Bottom of the River, By Delta Rae – A Different Sound

Singing group Delta Rae performing “Bottom of the River”

Rhythm. Chains poured into a battered metal trash bin, sticks clacked together, feet stomping and scraping, shhhhh sounds forced through the teeth, and a little blonde singer that Aretha Franklin would be proud of. What a sound!

There are no genre boundaries in music for me. If a sound stands out, I listen. If it makes an impact, I feel it. I make “new” discoveries on the web, on TV, or from songs featured in movies. My latest discovery is a number by Delta Rae featured on “So You Think You Can Dance” for a routine a few weeks ago.

Later I looked up the group and their unique single, “Bottom of the River”. Besides the official video, I found them featured on the late night show, Conan. Boy, was he impressed! Their video is apparently about some bayou dwellers taking a witch down to the river to drown her. They bind her wrists with chains, but notice her hands as the video progresses.

Following are three different videos featuring the group:

There is Billboard’s live studio version of the single, with highly polished professional video and sound quality. I really liked the more spontaneous version on Conan, and his equally spontaneous reaction, but it’s been pulled from You Tube. The Billboard version is followed by the official video, then the dance routine featuring Aaron Turner and Jasmine Harper. Each one is a little different. So enjoy them all. I did.


9 thoughts on “Bottom of the River, By Delta Rae – A Different Sound

  1. That was awesome. I watched all the videos multiple times. I love this group and just downloaded their entire album from iTunes. I’m saving Aaron and Jasmine’s routine, too. Sonya Tayev was the perfect choreographer for them. She really knows how to take advantage of their height and Jasmine’s endless legs that, as Nigel said, go on forever.

    Great post !

  2. Great that you like it. This group grabs the emotion and builds the music around it, some of their other songs, not so much. I wish that the girls competing on American Idol could understand that music without emotion is dead, even if it is sung loud and with perfect pitch.

    • That’s the difference between Idol and The Voice. EVERYONE competing on The Voice really knows how to sing. Idol? it’s hit and miss.

      I keep wondering if Curtis is watching Jasmine and what he thinks. I don’t suppose they are likely to get back together, but I’d love to see her hook up with Aaron. They would be a match made in heaven, IMO.

      • Mike sneaked this one in on me. When I read it I said to myself — that sounds just like MY Mike. Sure enough. He’s busted. He logged on from another computer. That sneak. Ha. He enjoyed getting a comment from you.

      • Yes, I saw the comment was from Mike. I just assumed he was on your computer and you were logged into your blog. Hmm….so he knows your password? Better watch what I say. *wink wink*


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