Amazing Talents from International Talent Shows

On Holland’s Got Talent, this nine-year-old opera singer, Amira Willighagen, blew everybody away and was rewarded with “the golden ticket”. Thanks to Jo Ann, a blog “pen pal”, for sharing this with me. Mike and I have played it several times and prompted Mike to search the web for comparable opera singers of any age. The clarity and purity of Amira’s voice is amazing — the voice of a much more mature singer. Her background? She found examples of opera on You Tube and copied them. You won’t believe it.

Not only does Britain have talent, but the show Britain’s Got Talent, welcomes the gifted from other countries. One of the most unique and emotionally evocative of these is a group from Hungary called “Attractions”, who do “shadow theater”. They tell stories of life by casting their shadows on the wall, the performers positioning themselves into all manner of images, from people, to buildings, and sets, even motor vehicles and trees. Their stories are simple but powerful. The first one is the story of a mother and her son and their relationship through all of life. When a performance brings tears to Simon Cowell’s eyes — it’s powerful.

The next one by Attractions is of families torn by war. Another powerful performance. Striking in its simplicity of expression. Unforgettable.


11 thoughts on “Amazing Talents from International Talent Shows

  1. Isn’t Amira amazing? I was as stunned as the judges the first time I watched her. On top of being so talented, she’s a gorgeous child. Here is another video of her performance with a much longer spoken introduction and ending with judges’ comments. It’s in Dutch, but has English subtitles on the screen.

    • She’s beyond amazing. And gorgeous. Is this the video you sent on email? By the way, so far I’ve gotten 93 hits from the Netherlands — 108 altogether on this post alone. I know that’s not big by ‘net standards, but my blog is climbing slowly, though it’s more than doubled its readership from this same time last year. So I’m hoping the next year will double some more. — Had you seen the shadow theater performances before? I can’t remember if it was you who got us onto those, too. They are awesome and I love their story.

      • Wow? You have 93 Dutch readers? How amazing.

        Yes, that’s the video of Amira that I sent in my email. I just watched a very interesting 22-minute TV interview with her on YouTube. She was so funny. When asked if she sings all the time, she said no….she has to have time to clean the littler box. LOL (She has several cats and one has kittens.)

        Yes, I’d seen the shadow performers before. I saw all their performances on Britains Got Talent, but I hadn’t seen them before that. It may well have been me who told you about them. I’ve told many people.

      • Not 93 followers. Just hits from Holland on this post. But I’ve had visits from Holland before. My international readers make up some of my best readership. Pakistan comes in often for my interpretation of Adrienne Rich, called “The Gift and the Anguish of Adrienne Rich” an explication of her poem “Gabriel”.

      • How do all these international readers learn about your blog? Yours is the only one I follow and I learned about it from your Il Volo entry being mentioned in a Google alert I received. I really wouldn’t know how to go about finding other Word Press blogs.

      • The things I write about wind up in some of the top Google lists, and other search engines. You just click on it and it goes straight to my blog. Lots of times they stick around and read other stuff. Also, once someone on Facebook grabs hold of something they really like, they link it. Most of the hits from the Netherlands came through Facebook. I also get a lot of searchers who go through a translation to read a post. I have gotten so many hits on, of all things, my explication of the poem “curiosity”, that Mike says it has to be college kids Googling it. It tapers off on Friday and Saturday and shoots back up Sunday night. On some subjects that get high hits, I check Google to see where I am on their list. Sometimes it’s top three, or at least the first page. When I can’t find it on Google, I go to other search engines and I find it at the top of some other liste. There’s all kinds of ways I guess. I’ve even had a couple of authors link me. Even AMC gave me a link for Hell on Wheels the tV series. I got quite a few hits through those. I’m sure there’s all kinds of ways.

  2. Attractions was incredible. I’d never seen anything like it. I assume you know they won. I subscribe to the YouTube channels for Britain’s Got Talent and the UK version of The X Factor. Personally, I think they have much better contestants than the US X Factor (which totally stinks this season) and American Idol, which hasn’t been very good since the days of Adam Lambert, with the exception of Candice Glover. I do love The Voice though. The UK now has a version of The Voice, but I really haven’t followed it on a regular basis.


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