Give Thanks For All The People God Sends To Make the World Better

Song, Here I Am Lord,  by John Michael Talbot

Give thanks to the Lord, because His mercy endures forever. 1 Chronicles 16:41

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend, whoever and wherever you are. — May the Lord bless thee, and keep thee. The Lord make His face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee. The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. – Numbers 6:24-26. — From our house to yours.


11 thoughts on “Give Thanks For All The People God Sends To Make the World Better

    • How sweet of you to say that. Mike and I feel the same. We have saved your address (for cards, etc) from when you sent the books. Which I thank you for again. What a group of women. We need such dedicated people today.Hope you and Frank have had a wonderful day. We have.

      • Thank you! Yes, we had a lovely Thanksgiving and I’m glad you did as well.

        Here’s something pretty I found today at YouTube. They are the winners of this year’s International Sweet Adelines Competition. I don’t think I’ve ever heard such tight harmonies. Amazing!

      • I’m glad you had a good Thanksgiving. And thank you for the video. They did have great harmony. But it was such a coincidence about the choice of song – “You Are My Sunshine”. My sister, brother, and I were just talking about that song shortly before I got back online, and he was telling Katie that he remembered I used to sing that song to him when he was little. I would swing him in the swing and sing to him that he was my sunshine. After Montana and I listened to this, I had to call Katie and tell her. Funny stuff happens. Love that you share your videos.

      • Yes, that was quite a coincidence about “You Are My Sunshine.” My mother and grandmother both used to sing that to me when I was little, too.

        My grandmother loved to sing and always went at it full throttle. Unfortunately, she was completely tone deaf! My mother, who was blessed with perfect pitch, could barely stand to listen. She said it was very amusing to see how I looked adoringly at gran while she was singing to me in her off-pitch voice, but mom couldn’t even stay in the room. I guess I was too young to be bothered by it back then because I have perfect pitch, too.

        Mom also told me I used to stand in my crib or playpen and sway to the rhythm of the washing machine. I wish they’d had video cameras back then.

        Glad you enjoyed the video. I love to share my “finds” and the only problem is I find far too many good ones. But I do post videos occasionally in my Live Journal blog.

      • Love the stories about your musical family. And they are also “journaled” here. I wish my family would start telling me stuff about their lives. I have to drag it out of them sometimes. And they all have such interesting stories.

        My mother used to sing like that, but everybody loved listening to her. Including me. She would sing hanging up clothes and sometimes just break into song anywhere she happened to be. I loved it, too. Your gran was blessed to have you and you were blessed to have her. Yes. Video cameras would have been nice back then. The only people I knew who actually had a home movie camera were some at church. Remember having to watch homemade films on sheets on the wall or a white screen?

      • Oh yes, I remember the early home movie cameras and projectors, but we didn’t have one. I don’t think we ever used sheets as a screen, but we used to take the pictures down from the living room wall and use that because it was white.

        Yes, my gran was a very special person. We were extremely close since she and my grandfather raised me. They’re gone now, of course, and my mother, too, so it’s rather shocking to realize that people ask ME about the “old days” now, just like I used to ask my mother and grandmother.

      • Hi, Jo Ann,
        I can’t find the reply to this comment which I did days ago. If this is a repeat, ignore it.

        My Duncan grandparents raised a couple of their grandkids for a while. And, yest, I know all about the fact that I am now the “older” generation. One of the things I said in the missing reply is that, actually, I’ve always been asked questions like that even when I was young because of doing family history. Let me know if you ever got the other comment.

      • Nopw I didn’t get a notice about your other comment and I don’t see it here. Are you sure you actually posted it? More times than I care to admit I have written a comment at Live Journal then forgotten to click on “Post comment.”

        It’s well known in my family that I’ve searched our family history pretty extensively so I get questions because of that…not just because I have a good memory, especially for trivia. ;>)


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