American Idol ‘Twist’ Clouds Sam Woolf’s Final Moments

As we all know by now, “America’s Little Brother” Sam Woolf, was eliminated last night. Instead of getting the usual response time, his name was jarringly announced after a completely bizarre “twist” that stole some of Sam’s final moments. Among a history of dumb ideas for publicity plays, the “twist” last night on American Idol was one of the dumbest. With no prior notice, the Final Fab Five were lined up like a firing squad and given ballots to vote on whether or not to save the one voted off this week and send two home next week, or keep the regular format.

At first when Seacrest kept announcing a surprise twist, I thought a huge favorite, like Caleb Johnson, may have gotten the low vote, like the year Chris Daughtry got voted off on the final four and stunned everybody. I wasn’t prepared for the “twist” as Ryan Seacrest kept calling it. And I wasn’t the only one confused. From what I’ve read in interviews, so were the contestants, who were also highly irate over being made the victims of a lame publicity stunt at a time when they were already under the gun.

The voting had to be unanimous in order to save the one with the low vote from leaving immediately. It seemed like the idea, projected through host Ryan Seacrest, was to pull the contestants into a show of sweet solidarity. If that was the plan, it backfired, as the ballots turned up three to two. There was no feeling of disloyalty. Contestants simply wanted things to go as planned. No surprises, because each person knew that someone had to go home. Not only would there be added pressure if two were to be voted off next week, but it would also skew the results. That same person to be eliminated last night, might get more votes if given another chance to perform, which would knock out a different contestant.

That unpopular scene aside, we had the pleasure of watching sweet, gorgeous Keith Urban perform “Good Thing” from his newest album “Fuse”. What was doubly good about it was that he demonstrated all he had preached to contestants throughout the season. He was vibrant, electric, the joy of performing evident in every line, his voice true and heartfelt. The audience ate it up and so did this viewer. Oh, yeah. I’m a fan.

For his final performance, Sam Woolf sang “It’s Time”, which turned out to be the right choice of words. Sam looked more relaxed than he ever did before and did justice to the song. It was good to see him without his guitar. I can’t remember that they did his “journey” beforehand like with all the others eliminated. But in all the hullabaloo I may have just missed it. I just hope Idol doesn’t throw any more monkey wrenches into their line-up again. I personally don’t want silly dog and pony tricks. I want the show to go on.


9 thoughts on “American Idol ‘Twist’ Clouds Sam Woolf’s Final Moments

  1. Oh dear! Just reading about the “twist” makes me mad and I haven’t even watched the results show yet on What a completely STUPID thing to do.

    Why does Keith have his head down on the desk in that top photo? What happened?

    Sam without his guitar? O_O That’s a first, isn’t it? I think if he’d have relinquished the guitar – at least a few times – long ago, he might have been able to get more into “the groove” and “the pocket” that Harry is always advocating. He hid behind the guitar….something that never happens with Alex.

    The main reason I plan to watch the results show on Hulu is to see Keith perform. As you know, it took me a loonnngg time to become a fan of country music and it was Keith who make it happen several years ago. I just adore him as a person and as a musician. I have recently become a big fan of Luke Bryan as well. Just call me a late bloomer.

    • It was the moment when Seacrest announced the elimination. Keith was showing he was sad at the result. I think he feels deeply for each one. Don’t you? And, yes, I also felt that Sam was hiding behind his guitar. I thought of you when Alex sang that beautiful song. I knew you would appreciate it.

      • I think it’s a toss up. J-Lo seems to care a lot about each contestant, just as Keith does. Harry isn’t as emotional; he’s more technical, but I think at this point in the competition, he must care about each one, too. They’ve come to know them all so well.

        So you thought of me, eh? I think that was the best performance Alex has had on the show to date. It’s a beautiful, haunting song. I know you didn’t watch the X Factor, but a boy-girl duo won this year and they sang that song, too, with the girl at the piano. It was nice.

      • I’m glad you enjoyed it. All of their performances weren’t this good and I really didn’t think they deserved to win. Sierra was off key a lot of the time because she was horribly nervous. She’s a dancer, not a singer. They’re a real life couple and are getting married this summer.

  2. I don’t know what the heck is going on with the Internet. It’s not raining here now, but it must be pouring somewhere between me and the satellite. My download speed is only 1/2 an MB. That’s slower than when we had dial-up. Took me 10 mins. to pull up the YouTube link I wanted. Sheesh!

      • I’m glad you weren’t affected by the horrible weather down your way. The ‘bama coast seemed to get it the worst and I didn’t think you lived near the coast. But oh! those poor folks who WERE affected. The pictures I’ve seen are absolutely heartbreaking. I may hate our horrendous NH winters, but at least we can just plow and shovel away the problems. I can’t imagine living where I had to worry about tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and total destruction.


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