American Idol’s Lazarus Stinks, But He Keeps Staying Alive

As we all know (because I’m a few days late with this), American Idol voters got it so wrong — AGAIN — as they do at least once every season. I think everyone is completely disgusted with Lazaro at this point. Benjamin Franklin once said that fish and visitors stink after three days. Well, Lazaro stinks and it is past time for him to go. He can’t sing. He can’t remember the words. He pulls down everyone he sings with, and there’s a clique (Lazis) out there that keeps voting him through. They need to change his name to Lazarus. He’s been dead for a while, but he just keeps being resurrected.

Then to add insult to injury, Devin Velez, who got the least votes but gave the best survival song of the season with “It’s Impossible”, was turned down for the save. Judges looked shocked that the audience was roaring their approval, and Twitter was chirping away for the save. But, since it looks like there’s truth to the rumor that the fix is in against any male winning it this year, “It’s Impossible” may have been a very apropos swan song. Not that I think Valez could have won in the long run, but he deserved his chance after the Lazaro disaster.

Keith Urban was definitely the high point of the evening with his performance of “Long Hot Summer”. Loved his somewhat humble “I’m just an ordinary guy playing the guitar” look. I wonder if our esteemed panel and contestants were judging. I wonder if Keith wondered. I wonder if he knew that, as a guitar-playing-white-boy, he would not stand a snowball’s chance in hell as a contestant this year.

Mariah Carey made herself conspicuous (again) by standing with her little “Number One Fan” sign during Keith’s performance. Looks like when she decides to steal back some thunder she goes all out. It’s such a flip from her lazy, laid-back, drawling, boring beginning, it looks like she’s really and truly flipped. Hope Keith enjoyed having to share the limelight with her.

Katharine McPhee (dubbed McPhever during her season on Idol), gave her normal, normal performance along with OneRepublic. Unlike Jessica Sanchez and Ne-Yo, who gave a knock-out performance the week before, I wasn’t knocked out. She was never a favorite as a singer with me anyway.

I always enjoy Phillip Phillips’s off-the-wall singing style, though he’s never going to top “Home” for a blockbuster of a song and video. It has touched a nation and crept its way into everything from movies to TV shows.

However, for the boy with the sweetest smile and down home flavor, I’m hearing rumbles about problems on the home front, a home that’s apparently falling apart. Not only is there some estrangement between him and his pawn shop family back in Albany, GA, the parents have split, too. Remember the famous scene of him and the “stuffed” turkey when he worked in the family business? That breaks my heart because I recall how his dad was so popping with pride he was in tears. It makes you wonder what fame and fortune does when it gets its clutches on a family. Maybe it just finishes tearing what is already coming apart.

And, of course, we know the girls got through. All that’s left of the guys now are Lazarus-o and Burnell Taylor. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Lazaro makes it all the way through because of the block voters. Don’t look at me like that. Just remember season eight and stiffen your upper lip.


3 thoughts on “American Idol’s Lazarus Stinks, But He Keeps Staying Alive

  1. Well, yeah….you thought the same as I did. This whole business with Lazaro is sickening. I hope the viewers who are block voting for him get overtaken soon. I don’t want to see any of the girls not make it through because of Lazaro’s ought-to-be-outlawed block voters. I wonder if he’s at all embarrassed by what’s happening. He must be pretty dense if he’s not.

    I like the TV show “Smash” that stars Katherine McPhee. It’s about the mounting of a Broadway musical, if you haven’t seen it. But there’s another singer on the showsthat 10X better than McPhee. I agree that her number with One Republic was boring. A pity because I normally love Ryan Tedder and One Republic.

    Loved Keith’s performance.

    if Devin had ever sung before as well as he did with “It’s Impossible,” he might not have gone home.

    I didn’t know that about Phillip Phillip’s parents splitting up. How sad.


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