Kristen O’Connor Goes; Who’s Next On The Chopping Block? Who Stays?

Beautiful Kristen O’Connor exits with a beautiful smile

Star quality. What is it? Apparently, Kristen O’Connor doesn’t have it. Yet. Why? She’s beautiful, has a nice personality, she can sing. But there’s nothing projecting that inner fire that glows within a performing star. She was the first to be eliminated on American Idol Season 13.

I had predicted to family and friends this past week that it would be a toss-up between Malaya Watson and Kristen O’Connor, but my money was on Malaya. I know she’s young, but she totally gets on my nerves. I was surprised, however, to see M. K. Nobillette in the hot seat. She performed better than some others. I hope Kristen comes back next year with a new confidence in herself and stars in her beautiful eyes.

And speaking of nerves, have you ever seen a single season of American Idol where everybody was so jittery. What’s gotten into this group this year? Contestants from other seasons put everything on the line, too, and a few let nerves get the best of them. But this season takes the cake. Is it something in the water?

So who’s next for the axe? I have no idea till I see them perform again. They surprise you. We may not even recognize Malaya when next on stage. They just need to make sure she has nothing sweet before her performance. No Coca-Colas. But I do know which ones I think should get a chance to be America’s Idol choice — the ones I would dearly hate to see eliminated early.

My Picks to Go Through

My favorite, even though his latest performances have been a little off, is C. J. Harris. I just love him. He makes me smile. He makes me feel good. His face is so expressive. And he has this quality to his voice that is like no other. I keep wanting to push him forward in line.

Jessica Meuse has a haunting, raspy sound that goes with the songs she chooses. She looks like those hard-faced, hard-nosed bully girls who used to smoke out behind the school. And she hasn’t disabused us of that notion. But it is that very persona that goes well with her singing and songs. Like Jennifer Lopez last Wednesday night, I got “goosies” from her performance.

Alex Preston of New Hampshire looks like a fish out of water on stage until he gets into his song. Then it seems he is all music and song and voice alone with his guitar. Connick last week called it too introspective. Jennifer and Keith disagreed. And so do I. I loved being pulled into his world. He has a gift for making you feel what he feels. I worry voters might not “get” his music, so I would like for readers to listen again — and just let yourself go and feel the song.

Jena Irene, our best wild card singer,  just needs a little more confidence to back up her beautiful voice and look. She also needs to find her niche and sing a song that, as the judges say, gives her a “moment”. I hope she stays long enough to get that chance and grab it.

Majesty Rose gave a star-quality performance last Wednesday. It wowed the audience. There is nothing to critique in that voice, or how she worked the stage. But though her make-up and hair were perfect, I just hope someone in wardrobe will do a better job next time. That outfit was awful.

Sam Woolf is the 17-year-old who looks his age. But man does he have a voice for the ages. Randy Jackson said his song choice, “Unwell,”was a tough one to sell to the public. Well, I bought it and hope he has some more just like it. Judges urged him to come a little more alive onstage. I hope Sam comes more alive in his projection rather than getting all hyper. His voice is exquisite.

Caleb Johnson, who stole the show last Wednesday, is a guy who likes the stage and the stage likes him. Man, what a performance!! Now he needs to show us other aspects of his rock sound — make us believers in his inner fire on a different level. Show us what else he can pull out of his rockin’ repertoire that will astound us!!

Okay, without hearing their new performances, those are my picks to stay next week. But once the music starts, all bets are off.


4 thoughts on “Kristen O’Connor Goes; Who’s Next On The Chopping Block? Who Stays?

  1. Like you, I thought it would either Malaya or Kristen who’d be the first to leave. I think the public may have voted to keep Malaya in hopes that she’ll calm down. I’m pretty sure the judges feel that way. She does have a good voice, but her hyperism (I think I just coined a new word) is extremely distracting. I was a little sad to see Kristen go. Sorry, but I’d rather it had been M. K. even though I know you like her. She’s just too blah for me.

    As for the nerves, I think the ear monitors may have been to blame. I remember Adam Lambert said (a very long time ago) that they were difficult to get used to. I’d bet these contestants had never used them until now and are not yet comfortable with them. Just my opinion…could be wrong.

    • Sorry it’s taken so long to get back with you. Point– Yes, M.K is blah on all but her voice. It’s very good, but not especially outstanding. It’s just better than one or two others. Point — I think you’re right about the ear pieces. Even one of the judges commented on it. The only thing is, contestants have had to deal with them in other Idol seasons and seemed to manage.I didn’t know Adam had commented on them, or I just forgot. His observations count for a lot.

  2. P. S. Thanks for posting the video of Alex. I like that song a lot.

    And I’m glad the judges didn’t use their one-time save, I didn’t think they would. There are others who are more worth saving IMO.

    • I never even considered the possibility that the judges would save Kristen. I think their discussions sometimes are for show. But I hope she comes back next year. She started out beautifully, but lost her confidence.


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