Car Show and Strawberry Short Cake — Big Draws at Baldwin County Strawberry Festival


Saturday, April 12, 2014, Baldwin County Strawberry Festival

Hi, again, Folks,

Well, we’re here at the Baldwin County Strawberry Festival. Got here early. Already the sun is beaming down, but a nice breeze is flowing through. Right now, the crowds are comparatively thin and the big draw is the car show. I say comparatively thin, because the large tract of field for parking spaces is already nearly full with more cars lined up. Traffic is at a standstill on the highway. We got here just in time. People tell us the crowds pack the sidewalks and open spaces by lunch time and are unbelievable by two or three in the afternoon.


Mike Smith (right), checking out antique grist mill.

Venders are already lined up in hedges of pavilions and food stalls in a large loop around the park and down crowded avenues. We’ve passed a really persistent barker twice for the games of chance. His stall is the one with the back wall filled with balloons and handy darts for folks to try their skill. But with all the food and shiny stuff for sale there are plenty enough tempters willing to separate us from our money. So we do a fast reconnaissance all around and in and out to catch the lay of the land, chat up a couple of friendlies, and mosey on over to the car show. (Shiny stuff).


Boy, you can really hear some man-talk at a car show. Trips down memory lane, showing off knowledge about cars that a man doesn’t get to talk about much anymore, competing for top billing on who can identify each oldie correctly, the year, the stuff that makes it go vroom-vroom . . . you get the picture. I love it. There is electricity in the air. People are communicating, laughing, having fun. There are few cell phones in evidence except for use as a camera and some die-hard teens.


 Me, holding up a car and wearing my favorite Minion tee.

Now I’ll treat you antique car enthusiasts to what we saw at the car show. And at the end you can have some strawberry shortcake. (A picture, of course — sorry, Jo Ann).


This black Duster took us down memory lane. When I met Mike, the new had not rubbed off of his white ’73 340 Duster. That was one proud, lead-foot Georgia boy. I was a waitress at Shoney’s then. He had to show me his driver’s license before I would believe his name was Mike Smith, and he had to take me home to meet his Mom and Dad before I would fully believe that he was a nice, unmarried railroad man. I wasn’t born yesterday, you know.


 Sister Katie with her first favorite of the day. 


Sister Katie with her next favorite of the day. 


Mike, carrying my pink tote bag for me. There was a lot of stuff in it. You know . . . stuff.














 Hey! Don’t this look like ‘Mater?


 Keepin’ this car spit shined. Yeah. He’s proud of it.






























And HEEEERE’s your strawberry shortcake. Enjoy.




12 thoughts on “Car Show and Strawberry Short Cake — Big Draws at Baldwin County Strawberry Festival

  1. “…he had to take me home to meet his Mom and Dad before I would fully believe that he was a nice, unmarried railroad man. I wasn’t born yesterday, you know.”

    LOL You’re so funny. 🙂 Those are some seriously rad cars. From how far away do people come to show off their cars? Did you take all those car pics? They’re wonderful. Love the videos, too. My brother used to have a turquoise color Thunderbird with a white removable hard top. It was his pride and joy. I dated a guy MANY years ago who had a red Pontiac GTO. He loved that car more than life itself, I think. Certainly more than he loved me. 🙂

    And you have strawberries already??? O_O And green grass and leafed-out trees? Criminey…. NOTHING is green here yet and we still have a few snowbanks in the yard. I’m sooooo jealous. Going to go drown my sorrows now in that awesome looking strawberry shortcake.

    • Almost time for Idol. Gotta hurry. Loved your comments. I got a chuckle, too. I have no idea how far away these people come, but we see them hauling on the interstate all the time.

      I too had a boyfriend when I was 18 who had a tiger gold GTO. He took me to the races with him. But, alas, he was like yours. Loved that golden beauty more than life itself.

      This was in south Alabama. We live more northeasterly. But we still have green, green, green, on the far side of the hill and the near side also. I’ve got Easter pictures I’m posting tomorrow. My 28-yr-old granddaughter, whom I haven’t seen in several years, was here with her husband. She is over six ft. tall. Can’t wait for you to see her. She’s lovely. And we really like her husband. He’s of Italian extract, works hard, is intelligent, and friendly. Everybody liked him..

      I would send you a strawberry shortcake, but don’t know how I’d get it in the envelope.:)

  2. Oh, ION, I read yesterday that Fox may not renew American Idol for next year. It’s getting trounced in the ratings by The Voice, which has nearly double the viewership. I watch both shows, as you know, but I think The Voice is by far superior to Idol. All of it’s contestants are better than anyone on Idol.

      • This picture look EXACTLY like the T-bird my brother had, right down to the color and the wire hubcaps. I don’t think he had the spare tire thingy on the back though. It was a gorgeous car.

      • You are a very good photographer.

        My brother has had his own business for years in Ohio restoring cars. He does VERY well and loves doing it. He has so much business he can pick and choose the cars he WANTS to work on. He specializes in Fiberglas restoration and hardly anyone else in the US does Fiberglas.

        He sold his T-bird for an obscene amount of money to a collector in Canada about 15 years ago. He especially likes restoring T-birds and has done quite a few. He said once that the hardest part was giving them up after doing a restoration.

      • I got Mike to read this one. Your brother must be awesomely professional. Mike’s nephew restored a truck that a guy from Australia bought. He’s not a professional, but I think you have to love what you’re doing to do restorations.

        I love taking pictures. I have to look at them from ever angle to get just the right shot. I used to know more about the mechanics of it when I worked for the newspaper, but I had to do it all the time. Now I’m too rusty. Our camera is digital, but it has a ton of stuff you can do with it. It’s a Nikon P510. I just have to learn it, but, unlike you, this old dog is too lazy to learn new tricks. They have to come to me a bit at a time.


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