NOMADS Battle for Better Life for Nomi and Her Children


A hard-working lady named Nomi and her five children live in this small camper in Texas. A hard-working crew of NOMADS have come to make that living more bearable. The acronym stands for Nomads on a Mission Active in Divine Service. They are retired folks who volunteer under the outreach ministry of United Methodist Organizations, but willing workers are welcome from other denominations.

According to their website, “some people remember the NOMADS acronym as Nice Older Methodists Avoiding Deep Snow”. But all humor aside, they work all over the United States, traveling in RV’s, braving heat, humidity, dust, time, and budget to get the jobs done, to give people hope as well as better living conditions.

When Mike and I read the story of Nomi and her five children from the blog “The Easts Head West”, we were astounded at the fortitude of the hapless mother forced to live in these conditions and still raise a brood of five “polite, respectful” children. They all go to school, and one young man wanted to help with the work so desperately he begged for a day off from school to help. Not only polite – but willing workers as well. I thought the days of polite, respectful children and teens — who are willing to do anything but text and frequent the malls — had gone the way of the dinosaurs.

When Nomi’s plight was assessed by the NOMADS crew of thirteen, it threatened to be overwhelming — physically and monetarily. Electricity to the camper was supplied by a cord running from a neighbor’s home; the holding tank for the sewerage was broken; leaks had caused wood rot, and there is no air conditioning for this metal home sitting in the brutal Texas sun. Besides addressing all these problems, the NOMADS are building her a sheltered porch and providing some equipment for her take-out food service, which helps supplement the family’s meager income.

But this upbeat crew working in this barren landscape has found that, like sunshine on flowers, their generosity of time and effort with budget restrictions has opened the hearts of the community. These NOMADS have taken literally to their own hearts the fact that the followers of Jesus are merely sojourners here.  And in the end Jesus will say that what they did “for these, the least of my brothers, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:34-46)

Read Phyllis’s  compelling story on her blog “The Easts Head West” at The link carries you to the bottom of the page, so scroll up for this story: Saturday, February 9, 2013 entitled:

We are amazed

Mercedes, TX


4 thoughts on “NOMADS Battle for Better Life for Nomi and Her Children

  1. Good grief! That’s very commendable, but what this woman needs is more space. I’ll bet if her story ran in a place like People magazine or even a big newspaper, she’d have more offers than she’d know what to do with for a much larger trailer. Also, a trailer that could located in town where she could have proper electrical, water and sewer connections. How on earth she can do enough cooking in that tiny trailer to have a take-out service amazes me.

    • It is an amazing story that the woman could not only cope, but raise decent children in that kind of environment. I agree. Media exposure could help launch some kind of help for a larger home, but for every one who lives in a halfway decent home nowadays there are huge numbers who barely have shelter. Sure, some lucky individuals among millions may catch the eye of the public. But their chances are about as good as winning the lottery.

      Housing is still a major issue. Mike and I read about the popularity of small, 400 sq. ft. apts in big cities like Los Angeles going for nearly a thousand a month or more and the people were lucky to get them. I’ve even seen 400 sq ft in Birmingham going for $700 – 800. That may be small by certain income standards, but the lady in this story was raising a family in barely more sq. footage than two rooms. Our old RV is twice that size and Mike says is about 240 sq ft.

      Living standards for America’s poor, and I’m talking hardworking poor, is a travesty in this country. I want to strangle those politicians who get their moments in the sun by “proving” he can live on the equivalent of whatever the poor exist on these days by doing it for one month. I wish any who make that statement could be sentenced to the rest of their lives living on whatever pittance it is they’ve opted for.

      Then there are the poor who are poor because they are mentally incapable of living a normal life. When the mental institutions were emptied many years ago, it was opening Pandora’s Box, and there’s no way to retrieve the evil done to both the individuals or society. Oops! Soapbox. Gotta get down.

      • You can get up on your soapbox any time you want as far as I’m concerned because you have something interesting to say.

        I think it’s absolutely tragic that in a country as prosperous as ours, there are still people with inadequaate housing, medical care and food. It’s absolutely shameful. THESE are the things our Congress should be doing something about.


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