Not So Silly Love Songs for Our 39th Wedding Anniversary

Mike and I celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary today. It rained and he worked. But 39 years ago we were young and in love. Today we’re just old and tired, but still in love. He plays these love songs for me still sometimes. Aren’t we disgusting?


6 thoughts on “Not So Silly Love Songs for Our 39th Wedding Anniversary

  1. ALL great songs. Here’s to keepin’ the love alive. Congratulations to both of you.

    I just finished watching “Jane Eyre” with William Hurt and Charlotte Gainsbourg on I had not seen this version before so I’m indebted to you. It was terrific. Everyone looked so young back in 1996. Anna Pacquin was very good as young Jane, as I would expect. She won a best supporting actress Oscar two years before for “The Piano” when she was only 11. I was surprised to see super model Elle McPherson as the ditsy blond who was sweet on Rochester. I only knew of her as a super model; didn’t know she’d ever been in films.

    Elle McPherson, super model

    And I can never see Fiona Shaw in anything without thinking of her as Harry Potter’s Aunt Petunia Dursley. Shame on me because she’s a well-known classical actress. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Geraldine Chaplin (Charlie’s daughter with Oona O’Neill) play anyone wicked before. She was the nasty mistress at the Lodown School where Jane grew up.

    Geraldine Chaplin in “Doctor Zhivago”

    The soundtrack for the movie was gorgeous!

    • I’m having problems replying on any part of my blog comments this morning, so I’m having to go through my email. Thanks for your good wishes and friendship. And glad you liked the songs. Those are our top five.

      I’m so glad you loved that version of Jane Eyre. I don’t have the knowledge you do about the actors and enjoyed reading about them. As I said, William Hurt was always a favorite. Didn’t know any of that about the child. Geraldine Chaplin first came front and center for me as the queen in the 1973 version of The Three Musketeers with Michael York, Oliver Reed, and Richard Chamberlain, which has always remained our favorite. Didn’t watch the Brat Pack version. Just didn’t have the same old time pinache. I saw Dr. Zhivago at the movies when I was 18 with a date before I ever married. I didn’t realize Geraldine Chaplin played in Dr. Zhivago until just last week. We were watching “The Impossible”, a true story about a family who were vacationing when the tsunami struck. It was a very intense movie and I cried all the way through for those poor people. But in a small cameo appearance, an old, wrinkled lady was sitting beside the two boys who were separated from their parents. Even through the ravages of age that face was wonderful and I said, “I know that woman. I’ve seen her in something before.” Sure enough, when we looked up the character, it was Geraldine Chaplin. That’s when I learned she had also starred in Dr. Zhivago. I must have missed the part in Jane Eyre. Now you’ve got me wanting to see it (Jane Eyre) again.

  2. Here’s hoping it will get you 50! Congrats and lots of love from the newly wed old folks. I remember two people who remained in love all of thier life and made 51 years together. Daddy would always say “She’s just as beautiful as the day I married her.” I know they were smiling yesterday.


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