Will the Real Jack Reacher Please Stand Up? Uh . . . Not You Tom.

                 David Morse, tall, tough, in The Hurt Locker. He IS Jack Reacher.

Okay. So I’ve already given my totally unbiased opinion about what’s-his-face playing Jack Reacher: Cruising for the Most Miscast Movie Character. Right. But, hey, wait a minute. I’ve found him. I found Jack Reacher. Or at least the perfect actor to be him. Ta-daaaaaa! DAVID MORSE. So let’s fire Tom Cruise, do some serious talking to Cruise’s number one fan, author Lee Child, and hire Morse for  a REAL Reacher movie!!!!! Here’s why. And if you’re still not convinced, see the David Morse trailers at the end of this post.

Jack Reacher is 6’5″
David Morse is 6’4″ (a little closer to character than Tom Thumb).
Jack Reacher’s lowest weight bid – 210 lbs-plus.
David Morse’s weight is unknown (can’t find it on Google) – but at 6’4″ David Morse looks great, not lean or skinny. So he should come within a decent range of the character.
Jack Reacher – ice blue eyes
David Morse – blue eyes
Jack Reacher – dirty blonde hair
David Morse – blonde hair
Jack Reacher – muscular physique
David Morse – he ain’t chopped liver
Jack Reacher – able to take on all-comers
David Morse – has played bad guys and good guys and whomped up on the best of them. 

Jack Reacher – born in 1960
David Morse – born in 1953 (seven years difference). Tom Cruise – born 1962 – which means he’s no spring chicken, either, besides being a foot shorter.

Yes. David Morse has played both bad guys and good guys and was outstanding in them all. He played Brutus “Brutal” Howell in “The Green Mile”; the chilling bad cop in “16 Blocks”, and the emotionally conflicted brother in “The Indian Runner”, which was based on the song Highway Patrolman by Bruce Springsteen. Yet he has also played in the under-rated TV series “Hack”, a story about a compassionate cab driver who tries to find his way “home”, and in the meantime, tries to help others find their way, too. Hack – An Unsung Great TV Show; CBS 2002 – 2004 starring David Morse

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