Easter Chick Loses Foot; Dickens the Cat On The Hunt for Eggs

DSCN2934 Tammy made these “little chick” deviled eggs. Let’s give a shout out for Tammy. She worked hard on them. She laughed because one of them wound up with only one foot. (The feet are made of  carrots). DSCN2935

See the poor little handicapped one in the middle with just one foot? Some of them kinda got squashed by the tin foil, but they’re still cute and edible. DSCN2526

Tammy made this cake a couple of weeks before Easter. We went to Wal-Mart and got the stuff intending to serve it for the holiday. But Tammy was too excited and couldn’t wait. Call it a pre-Easter cake. DSCN2535

Dear Folks,

As you can see, Easter was a colorful event here at our house this year. We had a wonderful dinner, some “chick” eggs that Tammy made, and we hid and hunted Easter eggs. The older ones hid them, Montana hunted them, and then we all hunted them because a couple were hidden too well. The cat, Dickens, finally found one of them.

DSCN2947No wonder the eggs were hard to find. A little high there, Henry.                                        

DSCN3021Kayla, our granddaughter we haven’t seen in a long time, came with her husband of a year, Jonathan, along with our usual youngest, Montana, and their mother Michelle. And, of course, our downhill neighbors, son Henry and wife Tammy, my sister Katie, and, later, Katie’s husband Randy. Kayla is over six feet tall, by the way. Didn’t get it from my branch of the family tree. Michelle drove up in a “new” second hand VW van or SUV or DSCN2937something. It was bigger than a car, anyway. It was roomy, comfortable, and clean. We all had to have a gander at it. It has heated leather seats and those outside rear view mirrors that fold down for when somebody can’t drive properly.

I tacked up a homemade “Welcome Home Kayla – My Precious” sign, found some bunting and tape, and did it all in five minutes while doing my make-up and hair. Whew! My Precious comes from The Hobbit, of course. It started with my own kids back in the day. I’d chase them through the house doing “the gravelly voice” and they would always run screaming. Then I had to do it for the grandkids, Kayla and Meagan. But by the time Montana came along, I always called her my “pumpkin darling”. Grandmothers. You just never know. DSCN2944   DSCN3024

 Kayla —- My Precious! This wasn’t a posed shot. She was waving to Jonathan out at the horseshoe area. She’s standing in front of our RV.

When we got together for our ham dinner with mashed potatoes, green beans, and cream corn, we gathered for the blessing. But first I said, “He is risen”. And the family voices responded, “He is risen, indeed.” What music to my heart and soul. Praise the Lord, and the sacrifice made for our eternal salvation. DSCN2961

After dinner we had the hunt and son Henry brought horseshoes for when hunting got boring. It’s a challenge finding a spot on this hill, and he still had to sink the posts on a pretty good grade. Lost a horseshoe first time out and took forEVER to find it. That hill makes everything roll off into someplace only Alice could fall into.



Horseshoes for Henry and Jonathan. Kayla’s husband was a big hit with everyone.

We had lots of laughs, I talked too much and too loud, but everybody else did, too. We’re a voluble family. Except for Mike, Randy, and Jonathan. Wonder why that is? I kept the camera hot, and when I got tired, my Kayla took over. Tammy was busy with her phone camera and sometimes we wound up aiming them at each other. Now I’m having to go through and edit. But it’s a labor of love.

DSCN2980 DSCN3012

And the weather!!!! It could not have been more perfect. Lots of sunshine, cool breeze, and blue sky. We stayed out on the porch and in the yard, catching up on lives, remembering past crazy stuff, remembering Kayla’s childhood and telling on her to her new husband, drinking tea and Dr. Pepper, and swapping lies. Fun. Fun. Fun.


 Kayla, Jonathan, and Katie.

You couldn’t ask for a better Easter Sunday. And, of course, we remembered Mama, who proudly always let it be known that she was born on Easter Sunday. This celebration is to you, Mama, and in celebration of Kayla’s homecoming, and the risen Jesus who makes all things new.

Okay. In case you’re interested (and even if you’re not) here are Easter pictures. I put them under categories, like the hunt, etc.

The Hunt DSCN3011

Montana – The Youngest, who must shoulder  most of the burden of finding plastic Easter eggs with candy treasures among the detritus of winter’s leaves, forest canopy, and whatever else lurks out there.

DSCN2986 They’ve lost their eggs, their horseshoes, and their way. I wish Gandolf were here!


Katie and Tammy on safari. Safari so goodie. Not.


Now where did I hide that dad-blasted egg?!



Found one.


  DSCN2989 DSCN2991



Henry taped an egg to the porch light. I had to keep singing “I Saw the Light” very loudly until Montana moseyed on over that way. Then everybody had to get into the act just to shut me up.


Caaan’t quiiiiite reeeach it.




Thank goodness for tall dudes.


Thank God for a little help from my friends/Uncle Henry


Eureka! Or whatever they say these days.


This isn’t Dickens, the cat who found one of the last two eggs. But Dickens never sticks around for shout-outs, so Mini-Me says he’ll take the credit.

Getting to Know You







DSCN3064 DSCN3066


Randy, Katie’s husband, is 6’5″. Kayla is over six feet.


Montana is holding her Uncle Randy’s hat. The one with the rattlesnake band that he scares people with. Randy also likes Duck Dynasty, so he and Jonathan bonded over Jonathan’s DD tee-shirt that he and Kayla claim as community property.








 Th-th-th-that’s all, Folks!



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