Great Scott! Christopher Scott Ante’s Up in A Big Way!!

Chehon and Eliana Win Ninth Season. Cat’s a winner every season.

America definitely got it right this year. All four of the final contestants were clearly winners, no matter who got the top votes. However, I do believe Eliana and Chehon were the best all-around dancers, while, as Nigel loves to say, “Tiffany hasn’t put a foot wrong”, and “Cyrus steals the show”.

Since I did not see last week’s show due to technical difficulties (my brain was off-line), I did not know about Nigel’s national faux pas (French for foot in mouth) about Cyrus. But, in last night’s show he graciously acknowledged his pedestrian folly after being Twittered by half the country. My thanks to Magic Dancer for filling me in on the details.

My favorite new routine from last night’s show was Christopher Scott’s old-fashioned back room poker game with Cyrus as the cheating shark, and Twitch, Comfort, and Christopher Scott himself as the incensed players. When those dancers hit the freeze frame and the camera panned full circle I nearly came up out of my seat. Awesome ain’t the word, honey. It was STUPENDOUS! And the stuttering moves. I don’t know what they’re called. Maybe stop-motion animation? (I’m out of my depth here, but you get the picture), were beyond description. We taped and that one’s definitely a keeper to watch over and over again.

My picks of the picks of the season were Eliana and Alex in the “Bang Bang” routine, Tyce Diorio’s “suitcase/tragedy” performed by Chehon and All-Star Katherine, Chehon and Anya’s Argentine Tango, Tiffany’s defining moment with Ade in the “Power of Love”, and, of course, Cyrus and Twitch as they punch through the glass wall. Two of my favorites that did not make the pick list were Christopher Scott’s Cinema routine, and Tiffany’s “by golly she did it” dance with Benji Schwimmer in Jean-Marc Genereus’s 50′s ice cream parlor, fast-paced jive.

My least favorite pick of the picks was “Love Cats” with my favorite dancer of the season who did not make the top 10 – Amelia Lowe. The cat routine went from cute to crude in a hurry. There were other routines that truly showcased Amelia’s talent and quirky charm and personality. The pole dance routine with Eliana and Tiffany was another low point of the season.

The guest entertainment with Carley Rae Jepson was a little too pre-teen/teenie-bopper for my taste. She and Justin Bieber together could drive me up a wall. I found out I wasn’t alone when my husband Mike wryly commented, “Did one of the Archie’s get lost and wind up in 2012? That’s a chopped-off version of Veronica, isn’t it?” On peering closer with my trifocals, I had to agree. It was Veronica fast-forwarded in time. For Carley Rae Jepson and Justin Bieber fans who don’t know who the Archie’s or Veronica are, well . . . you see, they’re . . . oh, go Google ’em.

My other favorite of the night was the Wal-Mart commercial trying to get back all the Christmas customers they lost when they quit doing layaways. That was such comic relief we laughed till we cried. K-Mart must have really kicked their butt last Christmas.

AND . . . that’s a wrap for The Village Smith for this season of So You Think You Can Dance. Hope you’ve enjoyed it.


11 thoughts on “Great Scott! Christopher Scott Ante’s Up in A Big Way!!

  1. I agree. The voting public got it right this season. I also agree that Christopher Scott’s poker game routine was brilliant.

    “She and Justin Bieber together could drive me up a wall.”

    LOL I totally agree. Mike’s observation about Jepson looking like Veronica from the Archie comics is spot on.

      • Don’t push him if he’s busy. As I said, my layout isn’t all that important because I’m only here for you.

        I don’t recall what night DWTS is on this season, but last year it conflicted with three other shows I liked. Maybe I’ll get luckier this season. Of course, all the routines end up on YouTube so I can watch them there.

      • We have Dish Network satellite TV here in the boonies. Our decoder / DVR can handle two programs at once so ideally, I’d watch one and record the other. But hubby watches TV a lot in the evening and if I ask him to record a show for me, you’d think I’d asked if I could cut off a leg. His comment is usually that I watch too much TV as it is, but if I really plead, he’ll do it. Actually, I don’t watch a lot of TV. I record two or three shows a day then when I log off the computer in the evening, I go watch them. I can get through what I’ve recorded pretty fast because I can zap the ads.

      • Ideally we record shows just in case. But, wouldn’t you know it, the night of the next to last SYTYCD , the one I missed because I forgot it came on Tuesday night instead of Wednesday, the weather was too iffy to go off and leave the computer on.

      • We never have TVs or computers on during storms either because we get a LOT of lightning. There will never be cable here because the population of the area is too smal for any cable company to be interested. We’ll always have satellite TV, but fortunately the dish on the roof is well grounded and as far as we know, has never been struck, nor has our satellite Internet dish.

        And speaking of that, we switched today to high-speed wireless Internet. What an amazing improvement in both download and upload speeds. This wireless provider just started installations in our area last fall and people are switching to them almost faster than they can do installations. .

      • You’re going to really enjoy that. We got rid of cable long ago and ditched satellite a couple of years ago. We get most of the locally provided viewing with just an antenna. For A&E and AMC and the like, we stream. Mike has it rigged so we can watch it on our TV.

      • An antenna is useless here because we’re surrounded by mountains. I’m looking forward to being able to stream. Couldn’t do that before because satellite wasn’t fast enough. But our other problem with streaming was we had download and upload limits. Streaming or downloading a movie or several TV shows a month used up all our bandwidth. Now we have no limits at all and very fast speed. It takes the pressure off of feeling that I HAVE to watch a show on TV.


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