I Like Perry Mason Best in Black and White – Poems By Denise Noe

I happened across these poems by Denise Noe a few days ago. I contacted her and got her permission to share her poems with you. I love to promote writers whose works I enjoy, and Denise made me see my penchant for black and white Perry Mason in a “new light”. Her imagery is spot on, with such phrases as “graphite shade”, “boxed world”, and “hermetically sealed”. In the black and white TV world of my childhood, I could crawl inside that graphite, boxed, hermetically sealed world, and shiver through dramas while being perfectly safe.

Yes, I know there was a Cold War going on and there were evil people about even in the fifties. But, at least they didn’t get as much Press as they do today. The advanced technology of Blue Ray color, and instant worldwide news, now reflects the intensity of our modern world. A world where real-life vulnerability is the rule rather than the exception, and safety is an illusion we try to maintain for our own peace of mind.

Enjoy the insight and talent of poet Denise Noe in the following poems. And if you like it, let her know. All writers love feedback.

I Like Perry Mason Best in Black and White – by Denise Noe

I like Perry Mason best in black and white,
for such graphite shades are most evocative
of the Fabled Fifties, where Perry can live
in a boxed world, hermetically sealed tight.

Hardly Paradise, this world is Fallen indeed.
A place full of pride and lust and, most especially, greed.
To Perry Mason, Paul Drake, and Della Street,
crime is no stranger but an enemy they will often meet.

A handsome husband exposed as bigamous,
a trusted employee found duplicitous,
fraud and forgery, drinking and dice, theft and blackmail,
are the ingredients of a Perry Mason tale.

The Fifties were Newton’s universe, modified by Einstein:
the guilty would confess and the innocent would be just fine.
In Perry Mason’s cosmos, life invariably worked out right in the end,
for it was a world the Principle of Uncertainty had yet to amend.

Originally published in Light

The Eunuch’s Advantage
by Denise Noe
Now and then, a lovely lady happens by,
distracts Paul Drake, libidinous private eye;
but she arouses no lust in Perry’s heart:
in the program’s puzzle, she is but a part.
Equally oblivious to pretty men,
Perry’s not Raymond Burr; he just lacks all yen.
Catching each number, time, light, and shadow
for the inevitable imbroglio,
Perry Mason’s thoughts can swerve not one degree.
He was TV’s most powerful castrati!

Originally published in Ball Club Quarterly

Contact: Denisenoe@aol.com



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