Jessica Eliminated, But She’s A Hometown Hero to Slapout, AL, and To Her Many Fans

It was hard to see Jessica Meuse eliminated just when the celebrations were about to begin. It’s not that most viewers were surprised. This beautiful singer with the most unique voice since some of our great rocker girls of the past, just couldn’t cut it as an entertainer. And that’s a shame. I really think she would have been our next American Idol if the music and lyrics came through her emotions and not just that awesome voice.

Oh, I know she will go on to make records, starting with that incredible original she sang for her finale “Blue-eyed Lie”. And I don’t think Slapout, Alabama, will let her sneak into town unnoticed. She has put them on the map, big time. But it was heartbreaking to watch her terrible disappointment as Seacrest comforted her. I hope Slapout has something big planned for her, even if the American Idol cameras are not rolling. We’ll all have to check it out, won’t we?

What was no surprise was that Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene made it through. The only iffy was Alex Preston, who slumped with relief when he realized he had made it.

So am I going to go out on a limb and call it? You bet. It’s going to be a battle royal between Caleb and Jena, who, as you know, was the wild card this year. But I’m going to ante up on Caleb, who has stayed consistently good, and often great, throughout the competition. But, when the final cards are dealt, you just never know what may turn up. That’s what keeps us coming back. American Idol has been picked up for Season 14.


5 thoughts on “Jessica Eliminated, But She’s A Hometown Hero to Slapout, AL, and To Her Many Fans

  1. Yes, it was sad to see Jessica go, but we saw it coming and I think it was the right decision.

    ” Oh, I know she will go on to make records, starting with that incredible original she sang for her finale ‘Blue-eyed Lie’. ”

    I don’t. That was a very good song, but I don’t think she has enough charisma to be a successful recording artist. Being a recording artist includes concerts and touring where connecting the the audience is SO important. But it she continues to write such good songs, she could be a successful songwriter.

    I have liked Alex a lot, all along, but I think he’ll go next week. It’s going to come down to Jena and Caleb. Caleb hasn’t put a bad foot forward all season and what criticism he has received from the judges was so minor as to be insignificant. The win is his to lose.

    BTW, I really don’t like that they make the person leaving sing a last time. They are usually too choked up to sing well and I feel like a voyeur watching them struggle. It’s merely unnecessary drama IMO.

    Yeah, I knew Idol had been renewed for a 14th season when they announced all the audition cities. Now just keep your fingers crossed that all three of these exceptionally good judges are willing to come back. Harry and J-Lo live in the LA area, but it must be a bit hard on Keith because he and Nicole live in Nashville. It’s got to be rough being away from her and their two little girls so much.

    • I’m not crazy about them singing a final song, either. I think that ought to be up to the contestant.

      I’m hearing that all the judges, and our cute host, are saying they are coming back, but no contracts signed yet. Also I’m hearing that the show will be cut back on its air time. I believe Seacrest might have mentioned that himself. But it’s a done deal that there will be a new way of doing things. That should be good if they don’t let some idiot screw it up.


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