Real Deal Dexter Goes Home; I’m Thinking Caleb and Alex As Final Two?

Real Deal Dexter Roberts was eliminated last night. And he took it like a man, leaving his fans with “Lord Knows I’m A Lucky Man” as his final song. Dexter was popular and I was disappointed he had to leave at this point in the show. I hope he will work at having a future in the music industry. He wouldn’t have made American Idol, but his performances have been consistently good even without a breakout performance. I think he should have been able to step down a little higher up.

That said, if there has been a worse season for contestants on American Idol, I can’t recall it. By this stage of the game we should have some definite front runners that pack a powerful performance. We do have two front-runners. One — Caleb Johnson, who is a gifted singer and entertainer, and New Hampshire’s Alex Preston, who sings beautifully in his own way. But he’s a performer, not an entertainer, as Harry Connick, Jr. once said. Jena Irene, who has never been consistent, did one wow performance the other night, and now “she’s the one to beat”. That performance had as much to do with her energy, as her singing. She woke people up. It’s time for these last contestants to wake us up or go home.

However, those contestants who won’t learn about stage presence, pitch, and projection have no chance to make it to the top. It’s like the judges have had to use cattle prods (not the electric kind) to move them along inch by torturous inch. We have heard some fair to good singing, but nothing that moves us to get on our feet and scream, except for Caleb. And, of course, Alex’s unique version of “A-Team”, simply because of his awesome voice control. His voice is truly a work of art.

Going home in the next few weeks will surely be — barring a miraculous break out — C.J., Sam, Jessica, and Jena. I still don’t think Jena is an especial favorite in spite of her great moment. Which leaves Caleb and Alex, in my opinion, as the top two. And well deserved.

On to other things, I give a thumbs-down on Jennifer’s thigh-high boots and wool pullover sweater — and nothing else The sweater barely covered her pelvic region. I also nix her baby-doll dresses that look like those worn by Shirley Temple at age three. Not only would they look ridiculous on a Twiggy-type, but, J-Lo ain’t skinny, hon. I like the fact that she has brought back the voluptuousness of Marilyn Monroe rather than the stick figure as the model of feminine perfection, but the tops without bottoms she’s been sporting look — in a word — awful. I did like the backless yellow sheath she wore the other day that distracted Seacrest so much. It covered, yet revealed.

Again, I think these are the best judges in American Idol history. They are intelligent, informative, and entertaining. Maybe next year, however, they will choose contestants who don’t have to be continuously prodded.

I also enjoy Randy Jackson better as a tutor and I enjoy hearing his opinions. He calls it quite often. Okay. Anything I forgot? Probably. But, I’m outta here. Ciao, y’all.


7 thoughts on “Real Deal Dexter Goes Home; I’m Thinking Caleb and Alex As Final Two?

  1. Yeah, Dexter went home. *sniff* I definitely did not see that coming.

    I agree with you that Caleb is a shoo-in for the final, but I think it will be Jena, not Alex who joins him at the finish line. These two not only have winning voices, but they’re the best performers. I think it will come down to that. I like Alex, but he doesn’t really excite me and I wonder when push comes to shove, if he’ll excite enough of the public to find a place in the final.

    I agree with EVERYTHING you said about Jennifer’s wardrobe choices. Waaaay too many of her choices are unflattering and downright inappropriate. I have never been a fan of skin tight dresses that look like you’d need paint remover to get a woman out of them.

    “Prodding” is the perfect word. The judges do criticize and make suggestions for improvement, but I feel most of the time like they’re prodding…even begging the contestants to be better. No one expects the judges to trash this season’s contestants in entirety, but it’s been said too many times that this season’s contestants are the best ever….especially by Harry. It makes me wonder if he ever actually watched any of the past seasons.

    • Well, it’ll come down to either Jena and Caleb or Alex and Caleb. But Caleb is the common thread.

      NOBODY but Harry says that, and you may have a point. He needs to go back and look at past seasons, either for the first time or as a refresher.

      • “But Caleb is the common thread.”

        I think so, too.

        Hmm, I thought more than just Harry had commented about this season having the best contestants, but I could be wrong. Wouldn’t be the the first time. 🙂

      • I could have missed some of the comments. When Katie and I share some of the funny parts, she’s always saying, ‘I missed that. When did that happen?” And I’m the oldest. Only thing is, she’s just gotten home from a stressful job (shipping) when Idol comes on, she’s tired and she’s starved. I guess I can cut her a little slack on missing a few things, huh.


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