Fik-Shun And Amy For The Win On Great SYTYCD Finale!

Fik-Shun is America’s top favorite male dancer, but Amy packed in the most votes overall. Fik-Shun, the smiling, upbeat animator who stole the hearts of America, was overcome with emotion as he stood beside a smiling Cat Deeley. For the first time his shining eyes were filled with tears, but they were tears of sheer joy as the implications of the announcement of his win began to overwhelm him. Amy was overjoyed and wreathed in smiles. In the audience her father was proudly sobbing.

But I think Nigel had it right when he said we had four winners this season, and no one could be too disappointed whoever made the win. Jasmine and Aaron were awesome from beginning to end, and will surely take their place among the dancing superstars from this innovative reality show — which, Nigel announced, has been given the thumbs up from FOX for Season 11.

Guest judges tonight were —  the ever lovely Paula Abdul, sporting some very big hair for such a petite little head; the mighty Twitch, who has essentially become an icon from the show, though it initially took him three tries to get through to the top twenty; and the ever-popular Adam Shankman, who has served through the years as a judge and choreographer.

If you didn’t catch the show tonight and missed the dance routine with Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe, you missed a good one. I loved it. First they took us down memory lane with Mary and Nigel, then spotlighted them onstage in a real-time dance routine. It was so much fun my mouth hurt from grinning. And then Adam Shankman shows up during the last few seconds doing his schtick and we’re laughing out loud.

Mary’s hair was stunning tonight, by the way, and Cat actually looked decent. The make-up department didn’t turn her into a zombie, or put her into a shapeless Roaring Twenties flour sack. She’s gorgeous already. Why can’t they just go with that.

Travis and Amy performed Travis Wall’s contemporary “Wicked Game”, which was the number viewers most wanted to see on the finale, and garnered another standing ovation from judges and audience alike. It was still as emotional and beautiful as the first time.

I loved that they re-ran “Puttin’ On The Ritz” and that it was announced as the best opening number ever, because it definitely is. That routine by NappyTabs will still be re-played years from now. It was in instant classic.

Other favorites were the heart-rending “brother” routine performed by Tucker and All-Star Robert and choreographed by Travis Wall, as well as the very original, fun, and quirky jazz routine performed and choreographed by All-Star Mark Kanemura, with his partner Jenna. This go-round, however, Mark sported his five o’clock shadow, which I thought detracted from the look of the performance.

The four finalists also got to pick a favorite routine, but I was disappointed in Jasmine’s choice of the jazz number with All-Star Marko. Jasmine looked oddly manly in the high-water black stovepipes and just looked overall weird and gangly. Marko, however, was in his element, and I loved watching him throughout the performance. I also was disappointed that Amy and Fik-Shun chose the cutesy bell-boy routine rather than one of their better, prettier performances. However, I applauded Aaron on his choice of the beautiful contemporary routine with All-Star Kathryn McCormick.

All in all, it was an excellent finale. It’s well after midnight here now and I’ve been using the word “tonight”, which is now technically last night, but I’m sure you can figure it out.

It was a little odd to have the President’s speech right in the middle, like an intermission. I almost expected to see him dance down the red carpet. I listened all the way through, but was slightly distracted by the fact he had on too much make-up. Mike said President Obama’s make-up artist was probably a Republican. 🙂

Nighty-Night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.


3 thoughts on “Fik-Shun And Amy For The Win On Great SYTYCD Finale!

  1. Two days of thunder, lightning and torrential rain, but I was finally able to get back on line tonight. The joys of having satellite Internet…so weather sensitive.

    Naturally, I was disappointed that Aaron and Jasmine didn’t win, but I think Jasmine in particular will go on to have an amazing career. And if Nigel has any say in the matter, she’ll DEFINITELY be back as an All-Star in subsequent seasons. It’s rather remarkable that Aaron made it to the final because tappers don’t usually wow the public. I think it was his ability to adapt to so many other styles that brought him so far. And he was pretty easy on the eyes, too.

    But I have to be happy for Amy. She’s a gorgeous, emotional dancer and deserved her win. I had a gut feeling after last week that Fik-Shun would be the male winner thanks to his amazing solo and show-stopping routine with Twitch. Fik-Shun is the very definition of effervescence and you just had to love his enthusiasm and determination to learn so many other dance styles. And he has the most contagious smile in 10 seasons of SYTYCD.

    It was wonderful to see some of my favorite routines again (Tucker & Robert, Travis & Amy, Fik-Shun & Twitich, and Jasmine & Comfort.) Even the routines I hadn’t cared for originally didn’t seem so bad in repeat performances. Like you, I was suprised Jasmine chose the “Blurred Lines” routine with Marko as her favorite. I expected her to choose a contemporary routine. I was hoping for the “Bottom of the River” routine. I think that was the name of it.

    I don’t remember the group “Puttin’ on the Ritz” routine. I wonder where I was when it aired originally. It was terrific though.

    Nigel’s and Mary’s routine was hoot. I didn’t realize Nigel was so skinny because I always see him sitting down.

    I’m ever so happy SYTYCD will get an eleventh season. I thought season 10 was great.

    Loved Mike’s line about Obama’s make-up person being a Republican. :>)

    Are you watching “The X Factor”? I’ll watch it until “The Voice” begins then there will be a time conflict. If you didn’t see this audition, It’s quite inspiring. I’ve never heard of this girl’s disability.

    • Sorry about the storms. I like storms occasionally, but they do wreak havoc on internet connection. We unplug even though we have surge protectors. Not taking chances.

      You must have missed that blog about Puttin on the ritz because it was so awesome I headlined that opening number.

      Yes, I thought that last show before the finale gave Fik-Shun and Amy an edge over Aaron and Jasmine. But this year it was a closer call than it’s been for a while maybe.

      Yeah. That Mike makes the drollest comments.

      Haven’t watched X-Factor since the first season, but thanks for the video. That little girl is amazing. What I would like to get is the BBC talent show. That would be well worth watching.


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