2013 Movies — Best and Worst and Wandering Somewhere in Between

Best Films and Enjoyed Most (that I have seen)

Captain Phillips – an oscar-winning performance by Tom Hanks. Captain Phillips: Hanks’ Vivid Portrayal is Oscar Quality

Iron Man 3 – everything worked – outstanding performance by Robert Downey Jr.

Thor, the Dark Earth – outstanding performances by Cris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, as well as total reality absenteeism by viewers

Pacific Rim – a surprising and highly enjoyable dark horse movie. Pacific Rim – Entertaining. Likeable Characters. Good actors.

Olympus Has Fallen – action, violence, breath-taking suspense, and Gerard Butler – need I say more? Olympus Has Fallen: The Action Movie You’ll Hate to Love

RED 2 – As good or better than the first RED. Ya gotta love these “retired” 007’s. The laughs they evoke are full-throttle, or should I say, full-throatle.

Now You See Me – another surprisingly entertaining movie. Great characters. Great actors. Especially Mark Ruffalo and Woody Harrelson. Twists and turns and surprises galore. Now You See Me — A Magical Mystery Movie; Give Your Solving Skills A Workout

The Croods – Loved it. Good plot. Great characters. Loved the voices, especially Nicolas Cage’s distinctive voice as Dad Crood. It was laugh-out-loud funny.

Despicable Me 2 – LOVE those minions. their odd, bubbly, funny other-language. Love the story starring the weird little villain turned Dad and semi-good guy, and the big-eyed innocence and wonder of the littlest girl, Agnes. I melted over the line to Agnes from Gru as he tucks her in good-night, “Never get older.”


Worst Films and Enjoyed Least (that I have seen)

Elysium – Elysium — One of the Worst Movies I’ve Ever Seen
After Earth – After Earth: Stranded With the Smith Family Robinsons
Man of Steel – Kryptonite Took The Temper Out of the “Man of Steel” Movie?
Epic – Epic : A Colossal Waste of Stunning Animation
Wolverine – No review. Disappointing.
Identity Thief – No review. Disappointing.
White House Down – Totally non-believeable. Not worth watching.


Briefly Entertaining, But Not A Keeper

The Hunger Games, Catching Fire – I’ll watch ’em once. Won’t buy ’em.
Oz, the Great and Powerful – Good enough. Don’t want to watch again.
Jack the Giant Slayer – Okay, but not worth buying.
The Host – Okay first time through. Not a keeper.


Not Seen, Yet, But Looking Forward To:

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – a must see, can’t go wrong.

Frozen – looks hilarious, great animation and voices

Saving Mr. Banks – looks very interesting – a 20-year struggle between Walt Disney and Mary Poppins

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – from a short story by James Thurber, and a great one – of an ordinary man with extraordinary dreams, starring Ben Stiller, who has never been in a movie that I’ve liked. This one looks like it was made to order for him.

47 Ronin – looks at least entertaining, judging by the trailer.

Her – looks exceptionally different and I LOVE Joaquin Phoenix as an actor

Lee Daniel’s The Butler – Looks like it has some depth

Lone Survivor – I’m intrigued, I love against-all-odds stories, especially military. Based on a true story and taken from a New York Times bestseller. Looking forward to it.

Gravity – The hype sounds fantastic. Wish I could have seen this space thriller on IMAX. Stars the unlikely duo of Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

Ender’s Game – read the book in my 20s – loved it. Wish I could have seen this science fiction thriller on IMAX, also.

The Railway Man – a story of the torture and trauma and shattered lives of World War II, and having to let it go – Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman look great in this movie.

Mud -the  trailer looks intriguing and have heard a lot of good things about it. Matthew McConaughey can be outstanding.


7 thoughts on “2013 Movies — Best and Worst and Wandering Somewhere in Between

    • That was a point by point, muy excellent review. I collect good examples of writing of all kinds, including reviews. I take them apart to see what makes them tick. It helps keep me from getting too stale. I learn from those who are great in the field, and try to never stop learning and honing my craft. Thank you for sharing this one. It was a great review, even though I haven’t seen the movie. Just the characters alone is worth seeing it for me. But I’m sure this astute reviewer has it pegged.

  1. I loved “Pacific Rim” mostly because I’m a huge Chalrie Hunnam fan. I’ll watch anything he’s in even if he’s just sitting in a chair reading a book. Icing on the cake was Ron Perlman (also in “Sons of Anarchy” with Charlie.) SOA is my absolutely favorite TV show.

    That trailer for “Frozen” with the moose and snowman is so adorable it almost makes me want to see the movie.

    Matthew McConaughey has really shone this year in several films. I’ve always thought he was a good actor and I’m glad others realize it now, too.

    “Her” is such a different movie and there’s buzz now in the Academy to create a category for voice-only performances (like Scarlett’s) and motion caputure (like Andy Serkis’s Gollum.) I think that’s a great idea. Love Joaquin Phoenix. He was incredibly menacing in “Gladiator.”

    I read “The Host” and all I have to say about the movie is it follows the book precisely. I thought the movie was OK…certainly better than the critics thought.

    I saw “The Avengers”, but haven’t seen any of the “ironman” films. I should remedy that. Loved the “Thor” movies.

    • Robert Downey Jr. has always been a favorite with me. He is such a versatile actor. Mike and I both were comic book fans as kids, but Mike saved them and still knows every character like they were long lost friends. He says Downey is the pure embodiment of Iron Man. I take his word on that. He knows. They will be well worth watching.

      I haven’t posted much for the past few days. I have a severe sinus infection and plan to go to the doctor this week. I’ve been sitting half the morning with my head in my hands, so forgive me if I haven’t caught up with you, yet. I’ve got so much I want to write about and right now can barely even read or watch a movie. And light of any kind can be excruciating. I wish I could get a head transplant.:)

      • I like Downey, too. Talk about a come-back kid. I figured he’d end up ODing some day when he was at the height of his drug use.

        I hope your sinus infection has cleared up by now. What did the doctor say/do?

      • Yes, Downey’s lifestyle is so sad because he is so talented. I mean it’s sad in any event, but with that great a gift, it should be treasured. However, sometimes the greater the gift and talent, the more the person is susceptible to drugs and alcohol.

        I didn’t make it to the doctor. This stuff seems to ger really bad, then taper off. And I HATE going to the doctor. Unlike most people, I don’t mind a dentist. But doctors are awful to communicate with, even if you find one who cares.


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