Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot? Not Hardly. They Are Memories.

Some people have asked me what the song “Auld Lang Syne” means. Essentially it means the old days, or the past, or long ago. The song starts out with a question. “Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?” But it’s a rhetorical question. Yes. We are letting go of the old and bringing in the new. But our old acquaintances and friends should be remembered. Not forgotten. It’s a time to get together with them, or think of them, raise a toast to them, or even remember stories of the lives of the departed. It’s a time for memories as well as plans and hopes for the future.

It’s a Scottish song so old that Robert Burns said he didn’t write it. He just wrote it down. He had heard an old man sing it. But the melody and the half-understood lyrics evoke a sadness for things left behind, even as we go forward into the future.

I would like to take this opportunity to mention my blog friends (whom I’ve never met, but have grown fond of). Last year they were new friends. Now they are old friends because we have shared our thoughts and our interests.

Jo Ann – She has become a close friend in that unfathomable realm of cyberspace. We have found common ground on many subjects and expanded each others views and horizons. She is an intellectual who is interesting, funny, kind, and expressive. We met when she found my Il Volo post on Google. NOBODY knows more about Il Volo than Jo Ann. She’s got country boys here in Alabama listening to them. Also, she loves cats. And I love people who love cats. Thanks for a great year, Jo Ann. I’m looking forward to many more.

Chandler Swain – CHANDLER SWAIN REVIEWS – A Boston film critic, his reviews are original and unique, sometimes off-the-wall, and always entertaining. Every time I read his posts I come away with a new appreciation of film and all the hard work that goes into it. Or, on the other hand, what constitutes really sloppy work on someone’s part. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed hearing from him. His comments are always astute, and they open my eyes a little more on some of the films I’ve reviewed. Thanks, Chandler. Looking forward to another great year.

David Navarre – WE’RE NOT LOST, SERGEANT, WE’RE IN … FRANCE – for his patriotism and dedication to the military and veterans. He calls himself an amateur historian, and travels for speaking engagements on his favorite theme. He has made regular comments/likes on TheVillageSmith, and are always appreciated. I like to check in on his site periodically to read about the special stories and events going on with those who have sacrificed for our nation.

David J. Bauman – The Dad Poet – for his beautiful view on life through poetry and music and just talking. He lends his voice to the rhythm and soul of the poet and poem in public readings. Thank you for a great year. Don’t ever lose the heart you share with others. It makes you special to your readers and followers.

Susan – – for her wonderful pictures and travel stories. I nominated her for the bloggers award, only to learn she already had it and other awards, too. Which I missed the few hundred times Mike and I have visited her site. And they are posted right there in plain view. With me, if anything is in plain view, I usually miss it. She also shares our love of cats. I cracked up over her comment on my post “By A Whisker”. I like someone who lives life with a sense of humor and an eye for variety and beauty.

And to my family followers and commenters – I couldn’t do this without your support and encouragement.

And, of course, to all my followers, viewers, and just drive-by readers. There would be no Village Smith without you. Thanks for a year that has tripled my readership. I love writing. I love sharing. And I love reaching out to people. WordPress posted my year in review today and they say I have now heard from 134 countries. I didn’t even know there were that many.

So I will say – muchos gracias, danke, dankie, dank u, danke im Schweizer, tack, תודה, asante sana, xie xie (谢谢), آپ کا شکریہ, gomawo, grazie tanto, dehanyavad, salamat, شكرا, merci, terima kasih, whakawhetai ki a koutou, go raibh maith agat, спасибо (spasibo), ありがとう (Arigatō), dziękuję, takk, teşekkür ederim, děkuji, kiitos, σας ευχαριστώ (sas ef̱charistó̱), köszönöm, mulțumesc, k̄hx k̄hxbkhuṇ khuṇ (k̄hx k̄hxbkhuṇ khuṇ), hvala, ďakujem, хвала, благодаря (blagodarya), спасибі (spasybi), ačiū, cảm ơn bạn, aitäh, তোমাকে ধন্যবাদ (tōmākē dhan’yabāda), paldies, nirringrazzjak, þakka þér, धन्यवाद (dhan’yavāda), Ви благодарам, დიდი მადლობა (didi madloba), Շնորհակալություն (Shnorhakalut’yun).

I have heard from every state in the union, but my heaviest readership comes from the great state of California. I loved California when I visited there with my mom, but didn’t know Californians would become my most avid readers. Thanks, California. And thanks to the good old USA. Happy New Year.


7 thoughts on “Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot? Not Hardly. They Are Memories.

  1. Gosh! I don’t think anyone has ever called me an intellectual before. That’s quite a lofty appellation you’ve bestowed on me. I’ll try to live up to it.

    As for cats, I adore them. I admire their independence and I enjoy the challenge of getting a cat to like me. Plus, I’ve never liked or trusted a person who doesn’t like cats. This describes very well how I feel. It’s from one of my books on cat care.:

    “If a cat takes a shine to you, it will want to be near you all the time, it will provide you with hours of companionship, a soft, warm body to stroke, they’ll lick your hand and purr, and if a cat trusts you, it’s not going to purposely scratch or bite you.

    What cats DON’T do is obey or be subservient to anyone. Cats don’t take any grief…if they don’t want to be held, they won’t submit to you. They will not come when you call them unless THEY WANT to come. You can’t get a cat to fetch your slippers…cats are not dogs, and that’s why some people don’t like them. I think dogs make a lot of people feel special because you can dominate a dog, you can train a dog to do whatever you want it to do, and the dog will always do it with a smile on his face.”

    Thank you for a wonderful year of friendship. Like you, I’m looking foward to many more.

    • Well, of course you are an intellectual. You express yourself very well and can converse on a variety of subjects. I don’t know many who can do that. The one’s I do know, I treasure.

      Yes. All of the above is true about cats. Dickens actually winks at us sometimes. We think it’s probably an eye twitch of some kind, but it is startling when it happens. Just one more thing to love about him.

      I’m glad you liked the Christmas pictures. I was so tired and sagging. Mike says he hated that the shirt made him look fat. (LOL) We didn’t notice till much later that the sagging tummy effect was drawn on. We all got quite a laugh out of that.

      I’ve been going so fast and furiously this past week that my body just rebelled land night and today. Every bone and muscle was tight and aching. So I have done absolutely nothing but camp on the couch with Little Dickens. And sometimes Big Dickens.:) Mike says, “Oh, I’ve been promoted, huh?”

      Have a great evening. We love you from afar.

      • Speaking of Little Dickens “winking” at you, do you know about the “slow blink” for cats? When a cat is looking at you, do a slow blink. Repeat it every few seconds and see if the cat copies you. It’s supposedly a sign of affection on the part of the cat. I do it with all five of mine. They frequently blink back, but more often they jump into my lap. They seem to interpret my slow blinks as an invitation. 🙂

        Dancer is beside me being oh so charming because it’s kitty dinner time. I just tried the slow blink on him, but he’s not having any of that. He has dinner on his mind. He keeps reaching out and batting my face. BTW, he’s a southpaw…always bats and pokes with his left paw, never his right. I guess even cats have a dominate hand….er, paw.

      • I didn’t know about the blink. But Dickens does it with only one eye, not two. I love the captivating idiosyncracies of cats, like your southpaw, Dancer. That is a great name for a cat, by the way. You also made another great point. Never get in the way of a cat and his food.

      • Dancer got his name because as a kitten, he was ALWAYS dancing around my feet and playing with my shoe laces. It’s a miracle he never got stepped on. He still has a fetish about feet. When I’m stretched out on the sofa or in bed, he sleeps ON my feet. The other cats prefer more comfort…my stomach or my pillow.

  2. speaking of cats, my daughter has one who drinks water by sticking his paw in the bowl and drinking water from it. Have you ever seen a cat do this?

    • I wrote blog posts on cats several times. One we named Gideon after the Bible character. That’s because the cat would dip his paw in the water and drink from his paw. I had never seen a cat do that, either. God told Gideon to choose his men by letting them all drink from a nearby stream. The ones who bent over and drank directly from the water were to be sent home. The ones who dipped the water into their cupped hands would be his chosen soldiers.


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