SYTYCD – There’s Something About Cyrus . . .

Okay. This season the best dancers are obvious. So what is there that makes Cyrus shine? That keeps him in the competition? All the finale dancers are gifted and obviously Chehon and Eliana are the most technically proficient. I think what has captured the hearts of America with Cyrus is that, against all odds, he not only hangs in there with the best, he is able to channel a deep draught of emotion into every dance routine. His smile, his moves, draw our eyes inexorably in his direction. He touches us. I’m not saying that the others have not. Most assuredly they have. But there’s something about Cyrus . . .

Okay. So where have I been this past week. The most important show of the season was on and I’ve been silent. Simple. I missed it. I forgot it came on Tuesday night and I was away from home. Then the week got crazy. Even sister Katie missed a quarter of the show because she had missed the announcement. I sat down Wednesday night all excited with my little note pad in hand. And what to my wondering eyes should appear but that goofy X-Factor. What? Wha. . .? Wha hawpened? Then both my brain cells started firing and I think I pulled every hair left in my head out. Know the feeling? I sincerely hope not. It’s not a good one.

So, in between life’s demands this week I’ve caught a few online videos and checked out some comments. One commenter (is that even a word?) remarked that, though Cyrus has stand-out talent, he is not the best dancer this season. He also had a good point in that it might not even be good for Cyrus to win, though he thinks he will. His logic there goes to the point that Cyrus, with a little more experience under his belt, a little more “eye of the tiger” if you will, should be a performer to be reckoned with by this time next year. I think he has a good point.

But, we Americans have always loved an underdog. I still love the Rocky movies. The come-from-behind, want-it-bad-enough, put-it-all-on-the-line unlikely hero who rises from the bottom to capture the do-or-die spirit of the nation. Have I got enough cliche’s in here, yet? The simple fact is . . . Cyrus won’t stop trying. He takes the judges’ critiques with a smile. He obviously must listen to the choreographers. He absolutely must work like crazy to get the technicalities down as well as the life and heart of the dance. He’s not going down without a fight. And he doesn’t whine. My gosh! I love this guy.

Should he win So You Think You Can Dance? You know . . . I don’t know. Did Rocky win because he was the best fighter? Well, he didn’t win the fight in the first movie, but he won the hearts of his audience. No. He won eventually because he kept on trying. Because he had heart and was willing to do whatever it took to rise to the top of his profession. I do know I’ve been holding on for a hero – which to me is someone with guts who lays it on the line. He’s someone with something real who believes he’s got what it takes to go against the odds. Someone who rises to compete with the best and smile while he’s doing it. Cyrus’ smile says that he not only has a strong heart, but a good one. I sincerely hope that smile is real.


6 thoughts on “SYTYCD – There’s Something About Cyrus . . .

  1. I tried to post the following comment on Tuesday, but the rain knocked out my Internet because it’s satellite Internet and doesn’t work in heavy rain……

    Since your didn’t see last week’s show (it is available on line if you still want to see it) you may not be aware of a comment by Nigel that had me seeing red. He went on and on about how he wasn’t going to vote for Cyrus. Cited his background with ballet and said he’d have to vote for Chehon or Eliana. So be it, he can vote for whichever dancer he wants, but his remarks aimed at Cyrus were totally inappropriate AND uncalled for. Even the audience looked uncomfortable.

    Twitch and Cyrus together were great. Loved Eliana and Alex, too. The pole dance? Not so much. Eliana DOES know how to pole dance, Tiffany doesn’t and it showed.

    It would certainly shake up SYTYCD if Cryus won and maybe he will. He’s very appealing for all the resaons you stated. I think Eliana will be the female winner.

    I can watch only the second hour tonight because I’m hooked on The Voice, too, and it airs from 8 to 9, but I’ll switch channels at 9 and will be able to see who wins.

    It’s always sad when we miss a beloved show on TV, but fortunately, most of them are available on line a day or two later.

    Now, having seen the final, I’m very happy with the winners. I’m sure that after so much exposure on TV, Cyrus will be grabbed up by someone/something. He’s too special to pass up, as Nigel said.

    • Off topic, but I give up on Word Press. I selected a layout that’s supposed to allow choosing your own banner photo, but I can’t make it work. For starters, the instructions say to go to your “dashboard” then click on “appearance'” and some other things. What the heck is the “dashboard” here? I can’t find anything in the help section about it and apparently that’s where I have to be to make changes.

      I’ve had a blog at Live Journal for seven years and thought THAT was complicated to understand initially, but Word Press has LJ beat. And WP is too temperamental and quirky when I try to comment.

    • Thanks for filling me in on the details. I just finished my post for last night and your comments helped immensely. I haven’t seen The Voice this year. I watched the first few episodes last season. Sometimes the judges get a little too colorful in their language for my taste, and I can’t get into the sing-offs. I like the first part of the show where they turn around. In my last post on Cyrus I made a brief comment about X-Factor. It was so disorganized and silly last year it left me totally unwilling to waste my time with it this year. They had great singers, but the format, the judges, and the host really put me off. BUT . . . I really enjoyed this year’s SYTYCD. Thanks for your comments. It’s been fun “watching the show with you”.

      • You’re welcome. I really liked that Nigel owned up to his inappropriate comment about not voting for Cyrus. Leave it to the Twitterverse to tell you when you’re out of line.

        X-Factor’s host from last year (Steve Jones) is gone and they aren’t using a host this season. They really don’t need one, IMO. Brtiney Spears and Demi Lovato are pretty enjoyalble as judges this year. The show has a rough road ahead of it though because The Voice is so much better. The Voice judges’ antics crack me up.

        Another show I liked, NBC’s The Sing-Off, hasn’t been renewed. I’m sad about that because they had some fabulous groups on that show. Did you ever see it? The group called Committed was fantastic and won season two. There are YouTube videos of them singing Apologize and This Love that I’ve downloaded and played many, many times.

      • Sorry to say I’ve not seen the Sing-Off. But I do hear that X-Factor is already in trouble with the ratings. I’m sure there are many like me who gave it a shot last year, and won’t be back for more. I’m still an Idol fan, though, and hope it hangs around. Though Idol has had its problems – i.e. Adam Lambert getting robbed of his due, and Chris Daughtry getting dumped by the 4th level, I believe the show changed the face of the music industry, and only for the better. And both SYTYCD and American Idol struck gold in their hosts.

      • Yes, I’ve read about X-Factor’s ratings. Simon was unhappy last year when they reached 12 +/- million and this year it’s only 8 +/- million so far. Not good.

        As for Adam not getting his due on Idol in season 8, I blame the homophobes among the voting public. You would have to be deaf not to realize what a fantastic voice he has.

        I love Idol and will watch it forever, but the thing I like about The Voice is that it has only people who can really sing…people who’ve had training or performed alone or in bands before. It makes a big difference in the quality of the contestants. They don’t show terrible contestants so viewers can laugh at them.


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