SAFE! Idol Judges Throw Their One Lifeline to Dreamy Sam Woolf.

Well, as most of you know, the judges used their one save on 17-year-old Sam Woolf last night and his Idol mates went wild. The blizzard of confetti cast a colorful veil over the ecstatic young faces of the the contestants, still numbering eight. Apparently, judges Keith Urban, Harry Connick, Jr., and Jennifer Lopez felt there was a future for the shy, awkward boy with the sweet face and dreamy eyes, and the voice like honey. Sam reminds me of another gorgeous, sweet-faced, dreamy-eyed, teen singer. Ricky Nelson







Back in the day, I was in LUH with Ricky Nelson, the guy with the voice like a summer breeze, soft and warm and utterly enticing to a teenage girl. It took Ricky a while to look comfortable in front of a camera, too, even though he had spent most of his life in front of them. Let’s hope Sam Woolf doesn’t take that long. He seems to be thawing out slowly but surely.

Contestants who shared the bottom three with Sam were Malaya Watson and C.J. Harris. I’m so glad C.J. is still hanging in there. I also like Idol’s new way of counting down to the bottom three. It’s so much nicer to see their faces on the big screen and seeing their big open smiles of relief when they know they are safe.

And wasn’t that a great new song, “Waiting for Superman”, by Chris Daughtry and his band. Wow! Loved it!! I love Chris, but he hasn’t had many songs that I’ve liked. This one is a hit with me. I wish he would record the Johnny Cash song he revised on American Idol when he was a contestant.

Great show last night. Wonder who will step up their game next week and who will go home. Haven’t a clue. See you next time.


12 thoughts on “SAFE! Idol Judges Throw Their One Lifeline to Dreamy Sam Woolf.

  1. Gosh, you’re right. I hadn’t realized how similar Ricky and Sam are. They even look a bit alike. I loved Ricky back in the day, but I think Sam has the better voice. I watched your Sam video above with my eyes closed and just listened to it. He’s much better when you just listen.

    I liked Chris Daughtry’s song, too. Like you, I’ve always liked his voice, but not the songs he sang until this one. I liked the music video of the song. Who won the year Chris competed? I’m 99% sure it wasn’t Chris.

    I didn’t like Chris’s version of “I Walk the Line.” It sounds too strange sung in a minor key. I loved how Adam revised Cash’s “Ring of Fire” though.

    I was shocked that the judges used their one save for Sam. He isn’t going to last anyway so they should have saved it. Any of the other remaining contestants is more worthy of the save than Sam.

    I have no idea who will get their walking papers next week.

    • A quick response. Just got home w/ you know who. Chatter. Chatter. Chatter. I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking Ricky and Sam are similar. Right now, I think Sam’s voice needs a bit more work to polish it up. But I know the judges must see a future for that voice. I’m glad they saved him, because, I must say it . . . they cannot now save Malaya Watson. At this point, her voice, though better, still gets on our nerves. She has some growing to do.

      Chris went out FOURTH from the top. I shocked not only him, but the nation. Don’t know what happened.It is the most successful season to date ratings-wise and also with 18 contestants (including all of the top 10 and a few semifinalists) getting record deals – nine of them with major labels. It is the first season with a male winner (Taylor Hicks) and a female runner-up (Katharine McPhee).

      • I don’t think they should have saved the save for Malaya either, but I wish they hadn’t used it until they were sure some other favorites weren’t going to be eliminated….like Alex, Jena, C J. and Caleb. You never know who the public will and won’t support. They might need a save later on.

        Thanks for the infor about Chris Daughtry. I hadn’t realized that season had so many successful contestants. Eighteen contestants got record deals??? Wow! I wasn’t aware of that. I know Katharine has done quite a few TV shows, but I’d lost track of how the others fared.

      • I didn’t even consider the great ones being voted off too early, but look what happened to Chris Daughtry. I know C.J. will go at some point, but I think he’s far enough along that he will get a record deal if he plays his cards right.

      • I don’t know if C. J. is good enough to get a record deal. But a recording studio can always use autotune on his voice if he continues to have pitch problems.

        And yes, the good singers always run the risk of being voted off. The voting public can be very fickle.

      • Hi Montana!. Happy to hear you’re visiting Linda and Mike. Linda has probably told you how much I love cats….I have five and love them to death. I love the name Dickens. He must not be a kitten anymore….they grow up so fast. “Purring like a massage chair.” LOL That’s a great line. You can barely hear one of my cats purr, but the others definitely make up for him.

        I hope you have a great weekend.

      • We all got a charge out of your reply to Montana. You should have seen her face when I said it was for her. She loved hearing about your cats. I’m just typing cause I can do it faster.

      • Oh, I’m so glad she was pleased. 🙂 The cat with the nearly inaudible purr is sitting on my lap as I type. I keep bumping his head, but the doesn’t seem to mind. He’s such a glutton for attention he’ll tolerate almost anything. .

      • Dickens sits on Mike’s lap while he types. Oh, these cats. They are all such attention gluttons. Good phrase by the way. I’m a fast touch typer, but can’t type with inhibitors. You must be good. Mike types like he texts. I don’t text at all. Montana was jumping from one thing to another, so was hard to pin her down. But believe me, she’s settled down from what it was like when she was younger. There was no keeping up with her.


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