Idol Talk: Micah Johnson Out? What? Nicki Didn’t Care if He Took Off His Shirt?

What were the judges THINKING when they cut Micah Johnson??!! He was an early on favorite of our whole family. My sister’s husband Randy is a tall, quiet, ex-Marine, with a great ear for music. And though he doesn’t often bore people with opinions the way I do, last night he was up in arms. My husband thought Mariah was just stringing Micah and the audience along. You know, the way they do for so-called drama. But I had a bad feeling. I think because they’ve done so many crazy, weird, stupid things this season. You know. Like cutting people who obviously should have stayed. Sending on people who should not have been there in the first place. Letting Nicki have an opinion. Or a vote.

Yes. There were two stutterers on Idol this year and one went through and the other did not. One is so-called “eye-candy”. The other is not. Lazaro Arbos is a Cuban-born singer who stutters and also struggles with not knowing many of the American songs. He has a great voice, but did not do well in groups. I love Lazaro’s singing and sweet personality. But why does he stay and Micah goes home? What happened to weighing in past victories? Not that there was anything wrong with what Micah sang last night. It just wasn’t one of those “blow-the-roof-off-the-house-bust-your-eardrums” little lullabies the judges seem to prefer – until they don’t. See what I mean? They want the contestants to tone it down, ratch it up, take risks, play it safe, catch Nicki’s eye. You see. Clear as mud. But the undisputed fact is that Micah is a better singer than Lazaro and has proved it from day one.

Yes, Nicki told Micah that, “outside your AMAZING story, you have an AMAZING voice. I like it when you do more with your voice.” DO MORE WHAT?

Duh . . . like, here’s what I wrote yesterday from my observations on Wednesday night’s show:

  • Micah Johnson gets a Standing O in the Sudden Death round with his rendition of “Bennie and the Jets”, and was sent through with a resounding and well-deserved yes.
  • The Four Tones – Micah Johnson’s group, with Vincent Powell, Marvin Calderon, and David Willis, sang a rousing and energetic “Hold On, I’m Coming”. They all were put through with no hesitation.

I think Micah’s song choice last night was to show he had a softer side, that there were sweet ballads and diversity in his repertoire of musicality. That he wasn’t just a one-style wonder. But, like Lazaro, Micah has a speech impediment, Micah’s due to a botched tonsillectomy. Not only does he not sound like one of Hollywood’s “beautiful people”, Nicki would never ask him if he had a girlfriend or to take off his shirt. With two strikes against him, were judges just looking for an excuse to get rid of him?

Aw, geesh, Keith, couldn’t you have reminded your co-judges that there is such a person as Mel Tillis? You know, the legendary country singer who has stuttered all his life because he had malaria as a child. You know, the one who is known for a string of top 10 country hits. You know, the one who wrote hit songs for Waylon Jennings, Charley Pride, and Kenny Rogers (Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town). You know, the one who received an Entertainer of the Year Award, and just last year received the National Medal of Arts from President Obama. Yeah, that guy who stutters. And I doubt any GaGa wanna-be ever asked him to take off his shirt. Back in his day (he’s 80 now), you would never have found him on the cover of GQ, or doing commercials walking around in his underwear. Oh, but he does have a daughter who sings – Pam Tillis. And just so we’re clear about my opinion, I think American Idol’s under-appreciated Micah Johnson is sweetly and honestly beautiful through and through.

Other favorites are also gone and we get no rhyme or reason out of it. Nate Tao should not have gone. However, two of my early favorites, Nicolas Mathis and Matheus Fernandes, though they had great voices, proved too emotional under pressure. But, just so you know, if they get rid of everybody I care about, I don’t stick around. What’s the point?

As for the irritating inconsistencies in everything about this show, I refer you once again to the great quote from Ken Barnes:

Getting through Hollywood’s group round is really a matter of luck, . . . the performance of your fellow group members and the whims of the judges – which were exceptionally whimsical in certain instances. MSN Entertainment Recaps – by Ken Barnes.


4 thoughts on “Idol Talk: Micah Johnson Out? What? Nicki Didn’t Care if He Took Off His Shirt?

  1. If I called the previous night a mess, then last night was a travesty of inconsistency. I, too was shocked that Micah wasn’t put through. I even replayed my recording to be sure I’d heard correctly. The judges claim to have made all their decisions based on the quality of each contestant’s “collective” performances. That’s a lie. Micah had all kinds of praise showered on him in his other performances, but it was for naught.

    As much as it pains me to agree with anything Nicki says, I think she was right in telling Matheus to stop “milking” the issue of his height. He feels a strong need to poke fun at himself before anyone else does. It’s sad, but Nicki was on the mark… gets tiresome. He did that constantly when he was on The Glee Project, too.

    I know you liked Nate and I was sorry to see him go, too. I thought Nick Boddington was wonderful as was Charlie Askew. Charlie’s “Somebody that I Used to Know” was so well presented and sung. Charlie always surprises me.

    That creature named Jada, or something like that, got through, but I wish they had shown his/her performance. Much too weird to go the distance, IMO.

    I really had to laugh at Nicki’s get-up when the show opened. She looked liked like a combo of Lady Gaga and a bus driver. I wonder how many wigs she owns. Probably at least 50.

    From what I’ve read on line, the women are much better than the men and will knock it outta the park next week. I like that the producers are putting the groups together. It protects a contestant from the embarrassment of being “the last person chosen for a team.” This isn’t elementary school where little kids are often not kind or thoughtful.

    • Sorry I’m just now getting back with you and other comments. I’ve been dealing with a possible torn rotater cuff (right shoulder) or tendonitis, and in a lot of pain. I’m practically living on Ibuprofin (not good).

      I totally agree with all you said. Loved Boddington and Askew, and the one who played the keyboard (I don’t have my notes handy at the moment. Yes. I agree with what you said about Nicki being honest with Matheus. He has a deep-rooted emotional problem about his height and he could not get past it enough for that fine voice to come through, or to keep himself together under pressure.

      Mike and I got a charge out of your droll description of Nicki’s outfit, but Mike says he thinks Nicki rents the wigs. Too many by far to keep up with personally. Ha. As for JDA (that’s the way sHe spells it), the singing is good, but like you said, much too weird to go the distance. We’re also looking forward to the girls’ competition. Hope the judges’ inconsistencies won’t plague us as badly during their time in the limelight, but they probably do it just to keep the audience guessing and therefore not complacent. But it’s a really really bad way to run a show that has been an icon of TV viewing for so many years. Surely they can think up a better way to hold the viewers’ attention.

  2. I really love reading everything you post, it’s always accurate and straight to the point. You keep posting and you can count on this reader


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