Candice Glover Powers Out A Whole Lotta Something from “Nothing”

Nicki Minaj didn’t miss anything by being late last night except Curtis Finch, Jr’s forgettable performance of “I Believe”. Last night contestants chose from among the songs of past Idol winners. “I Believe” was sung by season three’s American Idol winner, Fantasia. Contestants were also sporting their new “makeovers”, which were just as critically judged by some as their music. Finch sported a bright paisley jacket which didn’t do a thing for him. The jacket was a little overwhelming while the performance was a bit underwhelming. Which was surprising, because while he stinks in the personality department, no one can say the guy can’t “blow”, to borrow a term from Randy Jackson.

And while Angie Miller got the pot boiling last night with “I Surrender”, it was Candace Glover who blew the lid right off with her haunting and heartfelt version of “I Who Have Nothing”, sung by Jordin Sparks in season six. All the while looking like a million bucks.

Kree Harrison put the cry in Roy Orbison’s classic “Cryin'”, performed by Carrie Underwood in season four. She gave such a good performance that it put Nicki in mind of sweet syrupy butter and waffles, while Keith Urban lifted his brows and checked Nicki’s drink. But though Kree’s singing was spot on, Idol’s wizards of style need to re-assess her wardrobe and get her into something current and cool.

Amber Holcomb got a standing ovation from the judges for Kelly Clarkson’s coronation song “A Moment Like This” — if truth be told doing it better than Clarkson, who was never a favorite with me or mine. We’ve never understood the “Idol worship” of the girl when there are such greats as Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert out there.

Cute and perky country girl Janelle Arthur opted for Scott McCreary’s version of “Gone” by Montgomery Gentry. And while Janelle’s voice was clear and sweet and she looked great, she wasn’t on a par with the big girls. She’ll make a great country music star, but I doubt she’ll survive past the top five in American Idol this year. Too much big competition.

The guys were more or less lackluster (again) last night. Surprisingly Paul Jolley, though not perfect, sang his best so far with Scot McCreery’s version of “Amaze”. Paul just doesn’t seem to know where he fits voice-wise or otherwise, and among this year’s group of glorious gals, he’s gone. So are Burnell Taylor and Lazaro Arbos. Burnell has a sweet voice but was definitely flying under the radar with Reuben Studdard’s “Flying Without Wings”. And Lazaro keeps getting all twisted up with the nerves and pitching his voice too low for the songs he sings, this time with Clarkson’s “Breakaway”. How many songs was that for Clarkson, anyway?

But I was so disappointed in Devin Velez I could have cried. I love his voice, but whatever happened last night with Carrie Underwood’s “Temporary Home” will probably get him on the next flight home after Lazaro or Burnell.

Out of the ten last night, the worst was Lazaro Arbos and the best was Candice Glover. Tied for second best are Amber Holcomb and Kree Harrison, with Angela Miller next, followed by Janelle Arthur. All of the guys come in last, but I can’t decide what order of descent to put them in. I suppose Finch and Jolley might stay longer than Burnell and Devin, but I hope Devin gets another chance – and USES it.

My daughter-in-law Tammy watched the show with me last night, which was fun because she knows all the songs, who sang them, and how they should be sung. All I can say from my end of the judging call is that we both had a pep rally around Candice Glover, with sister Katie on the phone  adding to the bedlam. Fun. Fun. Fun. Finally.


10 thoughts on “Candice Glover Powers Out A Whole Lotta Something from “Nothing”

  1. I have recorded tonight’s results show, but I haven’t watched it yet, so here are my comments for last night…..

    ~Curtis – OMG! Hated the jacket. And I just plain don’t like him or his voice.
    ~Janelle – She’s adorable and has great stage presence, but I’m not sure she’s a strong enough contender to make it through. But I wouldn’t be surprised is she makes it as a country star regardless. Maybe Keith will pull some strings to help her on her way.
    ~Devin – Meh. Bad song choice. He can do so much better.
    ~Angie – Fabulous as usual. Interesting that Nicki commented on how well she walks in heels. I’ve noticed that, too.
    ~Paul – I thought this was his best performance by far. Jimmy Iovine gave him good advice and he listened. I just realized last night that he’s pretty cute. That may keep him in the running a while longer.
    ~Candice – Wow! She really knocked it out of the park. Loved both her and the song, but PLEASE ditch the tight pants. I think she should switch to skirts.
    ~Lazaro – He has no power when it comes to building to an ending and he continues to sing his songs in too low a key. Randy was spot on when he said the song was too big for him. He’s a sweet kid, but I don’t think he’ll be back for another show.
    ~Kree – I totally agree with you about her clothes. In fact, I think nearly all of them need to work with a stylist. If they already are, they could have fooled me. I love the song “Crying” and the way Adam sang it (a la Aerosmith) was my favorite performance by Adam on Idol.
    ~Burnell – Meh. He does nothing for me. Maybe he’d work in a boy band though.
    ~Amber – She was terrific…..really terrific. What do you want to bet she wears pink lipstick next week? LOL

    I wonder if there is ever anything to drink in those in-your-face Coke cups. Keith’s was emply and so was Nicki’s. I read today in the latest issue of “TV Guiide” that the public hated Nicki during the audition phase so we weren’t the only ones. But now many people are watching the show because she’s on it. What a turn around. I suspect someone talked to her and convinced her to make some changes. She really makes some good comments now.

    Going to watch the results show now.

  2. You’ll be surprised. I was. Only thing is, either Idol cut some of the show, or our station did. Commercials ran too long on the final two segments. We didn’t get to see the order of the rest of the girls after the first three, and we missed the part where the loser was announced. When it came back on after the commercial, the loser was in the middle of his farewell performance. Let me know if any of the show was cut on your end. If not, our station is going to get an irate email from us. Your comments – pretty much right in line.

    • I wasn’t actually surprised at the results. I figured it would be either Curtis or Lazaro. What a bummer that you missed so much because of over-long ads. Nothing was cut here, but I’ve seen your comment at the other post where you said it was the local station’s doing. That’s horrible. It’s like missing the end of a baseball game that’s tied in the ninth. By all means, you should write to the station.

      I think all the guys may be eliminated before too much longer. What do you think?

  3. P.S. I thought it was interesting that Angie and Lazaro are both from Florida yet when Ryan gave a breakdown of the votes that were cast in Florida, Lazaro beat Angie. I wonder if that’s because there are so many Latinos in Florida.


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