J-Lo And Idol Alumni Give Upbeat Luh Before Crying Time; M.K. Out

Before the tears last night, Jennifer Lopez debuted her upbeat new single “I Luh Ya Papi”. Mike and I were instant fans and dubbed it “Hispanic rap”. J-Lo sounded great with her Idol alumni backup singers Pia Tuscano, Jessica Sanchez, and Allison Iraheta. Their harmony at the beginning was awesome and the song itself with its popping repetitions was fun, fun, fun. It would have been even better if they’d limited the repetitions to about ten, ten, ten. But I also agree with Harry — I love how J-Lo pronounces “Papi”. It’s so darn cute. I’ll bet half the girls in America will be trying to imitate that “bupi” sound.

The band, Royal Teeth, on invitation from Harry Connick, Jr., was a little strange. I would have liked to hear something different from them because of Connick’s glowing recommendation. After the mishmash of really hyper stage theatrics and sounds, it was hard to tell if this performance was an anomaly or par for the course. By the look on Harry’s face, and no standing O from anyone but Keith Urban, I don’t think even Connick was feeling the luv — or, as Jennifer would sing, “luh”.

In spite of the long emotional hype and confabs between the judges last night, and the worked up audience wanting to save M.K. Nobilette, it was time. The voters got it right. M.K. has a sweet voice, but nothing exceptional. If she cashes in on her time in the spotlight and the fans she’s collected along the way, she could still make a career. I’ve seen others do it with less. It depends on her ambition and drive. But M.K. has looked like a sad, conflicted young lady throughout the season except for a few high moments. It could help her in a singing career, or hinder her if she lets it drag her down. OK, MK. Just remember J-Lo’s backup singers you saw last night. Shake it off. Learn from it. And we could see you back in the spotlight again.

All in all, I think it was a pretty good show, and I’m so glad they are not dragging out the results to a cruel and excruciating level like they did in seasons past.


4 thoughts on “J-Lo And Idol Alumni Give Upbeat Luh Before Crying Time; M.K. Out

  1. I thought J-Lo’s performance with the former Idols was brilliant and you’re right about the harmony. It was out of this world. I thought Royal Teeth was dreadful. I wonder what Keith saw in them.

      • True. I guess Harry wanted to support Royal Teeth because they were from New Orleans, like Harry. Makes me wonder if he’d actually ever heard them sing. If he had, they must have sounded much better than they did on Idol.


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