Old Nick Makes Mockery of Idol? Or Does Idol Just Thumb Nose at Public?

Just when you might bet your bottom dollar that American Idol couldn’t possibly go any lower, they go and up the ante. When someone like Janel Stinney, who is not above lying through her teeth while rolling around in a slobbering fit, is put through along with girls who worked hard and kept it together, I just have to shake my head. Then along comes Old Nick who claims to love Janel for NOT knowing the words, for NOT being able to sing, and for NOT fitting in (in a GROUP round, no less). And who can tell if this gibberish judge was being tongue-in-cheek — because she’s pushed through worse. The all-girl group called themselves “The Dramatics“, and lived up to their name, not because of their singing, but because of one girl who would not cooperate because she felt “left out” by the others, who actually followed her around for a while begging her to join in. Silly me, I actually thought the point of the group round was to see how well you performed under pressure with other talented people. I thought that if the group looked and sounded good because each individual gave it all she had and gave a knock-out performance, how could they lose. And it’s not like they don’t get an opportunity within the group to strut their stuff.

But then Old Nick does an about-face by giving Haley Davis of the Dolly Chicks a grand chewing out (which she richly deserved) for doing the same thing. ???? . Haley slept while the Rome-ing chicks burned – the midnight oil – over their rendition of “Sin Wagon”. Brandy Neelly, of all the group, was cut. Naturally it was the girl who had a great attitude, and who left with poise, dignity, and a damn-the-torpedoes-I’ll-be-back spirit. And it was no “Idol” boast. She can actually sing, though, as she said, she was a little thrown off by the group’s lack of cohesion during the night. Brandy sang “Your Cheatin’ Heart” during the tryouts. The other two members of this group were Britnee Kellog and Kree Harrison, who turned in great performances.

Green lights were given to several groups collectively. The Misfits were given an all-go in spite of the theatrics of Old Nick’s weird fave, Kes Ban, whose gender looks debatable. I hate to be the one to point it out, but isn’t there a big difference between being cutely eccentric and just crudely crazy? She was disgusting and had a barely serviceable voice. As Ryan Seacrest said, “Kas Ban was more interested in eating” and “in the morning Kas Ban still could not be found” for rehearsal. And yet, other and better singers were cut for just these reasons.

Is American Idol trying to see how far they can go before the American public says ENOUGH?! I feel like the producers are thumbing their big collective nose at their viewing public. Hey. There is one singing talent show out there that sticks with singing talent and it’s still on the air. Yes, I know there are two, but I don’t acknowledge Simon Cowell’s..

However, occasionally, and probably purely by accident, justice is served up on a platter. That’s the case of the “Handsome Women“, where the girls who acted like the three ugly stepsisters – Alisha Dixon, Shira Gavrielon, and Courtney Calle – did their darn-dest to undermine Liz Bills, the only lovely voice in the disastrous group song. According to the clever camera editing, it would seem that Liz was discouraged with trying to find some cohesion in the group and finally went her way. In the morning she was wandering lost and alone trying to find her fellow groupees, while said groupees spent the whole time bashing Liz. Alisha Dixon said she didn’t care if she had to step on her (Liz) to get what she wanted, and Shira Gavrielon only added to her embarrassing performance by challenging the judges on their very righteous decision. Apparently, Liz Bills was right to distance herself from them.

Savannah Votion, and Lizz Weiss felt that Daysia Hall owed all her success to them and that she was put through at their expense. Both left with bad attitudes. I re-watched the footage after a reader called me on the fact that J’Leigh Chauvin was the only one who went home with a smile and a wave. The reader was correct and I was wrong about my first impression of the girls who were sent home. It was Savannah Votion who felt that her expertise was all that held the group together vocally. (See UPDATE AND REVISION at bottom of this article).

Zoanette Johnson and her group the Pooh Snaps (Poo Snaps?) gave a surprisingly not-bad performance, in spite of hell-on-wheels Zoanette zoning out because of . . . wait for it . . . a lack of confidence. What!! Not Zoanette! who wouldn’t take no for an answer back on the tryout trail. But, in spite of being grouped with country singers, somehow, Zoanette pulled it off. All but Lauren Bettes made it through. Zoanette goes forward on her entertainment ability rather than her singing ability, but, I guess through is through, huh?

Green-lighted were: The Swaggettes: Candice Glover, Camaria Ousley, Melinda Ademi, and Denise Jackson, who all made it through, and deservedly. Also, Raisin’ Cain (or Cane) with Morgan Lee Boberg, Lauren Mink, Brandy Hotard, and one other girl they never identified, with a resounding “Sin Wagon/Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition”.

They were all a GO and now I’m gone. If I left out anything — which I’m sure I did — come on down and tell us about it.

UPDATE AND REVISION ON THIS ARTICLE:  When I wrote this article I had truly believed all three of the girls sent home from the group Almost Famous were having tantrums and trying to take credit where credit wasn’t due. However, a reader took exception to that and informed me that nowhere did the footage show J’Leigh Chauvin joining in these histrionics. I looked up the footage and watched it several times. I had to agree that throughout it all, J’Leigh Chauvin had a good attitude and left with a smile and a wave at the camera. My apologies to J’Leigh and her fans. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I will correct it.


38 thoughts on “Old Nick Makes Mockery of Idol? Or Does Idol Just Thumb Nose at Public?

  1. I’m and confused and confuddled as you are. I didn’t bother to keep track of the names while I was watching, but I was glad the first two groups got through. I thought they were good.

    Posting this before I write more.

  2. I was appalled that Haley (Dolly Chicks) was put through and Brandy Neelly was sent packing. I think she and the other two should have stayed and Haley been the one to walk. And I DEFINITELY think any contestant who writes lyrics on body parts should be disqualified. I agree once again with Nicki (though it pains me) that it’s disrespectful…plus it’s cheating.

  3. I thought Zoanette would be gone after groups night and Kes Ban, too. They aren’t !! Like, really?? Kes Ban’s antics with her group behind the scenes were ridiculous and horrifying. If I’d been in that group, I’d have slapped her and screamed, “SHUT THE (censored) UP!”

    Our TV service disappeared during the last 15 minutes of the show so I didn’t see The Misfits. I’m going to see if it’s on the American Idol web site or YouTube

    Hopefully, tonight the crazies will be eliminated. If they’re not, I’m going to track down the judges and force them to sit through five hours of Kes Ban and Zoanette. Except Nicki; she likes them so I’ll think up a different torture for her….like burning all her wigs.

    • Oh, we’re thoroughly enjoying your attempts to thwart Word Press. A diabolical invention if there ever was one. Yes. Yes. and Yes on everything. But the best yet is the imagined tortures for Old NIck (that’s another name for The Devil, you know). Mike says make her listen to a day-long collection of Lady GAGA. They’re too much alike for either to like the other. But Mike says he may be wrong because Lady GA-GA, unlike the Nick, can actually sing. Yes, I’m hoping the crazies will be eliminated, but they’ve been known to put them through just to see how many brain-deads will vote for them.

      Oh, another bit of humor (at least to me). Mike’s sister called to say she reads my Idol posts and it makes her SO mad. And she doesn’t even watch the show. Ha.

      • Word Press hates me…true fact.

        Mike’s funny. That Nicki hates Lady Gaga is reason enough for me to like Gaga. And I do. I certainly don’t approve of her attire, or should I say lack thereof, but she’s a good musician. That’s more than I can say for Nicki. Yes, I got the reference to Old Nick. Nicki’s not only the devil, but she plays the devil’s advocate. When the others think a contestant is horrid — righffully — she whines and sulks until she gets her way. Sometimes I wonder if she acts like that just to be contrary,

        I’m glad Mike’s sister finds your posts entertaining. I certainly do.

        Are you going to watch The Voice when it comes back? I hope so because I adore that show and I’ll have someone with whom to discuss it. Thankfully, 95% of those contestants can actually sing.

      • I just read this at the American Idol forum. I wonder if it could be true.

        ” I think Kezban is a guy!! Looks like one, talks like one, walks like one, is built like one, facial features like one! Also wasn’t sharing a room like the others. Something’s fishy. And he has an adams apple! There is no way i can even begin to let myself think this is a female, and i think Idol knows i’ts a guy and plans to use it for ratings and drama later. Probably why they keep letting “her” through when “she” can’t sing too well. I see others are asking the same thing on many sites! How about some truth, Idol? You owe us that! “

      • OK. I just watched The Misfits on YouTube.

        Are you seriously saying that the ALL four went through? Kes Ban was UGHH, the next girl was totally off key. The next one was better and last one was very good, but I would definitely have sent the first two home. After my previous comment, I studied Kes Ban closely and I think that comment is correct about her being a man.

  4. Speaking of Old Nick, Word Press is giving me a devil of a time tonight. I’ve replied twice and lost both of them. Word Press is non-discriminatory. It disappeared my comments, too. Anyhoo, I was saying Mike and I had our very firm suspicions about Kes or Kas, whatever way it’s spelled. Yes, I will try to watch The Voice this year. At least it’s not as thoroughly irritating as Idol, and, as you say, they want SINGERS, not clowns.

    • CeeLo Green and Christina Aguilera are talking a season off and will be replaced by Usher and Shakira. But Adam Levine (Maroon Five) and Blake Shelton will be back and they’re my favorite judges anyway. And yes, the contestants on this show really can sing. And there are abosolutely NONE of the crazy antics or weirdos you see on Idol.

      Glad to know Word Press doesn’t discriminate. Ha! I copy all my comments now before I hit Post Comment in case I lose them.

      • Good idea about copying your comments. Also, when does The Voice come on this year? Oh, Mike said to tell you — didn’t you know one of the primary functions of a computer is making data disappear. That’s it’s job. That’s what it does. It moves on. (old Tommy Sledge quote – comedian).

      • Tell Mike, “Good one.” Sometimes I think computers are the devil’s spawn.

        I’m not sure when The Voice will be back. Not for a while though because Adam Levine & Maroon Five just started a 21-city tour that will take over a month. I’ll be sure to let you know when I hear.

    • LOL Don’t ask me! Just another of the Word Press quirks, I guess. All I did after watching the video was copy the URL for the video that was in the address line and paste it into my comment. I guess I just got lucky. It may never happen again. *rolls eyes*

  5. Are you really buying into the show’s obvious editing skills? The “ugly stepsisters” were obviously prompted by the producers to say those things. For all you know they asked Alisha what if Liz messed up from missing all the rehearsals? I’d step over her too And do my thing. You have to look at the whole picture. And that Liz was super flat at the beginning of the song and walked around the stage like an idiot. It was a travesty that she got through. I thought Courtney’s voice was lovely and Alisha stayed true to her punk rocker image as much as possible with that awful song. Of the 20 songs made available, I assume that was the best choice for a pop/ rock singer. Knock on wood? Really? I just think you aren’t truly looking at how fake this show is and how the producers set all the “drama” up ahead of time. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sent Liz downstairs on purpose to separate the group and create frame. It’s a dumb show. I’ve stopped watching due to the extreme amount of non-talent that went through.

    • Thank you for your comment. I’ve been waiting to hear some counter opinions. We’ve had a discussion going about how much of their dramas are set up and how much is real. If I’m going to watch the show, silly as it has gotten to be, I think I have to suspend some disbelief. And the contestants are supposedly judged, not only on their singing, but on how they cope with pressure. I tend to think these kids get in over their heads and their true natures come through. The dog eat dog kind. That doesn’t make for a very sympathetic character/contestant for me. I like the “good guys” who make it on their own talent and strength of character, not stepping on the competition. But right now the show is finally getting to the good part. The singing competition.

  6. Show business likes to portray J’Leigh Chauvin and the rest of her group as angry that Daysia made it, although Daysia forgot her lyrics. However, back that up with film footage and prove this was the case with J’Leigh Chauvin, if you can. Tired of the drama media pretends exist. There were people upset in that group and there is plenty of footage to document that fact, but it surely wasn’t J’Leigh Chauvin. She totally agreed with judges decision.

    • I have re-watched the footage for that group several times to see exactly which girls were doing the whining. Though Daysia wasn’t great, the judges did say they were putting her through by the skin of her teeth. However, after watching the before and after footage, I must agree with you that J’Leigh Chauvin had nothing to do with the bad attitudes of the other two. In fact, before the group sang, she was the first one to speak about the fact that they were going into it with an attitude of sisterhood. After the group song, she had nothing derogatory whatsoever to say on any of the footage I saw, and smiled and waved at the camera at the end. My sincere apologies for lumping all three girls in the same bad press blender. I was wrong about J’Leigh Chauvin. She seemed to be a good sport about it. Thank you for pointing this out to me.

  7. Well taking I guess you just do not like me. But what you wrote is completely untrue. I worked with my girls for days and when the produces told them they couldn’t get a interview without me there they ganged up on me and said really hurtful things to me. I did work with my group all night with no sleep. I cried because my group member turned on me behind the cameras.

    • Hi, Janel,
      All any viewer or reviewer can do is base an opinion on what is shown on camera. I do not know you well enough to not like you. I know you are young and just making your way in the world. But you did not put your best foot forward on American Idol, and that was every contestant’s big chance. The contest is not just about singing. It’s how you present yourself. I’ve watched your on-camera interviews where you were introducing yourself. You are poised and presentable there, and speak with clarity and confidence. If your group audition had been the same, your audience would have been more responsive. I hope you have learned from that experience and are going forward.

  8. Gosh, you’re getting comments on an entry from February 14, 2013 !! I wonder if they found your blog via a Google alert like the one for Il Volo that led me to you.

    • Yes, I have collected a lot of Google alerts this past year, as well as Bing and AOL. My readership has tripled and growing daily, thank goodness. I was beginning to think it was just going be “You and me, kid”.:)

      Lots of the numbers have come in through poetry, believe it or not. I have done analyses of a few difficult ones and Mike believes students have found them. I get quite a spike on Sunday night (last minute grabs). I think he’s right.

      Some of my comments come through Facebook and I’m starting to get a trickle in from Twitter. I have been slow with Facebook and Twitter because they are like foreign lands to me. And I always balk at something new. New stuff makes me feel stupid, because in learning new stuff you have to show your ignorance before you can become intelligent. But that’s never stopped me from asking questions when I don’t understand something. That’s really being stupid. There’s a big difference in looking stupid and being stupid. Looking stupid hurts, but, no pain no gain. There’s no cure for being stupid. How did I get on this kick, anyway? My sinuses are killing me today and I’ve had to take Goody’s, a sinus pill, and I’m debating about Ibuprofin. My vision gets worse during these episodes.

      Anyway, just enjoy the scenery on the rabbit trail.

      • “I was beginning to think it was just going be “You and me, kid”.:)”

        Well, I still seem to be your #1 commenter. 🙂

        “There’s a big difference in looking stupid and being stupid.”

        Definitely! Facebook makes me feel stupid. Even young kids use it, but I’d hate to admit to the number of people who try to answer my questions about it. It still seems like some secret society to which I’ll never gain full admittance. Twitter is a bit less confusing…just a little.

        “Anyway, just enjoy the scenery on the rabbit trail.”

        No trails of any kind for me tonight. The temp is -24 and I’m cuddled up with my cats and computer for the duration. Snow is forecast for every day through Christmas. Gahh! .

      • How odd. I just clicked on the link I posted here (using my AOL browser) and the clickable link doesn’t show or a photo I posted. I use Firefox for LJ because LJ hates AOL. I hope you’ll be able to see it. Only one comment so far, but I just posted it half an hour ago.

      • The cartoon was the photo I meant. There wasn’t another one.

        Thank you for the compliments on my journal layout and my writing. That’s high praise coming from a professional writer.

        “You don’t wander around, but get to the point clearly and well.”

        I’m glad you think so. I do MUCH better when writing than when talking. Frank is always saying to me, “GET TO THE POINT!” because I get so tangled up in details. 🙂

      • So do most people. It really ticks me off that I have to listen to people rattle on and on. Then when I start to say something, all of a sudden they have to go. Do you ever get that?

      • I don’t recall specifically that ever happening, but once Frank starts telling a story he ranbles on and on and takes forever to get to the point. And he accuses me of that? It’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    • Oh my goodness. That almost made me cry. You are too kind. And I love the way your journal is laid out. I may have told you that before. And you are a very good writer yourself. You don’t wander around, but get to the point clearly and well. Thank you again.


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