Emily Piriz Homeward Bound; Time to Quit Stroking Sensitive Egos

American Idol is not a nursery school. These kids have had ample time to get their stuff together and, in some ways, they just get worse. This is the most clueless bunch to ever hit the Idol stage. And yet, after Harry Connick, Jr’s slightly heated tete a tete with Randy Jackson where he defends being a little harsh, he blows his whole stance by saying Season 13 is the best group ever! Huh? I don’t think it’s a matter of too many Gummy Bears going to his brain as it is tossing a sop to the poor little sensitive kiddies. Harry, please stand behind what you say and quit mollycoddling these young egos! It’s time to get on with the show, man!!

I hate to think that this year will wind up like my friend Jo Ann said,

 I’m beginning to wonder if the winner will be the singer who is the least bad rather than the best.

Jo Ann is a retired professional who worked with the music industry from 1962-1990. She also commented on Wednesday night’s observation from Keith Urban about Malaya and whether her last note was an F-sharp above high C.

NO WAY!” said Jo Ann. “An F-sharp above high C is in full-on coloratura territory and Malaya is definitely not a coloratura . . . Here’s what a coloratura sounds like singing above high C. Malaya is NOT it. This is the “Bell Song” from the opera “Lakme” .[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmYRQWYlDbM&w=420&h=315%5D

I don’t think Keith just didn’t know what he was talking about. I think it was just some more of smoothing a young and sensitive ego. Okay. I dd not like Simon Cowell’s way of savaging and demoralizing the contestants. But there is such a thing as being firm in your convictions and giving good professional criticism and advice. And one thing I can say about Cowell. He was the most respected by all contestants because he didn’t hand them a total barrage of B.S. These kids know when they haven’t done well (stink), even if they don’t admit it to anyone — especially themselves. I liked the reply Jessica Meuse gave when the judges took apart her performance of Dido’s “White Flag” with very astute criticism and advice. She said she would watch it back on tape. Jessica was obviously disappointed, but she showed a mature attitude.

I hope contestants really listened to American Idol winner Phillip Phillips as he sang his new single “Raging Fire”. Wow! What passion! Even some of his bizarre facial expressions went with the song. I was totally into it. Mike and I even searched online for the studio version so we could hear it without the overpowering band. Also — and I don’t know if this is a regional thing– the singers’ microphones have had a slight muddy sound compared to the ones Ryan Seacrest and the judges use. It’s like the sound isn’t coming through as clear.

We also liked Randy Jackson’s personal pick of Ireland’s #1 singing group “Kodaline”, to introduce, especially as opposed to Keith Urban’s choice of the less-than-boss Jake Bugg.

Emily Piriz was my pick to go this week, and she did. Malaya needed to go just as badly, but I felt she would have a stronger fan base. Jennifer Lopez’s obvious attempt to pump up Piriz’s performance of the Lopez hit “Let’s Get Loud”, didn’t do the girl any favors. It was obvious Lopez was just trying to keep the girl’s confidence up — and Emily swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. But another reason, I’m sure, was to help boost the girl with voters to give her another chance.

These contestants have had enough chances. Either they get it, or they don’t. Either they can sing, or they can’t. Yes, give them constructive criticism, but quit telling them how great they are. They obviously are not and all of America can see it. It’s getting ridiculous.


5 thoughts on “Emily Piriz Homeward Bound; Time to Quit Stroking Sensitive Egos

  1. *stands up and applauds this entry* Your first paragraph is spot on.

    The new issue of TV Guide that came in the mail today has a wonderful article about Harry Connick, Jr. The writer said Harry has saved American Idol and I agree completely with the writer. I liked that I could always count on Simon Cowell to call a spade a spade and Harry does that, too….BUT NICELY. There’s a difference between being cruel and humiliating and giving constructive criticism in an honest manner. The writer also said the Idol producers are desperate to keep these three judges and have already started contract negotiations for next season. I hope they’re successful because I think this is a dream panel.

    Keith Urban knows music and, I suspect, quite a bit about music theory. I don’t think his remark to Malaya about the high F-sharp was based on musical knowledge, but rather said off-the-cuff to make a point. I know Jennifer Lopez has had dance training, but I have no idea what, if anything, she’s studied regarding music. She seems to be much more about performance than music theory. However, Jennifer and Keith are knowledgeable enough to work well with Harry and give constructive advice. Harry is the giver of truth, Jennifer tends to be a Paula Abdul cheerleader, and Keith is somewhere in the middle. I think they each serve a purpose on the panel of judges.

    I figured it would be either Emily or M. K. who went home this week. Emily’s sing-for-your-life song was dreadful. Unless something spectacular happens with M. K., I still think she’ll be next. I’m in complete agreement that this season’s contestants are NOT the best yet…not by a long shot. I liked Kodaline, too, and I hope to see and hear more from them.

    Lastly, wow!…you made me feel almost famous with that long quote. 🙂 Thanks so much. I hope your other readers will take the time to watch the video of Natalie Dessay. She is truly amazing.

    • Yes, this is the best panel yet. And a good thing, too, since the singers are off to a slow start. Next week will be either MK or Malaya, but my money’s on Malaya. It’s pretty much a toss-up between the two, but I’m going with my gut. Or maybe it’s just saying, “Feed me, Seymore!”

      I feel honored to quote you. I admire all your many accomplishments.

      • *blushes* Thank you. 🙂

        Yep, I think it will be either MK or Malaya next week. And I don’t think the judges will vote to save either of them.

      • Oh yes, I’m sure the discussion is just for the television cameras. So are the Oh-this-is-SO-hard comments. I’m sure the judges know well beforehand who they’ll send home.


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