Calling America: Nigerian Singer Alex Boye Becoming A New U. S. Citizen

Becoming a U.S. citizen, February 22, 2012

Alex Boye (pronounced Boy-yay) is a singer with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. In the past he has sung with popular groups, but didn’t like the touring lifestyle, saying it was taking him down the wrong road. When he left the band “Awesome” in 1999, the move cost him everything, including his clothes, which were furnished by the record company.

His Nigerian parents were separated when Boye’s mother gave birth to him in London while his father remained in Nigeria. The first few years of his life Boye lived in Nigeria with his father. He later returned to England when his mother remarried, but spent much of his life in Caucasian foster homes. He was baptized into the Mormon Church at age 16 while working at McDonalds in London.

Influenced by the music of Motown, Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, and James an early age, his own unique voice garnered him a coveted place in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, where he soloed on two albums. He still pursues a solo career of his own with the help of his wife Julie, who is his business manager. He has been a feature singer with The Piano Guys, and you might have heard Boye’s voice in such movie soundtracks as “Charly”. a 2002 movie adapted from a Jack Weyland novel.

Here is our new U.S. citizen of one year, Alex Boye, in his awesome video, “Calling America”.

Calling America – by Alex Boye

14 thoughts on “Calling America: Nigerian Singer Alex Boye Becoming A New U. S. Citizen

  1. How incredibly inspirational. So many U.S. citizens take our country and all it offers for granted. Sometimes it takes an immigrant…a newly christened U. S. citizen, to appreciate the United States of America, its freedoms, values, opportunities and everything else it represents.

    This is the most inspirational rendition of our national anthem that I’ve ever heard. I remember the night I heard it on TV. I was completely awestruck. The singer is Sandi Patti. Few people had heard of her before this night, but by the following day, millions knew her name…AND her voice.

  2. At the bottom of a page I was reading from AOL, there was an ad for something called “Snag Films” and they were featuring a 58-minute documentary called “Bolshoi: Between Fame and Drill.” I like ballet a lot so I decided to watch it. It’s about a school for young dancers run by the Bolshoi and it was fascinating to see the kids being taught, tested and performing. One 16-year-old girl named Natalia (or maybe it was Natasha) was brilliant. Her extensions were mind boggling.

    When I clicked on the ad for Snag Fillms, I was taken to a site to register. All they ask for is your name, email and a password. I did that and was redirected to the film. It’s all free. I got an email confirming that I had indeed signed up.

    They have some really interesting things here. Documentaries, art films, indies, plus some mainstream films, too. They also some some interesting looking B & W movies. It’s a site I thought you’d like to know about. It’s kind of like

    • Yes, they do have a cute ad.

      I’m glad you know about It is a marvelous tool for a movie buffs like us.

      I dont think I got your reply to the picture of our “garden elf” (love that moniker.) Have I ever given you links to photos of our little piece of God’s country? Don’t think I have.

      • Grrrr. I sent a very long reply and typed it into the tried and true comments section that has “hardly” ever let me down. Where this stuff goes I’ve no idea. I hit reply. It says reply. Then it just vanishes. — I’ve gotten some snow pictures and some autumn pictures. Would love to see anything else you’ve got. Mike and I browse other blogs for pictures people have taken of places they’ve been, or home spots.

      • I second you “Grrrr!” Word Press seems to have a fondness for eating our comments. I find it MOST annoying.

        I’ll send you some more pictures in an email in a few minutes. I decided to record “Falling Skies” and will watch it later.


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