SYTYCD: From Delightful and Inspiring to Slimy and Offensive

Though SYTYCD pulled off a few routines worthy of last week’s wonderful premiere, the first two partnered dances were slimy and offensive. The opening routine with the top twenty was graceful, flowing and lovely. It opens with, “In my imagination, all my dolls are real“. A girlish giggle follows. The show, which began with beauty, then brought in the beasts. Supposed to be sexy, the following two routines were, instead, totally distasteful. And what happened to the fact that this is supposed to be a “family” show. What family? The Kardashians? I watched enough to know that enough was enough and jumped to another station until the next routine came along.

Haley Erbert and Curtis Holland in Ray Leeper’s disgusting jazz routine, started the evening on an affront to the senses. It went far beyond acceptable, as did Tabitha and Napolean’s lyrical hip-hop with Jasmine Harper and Aaron Turner. This was a huge disappointment since both Jasmine, Aaron, and Tabitha and Napolean are up there in my top category rating. What was even more disappointing was that “NappyTabs” struck out on both counts last night. The hip-hop routine with Amy Yakima and Fic-Shun in those darling bellboy costumes should have been totally delightful. That also deteriorated into x-rated. Hardly something for young people to watch. Or old ones for that matter. With these routines you’d think a rabbit troupe had joined up this season.

But the show was kept from being a total loss with routines such as the Argentine Tango with Jasmine Mason and Alan Bersten, choreographed by Miriam and Leonardo. The story is about a young girl’s loss of innocence to a man of the world. This was one powerful performance. Alan, who had been saved from the bottom six, was absolutely masterful in this routine, not to mention strong and dexterous in those amazing lifts. Jasmine was pink quicksilver from her rapid-fire flicks to her complete and fluid submission. These two were made for each other. As Mary Murphy said, it was all about passion [not sleaze]. There is a BIG difference. The comments from all three judges were spot-on, and that’s including Christina Applegate who — unlike last year — actually brought some serious views and discernment to last night’s show..

Mackensie Dustman and Paul Karmiryan embodied the “weird science” story in Sean Cheesman’s dishy jazz routine. Paul, the “Latin dancer” has already made me sit up and take notice this season. He has a special quality about him that draws the eye. But I did not like Nigel lumping this piece in with those so-called “naughty” routines. There was nothing lewd about it and the “electrifying” kiss at the end where Mackensie the fem-bot shorted out Paul’s circuits was just right.

Though Nigel trashed Dmitry Chaplin’s Cha-Cha as not having enough Cha-Cha (and I totally understand his point) I loved the dance. But during the introduction, I didn’t know if that tall, skinny guy, Tucker Knox, would be able to pull off the role of a nightclubber “who knows everybody in the place — thinks he owns it”. He’s the type who is convinced he’s the coolest dude in town. Though I loved Tucker’s qualified apology to his mother (it’s just choreography), and his self-abasing comment that if he did go in a bar he would probably trip over the threshold, it left me unprepared for that tall, slender stranger who walked the walk, made the moves, and put those long legs to such good use on the dance floor. Jenna Johnson was in her element, so no surprise there. But, DUDE, this dude became someone else entirely. Loved it.

I was shocked when Mariah Spears and Carlos Garland wound up in the bottom group, and couldn’t believe Jade Zuberi was chosen to stay while Carlos was eliminated, since Carlos is by far the better dancer. And I thought Mariah was outstanding in the “Puttin’ On the Ritz” opening performance last week. Carlos gave his all in this beautiful Stacey Tookey contemporary routine about loss. Loss of memory. Loss of love and recognition. The desperate effort to get back what was lost. And I believe Mariah’s real emotions and sense of loss were so overwhelming that she hit us right in the heart with them through the dance. Now, as Mary Murphy said, “It’s America’s loss”. But I still wonder why they saved Jade and not Carlos. The judges got it wrong, too.

Alexis Juliano and Nico Greetham did a more than credible job with Stacey Tookey’s sequel to Robert Roldan and Kathryn McCormick’s woman soldier routine. Especially since Alexis is a tap dancer. She moved beautifully through this contemporary like she’d done it all her life. But I can’t get Robert and Kathryn’s performance out of my head. Here they are back to back. You decide.

Robert Roldan and Kathryn McCormick: Season 7

Alexis Juliano and Nico Greetham

I still love Malece Miller, and loved her in the Bollywood routine, but Jade’s gotta go. He’s doing great for someone who’s never worked outside his genre, but he’s too short and doesn’t compare to others who are better. I give him his props, and I admire what he has accomplished, but it’s a contest. And Carlos Garland should still be among those standing.



11 thoughts on “SYTYCD: From Delightful and Inspiring to Slimy and Offensive

  1. &$%#& I HATE Word Press. I was on the last…LITERALLY… last sentence of my comment and the screen suddenly went blank and it disappeared. I’m going to go cry and kick a tree. Maybe I’ll be back later.

  2. I agree with much of what you said. I thought the choreography was truly sub-standard this week compared to what I’ve come to expect on this show. The first two routines were dreadful. Curtis and Haley’s was vulgar and disgusting. Jasmine H and Aaron’s was a waste of their talent. Last week the choreography was designed to showcase their strengths — OMG! Jasmine’s extensions — but this week…nada. It was just silly and offensive.

    Carlos was sent packing, but it should have been Jade, I agree. I wish they could pair Malece with someone else. Jade is good (sort of) only in his own genre. What were the judges thinking? Or weren’t they? And I don’t think the show needs Bollywood routines.

    I thought Jasmine M and Alan’s routine was nice and I loved the music. I’m not going to bother with my thoughts on the rest, already did it once, but I think it’s a shame when the dancers are stuck with questionable choreography. The poor kids have to do the best they can with what they’re given.

    So nice to see Kathryn and Robert again.

    And Cat Deeley’s dress!!! Someone should steal it and burn it….stat!

    • You are so so right about that routine being a waste of Jasmine and Aaron’s talents. I also agree about Cat’s dress. The only thing I can say for it is that she’s thin enough not to look like an overblown hussy in it. But it looked like she was bound up in mummy wrappings that were coming unraveled. I sent a “sorry” note about your clash with wordpress. But I don’t see it anywhere, so blame it on . . . wordpress.

      • I see your “sorry” comment above. Is that what you’re referring to? I didn’t want to take a chance that my second comment attempt would disappear, too, so I wrote it in Word then pasted it in here. I will probably do that from now on with long comments.

        I’m sure Cat’s wardrobe is 100% designer fashions. My thought about most designer fashions is that they should be taken straight from the runway to the furnace.

        I certainly hope SYTYCD will have better choreography next week. This week was a big disappointment.

      • My thoughts exactly about designer fashions. They are made for mannequins and women who emaciate themselves to look like mannequins. Most are totally weird, and people who wear them look weird. Not that I’ve seen many examples of women who wear them.

      • Same here. I love J. C. Penny, but hardly ever get to go. We had a nice shop that was closer, but they moved it somewhere else and put a Dollar Tree in its place. I’m still steamed about it.

      • Frank and I buy all our clothes at JCP except what we buy at Walmart. We have worn only casual and work clothes since we moved to NH 23 years ago. I buy linens and lots of other “house” stuff from JCP, too. I do all my JCP shopping on line. They have a good web site that’s easy to naviagate. They used to have a store here, but it closed about six years ago. The area where I live is TERRIBLY depressed economically and one by one, most of the stores have closed.

        I love on-line shopping. It’s so fast and easy and I’ve had wonderful luck. We’re easy to fit so buying clothes on line works out very well nearly every time. And for everything else, is my playground. On-line shopping is a Godsend for us living out in the boonies like we do with very few shopping choices.

      • We do a lot of our shopping online, but I can’t even order from catalogs. I am very hard to fit and have to try EVERYTHING on. I am four sizes bigger at the top than the bottom. I’m short and most clothes off the rack are made for taller people. Which makes everything hang not quite right. And I have small, but wide feet with a narrow heel, so I have to try on several sizes of shoes before I find one to fit. Would you believe I run the gamut from a child’s size four to a seven, depending on who makes the shoe? Shopping for me is a JOB.

        We do much of our book-buying on Amazon Prime. But I still love to browse the bookstores. Mike has a customer in Rome, Georgia, and when he’s called for a service job there he likes for me to go with him. He says the trip doesn’t seem so long with me along. Anyway, he drops me off at Barnes and Noble. I get to look at books to my heart’s content and I usually have a nice little lunch there. They have a great soup and half-sandwich deal. I spent several hours there a week or so ago and found a book written by a Russian couple which had been translated into English. Mike and I are fantasy/science fiction readers (me heavy on the fantasy and him on the science fiction). I don’t think this genre is among your reading interests, but I was taken with how well this couple wrote. I’m not talking about just the story, but the actual way they put their sentences together and the flow of their prose. When I read it, I read some quotes from it to Mike and when he read it, he had to share a passage or two with me. Writing styles are getting so sloppy these days it’s a real treat to find new authors who are literate. Mike commented that Russians must still toe the line on literacy. The story had a lot to say about human nature couched in a very unusual plot.

      • Yikes! I guess shopping truly is a challenge for you. I’m 5′ 7″ so not tall enough that I have to buy tall sizes. I’m bigger on the bottom than the top, but not significantly. I’ve worn the same size shoe since I was 14, 9B, but a couple of years ago I started wearing 9 wide shoes. All these years in NH of wearing mostly slippers, sandals and sneakers has allowed my feet to spread. I haven’t worn dress shoes more than twice a year since I left NYC. I don’t miss them.


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