C. J. Harris Eliminated; A Sad Parting for A Great Guy

Only two of the Alabama trio remained of the American Idol contestants who started out in the top running on Season Thirteen. Both of them were in the bottom two last night — C. J. Harris of Jasper, AL, and Jessica Meuse from Slapout, AL. — C. J. was eliminated.

Though it wasn’t unexpected, tears came to my eyes, so my vision was blurred when I noticed that Jennifer Lopez was doing the same thing when he sang his last American Idol song. He was number six, leaving five to go, only one who will make it to the end. It was a sad parting. C. J. held up well and sang well, till tears began to flow and his fellow contestants came out to give their support. This was the saddest parting on American Idol this year. I haven’t talked to anyone who doesn’t love this young Alabama man with the cry in his voice and a soft way of talking. Keith Urban said he was one of the sweetest guys he’s ever known.

As his mother was escorted onto the stage, Seacrest asked how proud she was for her son making it so very far on American Idol. Very proud, she said. — And as for me, my heart and eyes filled again when all three judges stood for him, then made their way onto the stage to meet his family and to give him comforting words and advice at his parting. And this time they looked totally sincere.

If anyone has ever been more loved on American Idol I don’t know when it was. Our fine Alabama song man will be terribly missed. But, not to worry . . . he mentioned he’ll be touring, and one of those tours will be coming to Birmingham, AL. But wherever he lands, I hope it will be feet first and off and running. God bless you, C.J, my man. And best of luck for your future career. We love you.


3 thoughts on “C. J. Harris Eliminated; A Sad Parting for A Great Guy

  1. Yes, C.J. is a lovely fellow, but this is a singing competition and however heartfelt his performances were, they were always tonally off. I don’t recall at the moment what he sang the night before this results show, but I do remember thinking he had more pitch problems than he’d ever had before. He wasn’t getting better.

    And speaking of that show, I had recorded it and watched Caleb’s mic-tossing performance three times, but never saw him lose the mic. The camera cut to the drummer twice during the performance and the drop must have happened during one of the times the camera was on the drummer. BUT it was shown during the results show and I’m glad because it was maddening to hear the judges talking about Caleb’s wonderful “save” when we viewers didn’t get to see it. .

    • Yes. It was definitely time for C.J. to go. And, yes, Katie and I both were dying to see the action with the mic. I found it on the net the next day and he really did slide to get it. Loved it. He’s an entertainer first and foremost.

      • Hmm, I never thought of looking for it on the Internet, but I’m glad they showed it the next night.

        As I said in another comment, my Internet is soooo slow tonight that I’m not even going to try to watch Keith on the results show. I’ll save that for another day. Videos simply won’t download tonight.


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