Come on Over to Our House for Pumpkins and the Colors of Autumn

Hi. We’re the Smiths. Mike and Linda. Welcome to our home “when fall nips the air”. Stay and look at our celebration of God’s wonderland of color, and the joy of our little pumpkins through the years.

Eyes are glued to Granddaddy Smith’s carving knife. One slip and it’s back to the pumpkin patch. And maybe all the really big pumpkins are gone.

Time’s a-wastin’. My little “Huns” are eager to disembowel this plump pumpkin.

 Meagan and Kayla (l-r) on PawPaw McDaniel’s back porch. During the visits of these first two grandchildren, they helped me care for PawPaw and MawMaw McDaniel, my parents. They loved taking their medications to them and helping me make oatmeal for breakfast. My pet name for Meagan and Kayla was “Precious”, from The Hobbit. They were Precious #1 and Precious #2. When Montana, our third granddaughter, came along a few years later, somehow she became “Pumpkin”.

My big Precious has to get in on the act, too.

Mike Smith, Chief Pumpkin Carver and daughter, Michelle, Chief Supervisor.

Whallah! The finished product. Michelangelo eat your heart out.

Our Pumpkin Patch

Autumn indoors at our house.

From our front yard you can see the sun rise over the hills, lighting up the first glow of autumn leaves.

“When fall nipped the air” some years ago, we sat and enjoyed watching the fire instead of the TV. If you’ll look closely, you can see the profile of our cozy orange tabby tucked on a foot rest enjoying it, too. Although he is no longer with us, nor are PawPaw and MawMaw McDaniel, they are pictured always in our hearts in bright colors of love.


4 thoughts on “Come on Over to Our House for Pumpkins and the Colors of Autumn

    • Yes. We’re enjoying the weather. Opened the doors and windows last week and aired out the house. Slept with windows open a couple of nights. Wonderful sleeping. I’m sure you and your buds are getting into some fall shinanigans.

  1. What wonderful photos and memories. It’s very pretty here in northern NH right now, too. The days are still warm and the nights haven’t been cold enough to require the assistance of the furnace. We haven’t had a frost yet and some years we get a killing frost as early as Labor Day. I hope our winter will be mild, too. A mild winter is rather rare where I live.

    Here’s a bit of NH at my house. These pics are a few years old, but it looked the same today as it did when I took them.

    Along the highway by my house.

    View from my deck.

    The maple tree behind my mailbox.

    I really hate Word Press. It took me three attempts to post this. The page kept expiring. Arghhh!

    • We loved your pictures. Have always planned for a future trip to New England in the fall. Still look forward to the day when we can. Our trees, so far, are a little disappointing in spite of the good rainfall we had at the right time. They were much brighter and more colorful when we had long drought conditions. We are puzzled about that. You live in a gorgeous area. Maybe it’s early yet for the trees here. We also have some other older pictures of good years, but having to dig through and find them is a job.


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