T’was the Day After Christmas and My House Was A Wreck


Yes. This is me. Linda Smith. And yes, I did the soft image. Ain’t no way in this lifetime that I’m exposing all my wrinkles to the world. And I’ve got a birthday in January.

T’was the day after Christmas, and my house was a wreck;
But I grimly ignored it and went out on the deck,
Away from bright paper and ribbons of red,
To ban visions of excess that messed with my head.

The rubbish was flung by the hearth without care,
And I hoped that the garbage truck soon would be there.
Cause we’d filled up the bin with two bags full to spare;
We were knee-deep in Christmas, so our pockets were bare.


The grandchild was nestled all snug with her loot,
With possessions so scattered, it looked like Beirut.
Blankets were tangled and socks were flung wide,
But since we all were wrung out, I just let it slide.

My stomach was grumbling, my husband a grouch,
So I went back inside and flopped on the couch.
The eggnog consumed was a substantial amount,
T’was only five cartons, at least at last count.

So inside my tummy there arose such a clatter,
That I sprang from the couch to see WHAT was the matter.
So away to the bathroom I flew like a flash,
Flung up the lid, and threw up the trash.

But if, to your wondering minds should appear,
That the beverage was spiked, then let me be clear.
No spirits were in it, but I did drink to extreme,
Cause eggnog, to me, tastes like melted ice-cream. (Mmmm)

But for gluttony there is ever a Piper to pay,
And I sure didn’t feel good through all the next day.
So I looked at my house with all the trash and debris,
Then I kicked at a pile and just longed to be free.

Pretty paper in shreds, bedraggled ribbons of blue,
Awaited my touch – Sheesh! I’ll never get through.
To add to my lot, the cat heard the rustle,
Snagged a bright ribbon and we started to tussle.


This little rascal finally got a name. Between Mike, me, and my blog friend Jo Ann, we decided he is Little Dickens for now. Just Dickens when he gets older. And boy does he live up to his name. Nothing’s safe around here.

He thought it great sport. I thought it a drag,
As he raced round the floor a-chasing a bag.
So I just gave it up, and let the junk lay.
Then walked out the door and greeted the day.

We have a nice camper a few yards from here.
It gleams in the sunlight and brings me such cheer.
It’s tidy inside, and if Time let’s me borrow,
A day to play hooky – I’ll clean up tomorrow.

So I’ll rest up a spell, and my strength I’ll renew.
For having one day with nothing to do.
Then I’ll lift up a cup to you friends far and near.
And celebrate with you, a Happy New Year.


9 thoughts on “T’was the Day After Christmas and My House Was A Wreck

  1. The poet in you rises again! This is wonderful…REALLY wonderful. I’m so pleased that you’ve named your adorable new kitten Little Dickens, soon to be just Dickens. I think it’s a perfect name for a rambunctious kitten…who loves playing with pencils. I’m looking forward to many more photos of him.

    Here it is the penultimate day of 2013. It’s been a good year and meeting you and Mike was one of its high points for me. I wish you a truly splendid 2014, filled with good health and many happy times, especially with your new camper. Like Bilbo said, “I think it’s time for another adventure” (or something like that.)

    The happiest of New Years to you…and lay off that eggnog. 🙂

    • Oh, Jo Ann, this was so precious. Loved every word of it. I’ve been holding off e-mailing you cause I had so much to say and no time to say it in. I just took Montana back home today and we had lunch with Michelle, Montana’s mother (my daughter). We had a great time.

      Expect a longer missive and a VERY Happy New Year to you and Frank. And thank you for your very special friendship. Mike and I treasure it.

      • No worries about writing. You must be absolutely beat after the Christmas you had. How nice that Montana spent the holiday with you. If you drove her home in the Kia, I hope it behaved on the trip. You don’t need anymore epic fails on car trips.

      • We’re all fixed on roadside assistance now. Through the RV membership with Good Sam’s, Mike set us up with the whole enchilada. If I have a flat, someone will come fix it. If the car goes kaput again (which it shouldn’t) it will be towed. If I run out of gas, somebody will bring me some.

        The KIA now has a new battery and a new alternator. And I think I told you Mike swapped a backdoor handle for my broken driver’s door handle till we can get a new one.

        Anyway, thanks for caring, and letting me know you do.

        By the way, your Christmas card was so cute, I’ve stuck it in my purse to show everybody. After laughing they look inside and every person is amazed at your handwriting. Some have asked if it is a computer font. But then I get to tell them about our old school handwriting courses. Yours took. Mine didn’t. Thank God for computers and learning to type.

      • It’s a very good idea to get set up with roadside assistance. Glad the Kia has the new parts. Yes, you told me how Mike switched the door handles. Very clever.

        Of course I care, you silly thing. 🙂

        Glad you liked my Christmas card. I always get my cards from the American Humane Society and I thought that one was really cute. Funny you should mention that about my handwriting and a computer font. Many Christmases ago, the man who did all the restoration work on our house (and his wife) were at our house and he made me write something in front of him. He really believed It was a computer font I’d used in my Christmas cards, Some day, if I start doing Christmas cards in July, I might do them all in calligraphy. I studied that for a year, but haven’t kept up with it. Too many people wanted me to do wedding invitations for them…as a favor.. *rolls eyes*. I don’t know if they even still teach cursive in grade school. Seems to be all about keyboarding now. What a shame.

    • Thanks, Julie B,
      That’s high praise coming from you, you smart lady. Right now I’m about to crash again. I’ve had days and days of going and going. So I’m going to put my book over my face and pretend to read behind my eyelids. Thanks again. Catch ya later. Love ya.
      Your Sis


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