Join Us for A Walk on the Wild Side – Talladega National Forest

After our wilderness ride on the back roads (see previous posting), Mike and I were ready for civilization and a picnic. Civilization in this respect simply meant that we were looking for a chat with some friendly and knowledgeable campers, some at least primitive bathroom facilities, and a picnic table. Since we had never been here before, we didn’t know what to expect, but we did find the friendly and knowledgeable campers, the primitive but very clean bathroom facilities, and a picnic table on the pristine shore of a bright blue lake – Coleman Lake to be exact. At the end of this post I will give you a link to more information about Talladega National Forest.

Coleman Lake – Talladega National Forest

As you can see from the ripples in the lake, the wind had not let up and did its best to rip us off on paper products and even our bag of Chicken McNuggets. (By the way, McNuggets lose a little flavor when they’re cold). But we were anxious to begin our walk on the path around the lake that we had read about, and just wanted a little something to tide us over. (And that’s exactly what we got out of this erstwhile picnic).

So with our old decrepit camera in hand (which goes through batteries like a kid through candy), we began our trek in short order, with the tune and words from the Hobbit still rattling around in my head.

A peek at the lake through the woods as the trail winds upward.

The trail goes up and down and winds around, and I’m Hobbiting again: “the road goes ever ever on . . . over grass and over stone.”

Still full daylight, but the shadows are deep in here.

  The road goes ever ever on . . . over rock and under tree





by streams . . .  that never reach the sea

The bluest water hides down in a ravine  

 . . . and through the merry flowers of — October

My best side? Never give a man a camera.

We’re coming into the home stretch.      

 Back to home base. And as The Hobbit would say:

. . . feet that wandering have gone . . . turn at last to home afar.

Hope you were blessed walking with us and looking through our eyes at the beauty of God’s world. It’s all out here. We just have to notice.

Now, here’s the link to more information about Talladega National Forest and its recreational facilities.Link is courtesy of authors Fred and Suzi Dow at


5 thoughts on “Join Us for A Walk on the Wild Side – Talladega National Forest

  1. Beautiful ! Enjoyed the hike. Now for the campfire, sweet potatoes in the coals, meat on the grill and oh yes, a cup of black coffee in the crisp fall air. Thanks Linda.

    • Glad you enjoyed the hike with us, Sis. It was an exhilarating day. We’ll have the campfire coming up soon and will add some marshmallows to your list. Will pass on the black coffee. I’ve got to have all the extras. Thanks for joining us.

  2. Good to hear from you again. I’ve missed my “pen pal”. (Boy, is that an outdated term). Thank you. We enjoyed the hike and the wind and sun, as well as taking the pictures. Yeah. If we keep chasing Bilbo, we’re going to catch up with that little Hobbit one of these days. Can’t wait for the new movie. We’ve watched the trailer many times. The dwarves’ singing thrills us every time.


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