‘Hey There, Delilah’, Aging Rock Stars, Parodied by Comedian Tim Hawkins

He reminds me of Robin Williams, but there the similarity ends. Tim Hawkins is a comedian with a clean mouth who sings hilarious parodies, even of Bible stories.to modern tunes. Everything is grist for his comedy mill, including aging rock stars, homelife, church, pastors, school. You name it. Tim is a Christian blessed with a sense of humor that crosses all boundaries and spectrums of life and people. I just discovered him and to say I’ve laughed till I cried is no exaggeration. Treat yourself to a listen. I’m going to buy a CD or two for car trips. As long as I’m not driving. Enjoy.

Hey There, Delilah

Old Rock Star Songs

Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife

Dangerous Toys – Part 1

Dangerous Toys – Part 2

Children and Babies

Helper in the Car

Inappropriate Wedding Songs


2 thoughts on “‘Hey There, Delilah’, Aging Rock Stars, Parodied by Comedian Tim Hawkins

  1. I’ve never heard of Tim. I’ll come back and watch the videos after April 11. My bandwidth is almost used up for the current 30-day period.

    • Sounds good. I think you’ll get a good laugh. Montana and I were rolling. Took her home Sunday. You could tell she wanted more time. We watch movies, listen to music, she plays games on the computer while I nap (that works out well), we chat, she draws. Don’t know where she came up with the analogy “purring like a massage chair”, but that was a good one. I’m going to look up some of your cat stories and pictures for her. She loves cats, but has two little yappers she loves. She’s always taking pictures of them with her cell phone. Or whatever kind of phone it is. I can’t keep up anymore.


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