Did Fik-Shun And Amy Get An Edge For the Win Last Night?

My pick for the winners of this year’s Season 10 So You Think You Can Dance is Fik-Shun and Amy. I loved Fik-Shun’s statement that he might not be the best dancer this year, but he could be America’s favorite dancer. I also loved that he gave his partner Amy the credit for his improved style. His performance with Jasmine, against all odds, is a keeper, and he and Amy also gave the best solo performances. I also love Jasmine and Aaron, but I think Amy and Fik-Shun had a slight edge on them last night.

As for the performances, I was uncomfortable with everything about the jazz fusion by Ray Leeper. which was performed by Aaron Turner and Amy Yakima. I was uncomfortable with the music, the choreography, and Amy’s costume — that far-from-skeletal nude bodysuit. I wonder how her dad loved it? Mary loved it, but called it “animalistic”. Another word was “primal”. Yeah. Both those words. That’s what I didn’t like about it. Yes, Miley Cyrus was disgusting. And this routine may not have been in Miley’s ballpark, but it was in the neighborhood from what I was seeing. Aaron’s hand placements in this routine were more than a little out of line.

The Samba routine conjured up by Dmitry failed to work its magic with Aaron and Jasmine. There were missteps, they were sometimes not in time with each other, and the skirt wrap was a fiasco. The judges called it “awkward”. Jasmine’s costume looked great and she did some great samba shaking in it. But I think there were just too many dances for these kids to perform last night. Aaron and Jasmine have never failed to “connect” emotionally or physically before. They have been an awesome team to watch all season, but I think that performance hurt their chances for the top slot.

I don’t think anybody believed Fik-Shun could pull off a dance with the long-legged Jasmine Harper, me included. I groaned and shook my head. Like Travis said, just Jasmine’s legs are as long as he is. But between Travis Wall’s brilliance at making his dancers look good as well as his choreography — and Fik-Shun’s do-or-die attitude — by George, he and Jasmine not only pulled it off, they gave one beautiful and memorable performance. The flowing, underwater-look worked, and the height of the partners never got in the way of this gorgeous contemporary routine.

Amy looked fantastic in the Argentine Tango by that awesome Latin choreograpy duo Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo. If Fik-Shun didn’t quite make it in the technical department, I’ve got to give the young man an A for effort in supporting his partner. His lifts were absolutely spot on, and he helped Amy look super good.

I’m going to step out of the ring of tap admirers this go-round. I love tap. The old versions with Gene Kelly, Cyd Cherisse, Donald O’Conner. In this Anthony Morgerato routine with Aaron and All-Star Melinda Sullivan, I didn’t think the music, or the choreography went with tap, and instead made it look slightly ridiculous. In order to watch the performance I muted the music and that made it a little bit better. The modern tap just doesn’t go anywhere for me. It’s clunky next to the old greats, and the musicality isn’t even there. Teach them the old styles, Nigel. Then I’ll gladly watch and rave.

I loved everything about Jasmine and Comfort’s performance of Tabitha and Napolean’s hip-hop routine. It was different, it was fast, it was everything the NappyTabs ordered on their shopping list of performance requirements — strong, hot, empowering, and feminine. They didn’t add “fun”, but it was definitely that. And Jasmine wowed. She not only moved out of her comfort zone, she moved out of Comfort’s zone. Yeah. She’s good. Move over Comfort. You’ve got competition.

The hip-hop routine by Luther Brown was absolutely performed to perfection by Fik-Shun and Twitch. Their in-sync, coordinated movements were fun to watch and highly entertaining. I laughed out loud when Nigel said they looked like Twitch and Twitch Junior. It was so dead on the mark. And his droll comment about the old man’s step. “I think that was for me,” he said. Nigel also said it brought out both their personalities, which sold Twitch to his audiences in the fourth season of SYTYCD, and is selling Fik-Shun to the audiences of Season 10. Great job, and Fik-Shun can indeed be proud.

What is it about All-Star Robert Roldan? How is he different from even some of the best of dance performers? Every body movement he makes speaks volumes. He wrings my heart. He makes me cry. What comes through those arm and leg extensions? It’s like his soul reaches beyond them and into my heart. It’s as if he projects everything there is inside and he holds nothing back. And at the end all the pain and sorrow and just pure, unadulterated emotion are written across his face, because he has lived it for those few moments. Amy Yakima was a match for him in that wonderful contemporary routine by Stacey Tookey, about a man in love with a girl who does not love him in return. And the music, “Say Something, before I walk away”, blended the whole performance with perfect harmony. I loved the part where Amy was almost off the stage and he pulls her back; the part where he does the one-arm lift; and the heartbreak when he walks away just as she turns and looks at him. How beautiful was that. What a wonderful performance.

Tyce Diorio outdid himself on the Broadway routine to the music of “The Jitters”. It was brilliant and so original. Fik-Shun and Aaron Turner had the pizzaz and charisma to pull it off, though it might have been even the slightest bit better if they both had not exhausted themselves on so many other dances. I don’t see how they had the stamina to go the distance. I loved how they maneuvered about that sliding walkway, leaping back and forth. And the lighting and background for this routine was outstanding.

Jasmine and Amy’s ‘Diva Dance” choreographed by that handsome carnivore Mark Kanemura, was simply bizarrely cute. The premise was that the girls were Siamese twin divas from Saturn (not Mars, Nigel). Nothing to write home about, but it did have flair, especially in the skirts of the costumes.

All four solo performances were wonderful, but especially Amy’s as she danced to “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers. The judges talked about her strength. All I knew was it brought a lump to my throat and I could watch it over and over again. It was an awesome performance. I would vote Fik-Shun to be runner-up as he brought his style and personality up front and center to Gangnum Style. How fun and refreshing was that!!!

Okay. We can guess all we want, but we won’t know for sure until the fat lady sings — or the next show airs. See you then.


23 thoughts on “Did Fik-Shun And Amy Get An Edge For the Win Last Night?

  1. You have so perfectly expressed my thoughts about the finale that I had to blink twice to be sure I hadn’t written this. O_O What with our (both of us) “lying memories,” it could have been possible.

    This was a fantastic night of dance, but I ended the two hours with a horrible knot in my stomach. I think the so-much-wrong-with-it samba ruined Aaron’s and Jasmine’s chances at snatching the golden rings on the finale merry-go-round. All the more so because it came at the end of the night where viewers will remember it. I’m sure Gaby could relate; you don’t want to fail in your final routine because it’s the last thing the judges will see and remember. It has happened to her. Amy’s “Unchained Melody” solo was breathtaking and Fik-shun’s solo included everything that has made him a surprise finalist. As much as it makes me sad to admit, I think the competition’s winners will be Amy and Fik-shun. However, I don’t deny that they’re both terrific.

    At least Cat’s hair looked much nicer this week, but what was with the flapper dress and Winged Mercury shoes? She looked like a combination of the 1920s and 1970s with a little mythology tossed in for good measure. Paula’s hair looked the best it has in YEARS. And if she had always been as sharp as she’s been on SYTYCD, she’d never have been perceived at “ditzy.” She’s like a different person lately.

    ~Amy & Aaron – Intriguing choreography, I sort of liked it, sort of didn’t like it.

    ~Jasmine & Fik-shun’s Travis Wall “under water” routine was totally gorgeous. I really didn’t even notice the height difference. Beautiful.

    ~Aaron & Melinda – Liked this routine, but as with you, I like the Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor style better.

    ~Jasmine & Comfort – Wow! Jasmine, Comfort, Twtich, and Fik-shun are going to make me like hip-hop if they’re not careful. This routine was smokin’ and I loved it.

    ~Amy & Fik-shun – I’m sure Nigel was right when he said this was probably the most challenging dance Fik-shun had been asked to do. It was OK, but the footwork was pretty shaky for both of them much of the time.

    ~Jasmine’s solo was very nice and she looks gorgeous in red. It was interesting to learn that the judges weren’t going to put Jasmine in the Top 20, but Cat pleaded for them to include her and here she is in the final. Same for Aaron who was cut, brought back, and is now in the final.

    I thought Gaby Douglas was cute, but useless as a judge. She made one trite, boilerplate comment after another and never said anything actually constructive.

    ~Fik-shun’s choice of “Gangnam Style” for his solo was absolutely inspired. This may have won the competition for him.

    ~Amy’s “Unchained Melody” may have won the top spot for her, too. It was stunning.

    ~Jasmine & Aaron – Oh, what I wouldn’t have given for them to have had an inspired Travis Wall routine that showed off her gorgeous lines, Aaron’s strength, and their (usually) wonderful chemistry. I wonder how the dancers and choreographers are paired up. A crappy routine (like this samba) can ruin everything for a wonderful pair (like Aaron and Jasmine.) I’m really sad about this.

    ~Fik-shun & Twitich – What can I say? This was a match – and routine – made in heaven. If his solo didn’t do it, this routine may have won the competition for Fik-shun.

    ~Aaron’s solo was very nice and OMG! that split at the end! O_O Let’s hear if for long legs!

    ~Amy & Robert’s routine was wonderful. I wish they’d given Jasmine more routines like this instead of so many up-tempo routines. (Although I loved her routine with Comfort.)

    ~Aaron & Fik-shun’s “conveyor belt” routine was clever, but they both seemed tired….why am I not surprised? Even that Energizer Bunny Fik-shun looked a bit worn out. Maybe you’re right and the dancers are being given too many routines. This is a dance competition after all, not an endurance test.

    ~Amy & Jasmine – The Siamese Sisters from Saturn (or whatever it was) routine was just plain stupid. What a shame that this and the samba were the final two times viewers saw Jasmine.

    I’m not looking forward to the results show. Sigh….

    • Boy, how long did it take you to write this. And it is great. You do some great writing yourself. There were so many things I wanted to mention that I forgot before I finished. I also noticed Cat’s hair and Paula’s hair, and the ridiculous dress on Cat. I also meant to mention about Cat’s going to bat for Jasmine, and like you said, here Jasmine is in the finals. And Aaron, who was cut, here in the finals. But, anyway, you seemed to say everything. Your “lying memory” must be more truthful than mine.:)

      • It took me a little over an hour, writing from notes I made last night. It wouldn’t take quite so long if I didn’t also copy everything to an email form in case Word Press decides it doesn’t like me.

        I enjoy writing letters, emails, blogs, etc., but haven’t been very good at stories. I simply can’t come up with plot ideas. In 2004, when I first got the Internet and joined an Elijah Wood forum, I wrote two fanfics for them — one long one and another for a short story contest. My short story won, but that wasn’t enough to inspire me to keep going. I’d love to write a roman a clef about the area where I live, but people would probably recognize themselves and I’d end up being run out of town. ;>)

      • Wow. I’d keep going on that one. And I just learned something new. I had to look up roman a clef. If I did that, too many people would recognize themselves and I’d get sued. I’ve written short stories, but haven’t done anything with them. Don’t even know where they are now.

      • roman à clef is a foreign phrase and should be in italics but Word Press doesn’t give me that option in a comment. I can’t do bold or underlining either. Bummer!

      • Tell me about it. There is so much I can’t do with wordpress, but I have to fall back on the fact that you get what you pay for. And I’ve got the freebee. But all I have to do is highlight a word or phrase and Google will automatically tell me what it is. Mike set that up somehow. So I highlighted your good phrase and I learned something new.

      • How clever of Mike. I wonder how he did that thing with Google.

        You said you have the free version of Word Press. I didn’t know they had a paid version. How much does it cost? Live Journal is free, but with a paid journal, you get lots of avatars and no ads on the page. There are many more advantages, too. I have a lifetime account. They only offer that every few years. It was a bit expensive, but I’m set for life now. I would love for you to have a Live Journal, but I think you have your hands full keeping up with the blog you have. If you ever decide you want an LJ, I would ask all my friends to friend you and you’d instantly have a wonderful new bunch of friends. That’s how we do it at LJ….we’re VERY supportive of each other.

      • That sounds good. And I truly appreciate it. But you’re right. It’s everything I can do to keep up the one blog. I’m not as prolific as some. And I used to produce a lot of stories for the paper, plus a column. Don’t know how I did it, except I was younger and had more vim and vigor.

        Off subject. Mike and I just finished watching Cadfael, the mystery series set back in the middle ages where a monk solves crimes. Have you ever seen that? The one we watched tonight started out really good but kind of ended lame. They’re usually pretty good, though. Their streamable on Netflix.

      • Oh yes, I saw “Cadfael” when it first aired on Masterpiece Theatre years ago and I loved the series.. I also enjoyed “I Claudius,” another Masterpiece Theatre with Derek Jacobi that is set in Roman times. I’m sure you can find it at Netflix, too.

  2. Afterthought. They asked viewers which routine they’d like to see again next week, the Amy/Travis Wall routine or a routine with Malece. They showed the results on the screen, but I had looked away and almost missed it. Looked like it was 90% for Amy and 10% for Malece. Did you happen to catch the result?

      • OK, I hope my memory-like-a-sieve will retain this.

        Off topic slightly, but Amy reminds me a little of Melanie. They both have VERY powerful looking legs that are extremely flexible and a smile that lights up the room. What do you think?

      • Those are the similarities, but Melanie will always be the best I’ve seen. She has a special gift that cannot be qualified or explained. However, Amy has a great future in which to continue to grow, and I think she will become one of the best.

      • Yes, when I think of the best, Melanie always comes to mind. I wonder what she’s doing now for a regular job….if she has one. And yes, I think Amy will be invited back as an All-Star. Apparently you don’t have to win SYTYCD to be al All-Star. You just have to be good and a favorite of the judges.

      • Beats me….I honestly don’t know. Maybe I’ll Google “what’s a SYTYCD all-star?” and find out. If I do, I’ll let you know.

        OK, I found this from season 10, but it still applies pretty much…except this year some of the all-stars DID do the choreography.

        “The All-Stars Dance Pool features some of the best and most popular dancers that have been featured on previous seasons. They acted as partners for the top eleven contestants this season, [referring to season 10] and rotated every week. Each of the dancers represents one specific style of dance and only danced in that genre with a partner. They did not choreograph any routines but learned them just as the contestants did.”

        I also found this, but it still doesn’t say how the all-stars are chosen.



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