Swan Song? Maybe It’s Time for American Idol to Go Home, Too

Did I mention I’m totally sick of American Idol? Maybe you just figured it out with some of the posts I’ve written about it. Got an email from friend JoAnn from which I quote: “I think they should end the show while it still has a smidgeon of respect”. After this year, I agree. It has been mostly boring, judges boring, especially Mariah Carey. Mariah’s irritating at all times. Nicki is sometimes, but at least she’s sometimes entertaining. Singers were boring.

The standout this year was one song. Angie Miller’s “homemade” one. No one can say she can’t sing, or the other girls for that matter. But they don’t make the song matter to me. And if the singer doesn’t make the song matter, I have no desire to listen to it.

I don’t care about range unless they’ve got some soul in it, like Aretha Franklin. None of the songs this year have touched my heart like the one Angie wrote and sang. The rest was just window dressing.

The only person who made the show half-way palatable this year was Jimmy Iovine, who put some backbone into his views. And the best couple of shows were the ones with Harry Connick, Jr.

Even Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest don’t seem to have the spark they used to, even though I love them both. I think the show is burnt out and the people along with them.

I hate to see that because the show used to be so lively and viable. I couldn’t wait for it to come back each year and never missed a show. Now for a couple of years I would get disgusted and refuse to watch after about three-quarters of the way through. I’ve only kept up this year because I was blogging about it.

If there’s a next year, I’ll tune in long enough to see if I still want to tune in. And I may even write about it. But once I’m bored with it, I’m outta there. And my boredom level has been almost overflowing this year. I’ve had to pick “bright spots” or “outrageous spots” to write about. And I get bored with that, too. I could be using the time to do a good book or movie review.

American Idol is old and tired and looks it. Maybe it’s time for it to go home, too.


6 thoughts on “Swan Song? Maybe It’s Time for American Idol to Go Home, Too

  1. “Maybe it’s time for it to go home, too.”

    I second that. IF Idol is back next year, I think who they hire as judges will determine if the show is a success….or not. I don’t know how often you’re seen The Voice this season, but that show’s judges actually judge AND are very likeable. They don’t play with their hair, roll their eyes, strut to their seats, make up nicknames for the contestants and indulge in other annoying, self-promoting behavior. I really, REALLY like Keith Urban, but the rest of the panel has ruined the show for me.

    I also agree about Angie’s original song. However, I still think Candice has the best voice this season. Her “Don’t Make Me Over” and “Somewhere,” plus Angie’s original “You Set Me Free,” were the high spots of the season.

  2. Up to this year I have always been an Idol fan. But, not this year, what a disappointment. Nikki Is such a negative, we DVR Idol & after the 1st week we haven’t listened to.one word from her, just fast forwarded. Mariah is so boring, I really liked her as a mentor,but not ss a judge. Keith Urban was the only bright spot for this season. But, my biggest gripe is how the producers removed any viable competition from the guy side. The boys were talentless & uncharismatic. In being so determined to get a girl winner they completely turned me off. The Voice all the way for me.

    • Hi, Lynn, thanks for commenting. I totally agree. A regular commentor on this blog, JoAnn, used to work in the music industry and has said just about the same thing. It’s so sad when a show you really look forward to every season just loses it like Idol has this year. Seems like many of us “Idolers” are switching to The Voice. I really like the two new judges there this year. They seem to have it together and the contestants sing like they feel it.

  3. “I really like the two new judges there this year.”

    So do I. I like both Usher and Shakira better than Cee Lo and Christina Aguilera. I’m sorry Usher and Shakira will be judges for only this one season.

      • Shakira and Usher only signed on for a year while CeeLo and Christina took a break. I don’t think anyone, including NBC, expected them to be so popular. But there is still time for everyone to change their minds.

        Keith Urban was on the Ellen Degeneres show yesterday and announced that he will stay with Idol next season to replace Randy Jackson. YAY !!!!!!! I really like Keith. Now they just need to get two other good judges. He said Idol will be going back to having only three judges. I think three is plenty. With four, too much time is wasted that could be spent on music.


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