The Village Smith May Step Through The Looking Glass A Few Days

Since I will be having surgery tomorrow, with some painful recuperation for a few weeks, I don’t know when my next posting will be. It probably depends on what pain pills they hit me with — the kind that just makes you feel good whether you feel good or not — or just knocks you slap out.

I cleaned out about half of Springville Library to tide me over, so surely I’ll have a good book or two to talk about as soon as I’m able. But if I post something that sounds like Alice Through the Looking Glass, chalk it up to the good stuff. Or I could get Mike to write it. But since he’s shy and I’ll be too weak to strong-arm him, I don’t know.

And on top of this surgery, after that I’ve got a rotator cuff injury that needs addressing. Most of my recent posts have had to be done a piece at a time to give my shoulder some slack. I’ve had X-rays and an MRI, but the doc says he still can’t see everything he wants to. Gotta go back for a bone scan and CT scan. He thought at first it was tendonitis. But the BIG shot he gave me for it never made a dent in the actual pain, which rides around from my neck to my shoulder blade, hops up and down on the rotator cuff position, and slides on over into my chest.

So say a little prayer for me, and may all my books be good ones. I’ll probably get to finish my study of the Book of Matthew, too, if the Lord will keep me awake long enough. Or, if it’s the happy stuff, I may come up with a whole new outlook on Matthew and my subsequent songs of praise will be a little more animated. (Don’t worry, God and I have a sense of humor together. He laughs at me a lot.)

See ya later alligators. And may the Force be with you. Wait. Wait. I haven’t taken anything yet. That’s just me.



3 thoughts on “The Village Smith May Step Through The Looking Glass A Few Days

  1. You’ll be with me in my prayers. i love you girl and wish you a speedy recovery. Life and old age may get you down but I’m betting you won’t stay down.


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