Dear Mr. God: A Song of Hope When All Seems Lost

Long before I discovered I wasn’t original, I wrote letters to God. I didn’t mail them, of course, but kept them in notebooks which are still on my shelves. Sometimes, when there doesn’t seem to be anything praiseworthy in my life, when I have difficulty focusing and hope seems lost in a thick fog of confusion and sometimes despair, I pull one down at random and read what’s written there.

Writing down my prayers helps me “focus on Who I’m speaking to, helps me gather my thoughts into words, and my words into songs of praise.” (Some of My Favorite Flowers are Weeds). (April Came in March This Year).

My daughter-in-law Tammy recently brought a movie over for us to watch together. It was called, “Letters to God”. At the end was this song by The Warren Brothers. I looked up the video and knew I wasn’t alone in my feelings, or my need to write down what was in my heart, to send it Postage Paid, c/o Jesus Christ, and winging its way to His.




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