretty, a nice girl, but NO way is she as skilled or the all-around dancer that Eliana and Tiffany are. (Loved what you said about her flaunting more than dancing.) One of them will still have to go and it’s going to be heartbreaking for me.

    No question, Cole’s a good dancer, but Chehon and Cyrus are truly exceptional in their skill and different approaches to dance.

    I agree with your disappointment over the routines they are giving Melanie to do. What a waste of her talent. It’s interesting that your husband said the song killed it. That’s EXACTLY what I thought, too. Normally I like Sonja’s routines. But there were some excellent routines in this episode…dramatic and moving.

    You didn’t miss anything by muting Applegate. Talk about being a motor mouth! I think she’s in love with the sound of her own voice.

    • Wow. Everything you said and then some. I just read this to Mike. He says he doesn’t think Applegate was acting on Married With Children. It was just her being herself. Ha. Oh. I saw where you asked about Il Volo last week. I haven’t seen them in a while, or the new hairstyle. Back to last night . . . it was a good show with, as you say, dramatic dancing. Enjoyed it immensely.

      • Is it possible for commenters to post videos and photos and can that only done in an entry? If I can do it, I can post a pic of Piero’s and Ignazio’s new hair styles. Also a video or two of their current tour. I think I’ll give it a try.

        See if this works. Because their tour was sold out everywhere last year, Il Volo has several big sponsors this year. Fiat presented them with this bus at the beginning of the current tour. I LOVE it! No exactly low profile is it? Piero calls it “our sleepy bus” and the boys love it.

      • Hmm, I guess it didn’t work. Maybe if I just give you the direct link, that will work.

      • Glad you could see it. I think it’s gorgeous. I tried to post the actual photo using the HTML coding, but it didn’t work. What code should I use at Word Press?

  2. OK, thanks. I really need to learn how this place works. I only set up an account so I could chat with you. I’m a Live Journal, Facebook and Twitter blogger, plus a few fan forums in which I participate.

      • Good for you! I love it. Great picture. Nice to meet you at last. I had to get Mike to set up my profile. I’m about to embark on another blogging adventure. I’m dividing up my subjects. I’ll keep the TV, movies, and books in The Village Smith for those followers who are only interested in the reviews. But since I like to yap about EVERYTHING, I will write my other stuff in the new one and link it to the Village Smith. What do you think?

      • I love knowing what the people I chat with look like. As for splitting into two blogs, I’ll follow you anywhere. I LOVE the way you write. I don’t know how it would work at, but i tried having two Live Journals a couple of years a go and it was a bigfat pain in the you know what. I was constantly logging out of one, into the other,back to the first one, and back and forth continually. It drove me nuts so I gave up the idea.

        That photo was taken at a restaurant in Des Moines a couple of years ago. There were nine of us who had become extremely good friends at a LOTR forum and decided we should meet. We chose Des Moines because 1) is was centrally located and 2) one of the gals had five children, lived in Des Moines and couldn’t afford to fly to another city. It was one of the best four-day weekends I’ve ever had. We’re still all close and have met one another several times since then. I do love the Internet. It’s not all axe murderers. LOL

  3. “I sent a long reply. Did it ever show up?”

    Apparently not. I don’t see it here and I didn’t get a notice that you’d replied to my last comment (about the photo of me.) Or did you mean you sent an email? If so, I didn’t receive it.

    • Sorry. Will have to do a rewrite. Will send it on email in a while. I don’t know what happens to these things. I hit reply. But just for the moment, thank you again for your wonderful support. You are greatly appreciated. (Does LOTR stand for Lord of the Rings. Mucho more in common.

      • Yes, this site definitely has its weird moments. Many times when I want to reply to a comment, there’s no Reply button to click. I have to backtrack to where there’s a comment that DOES have a Reply button. I highlight and copy everthing I write here so that if it doesn’t post, I haven’t lost it entirely. I just keep playing around untilI I can get it to post.

        Yes, LOTR stands for Lord of the Rings. Another you may see is TORn. That’s The One…..the first, largest, and most well-known LOTR fan site. LOTR is responsible for me being on line. I fought getting the Internet for years because I knew I’d end up addicted — and I am. But the desire to see everything that was out there about LOTR forced me to succomb. The rest is history.


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