World War Z: Worth Watching; Lots of Action; Doesn’t Bog Down

Nope. I’m not a zombie fan. And just to be clear, I hate most vampire movies, especially the TV series kind. I do love good science fiction, action, heroism, superheroes, etc. Well, World War Z is not great science fiction. It’s fair. Let me ‘splain, Lucy, Ricky.

I’ve got to hand it to Brad Pit as Gerry Lane, reinstated UN investigator. He, and I must say, the other actors, were true professionals. I’ve seen movies where actors seemed to think the film was beneath them, therefore sabotaging their own efforts. These actors knew their purpose was to entertain and tell a story. And they did that very well. Mireille Enos played Lane’s wife, Karin, and Daniella Kurtesz was the Israeli soldier. One of my all-time favorite actors, David Morse, had a cameo appearance as an ex-CIA agent, and, as usual, gave as much to that small part as he gives to large ones. Everything.

The film approaches the zombie origins from a different angle. Not from hocus pocus or Louisiana bayou creepiness. World War Z throws a true-to-life horror upon the big screen. The fear of a new world virus. A virus transmitted by bite that goes “viral” immediately, since the “zombie’s only function is to bite – not eat – rapidly and ravenously. Cities and nations go down so fast it’s like a a flesh and bone tsunami has struck out of nowhere.  It leaves the world reeling, trying desperately to stay enough ahead of the lethal surge to save mankind.

Another good point about the movie, is that there are clues cast about for the discerning. The action is edge-of-your-seat. I squealed. I cared about the characters. The graphics were good. The swarming of the so-called zombies was chilling, it was so alien.

That was the good part, because we can actually see something like that might happen. The bad part is — the zombies were supposed to be dead, as in walking dead. They made sounds, therefore they had to have air coming from functioning lungs. Zombies (uncontrollable actions) they might have been, but not the “walking dead”. The virus angle was good because viruses can do things that plain old human beings would think — naaaah, couldn’t happen. Viruses make you sick. There are no illnesses that control actions. Oh, contraire. Rabies does. It makes animals ravenous to bite.

There are strange things abounding in the natural world that are creepy and scary. There is a parasite that attaches to mice that changes them from creatures who fear and detest cats, to creatures who are unavoidably attracted and drawn to them. To their deaths. It’s called Toxoplasmosis.

There is such a thing as zombie ants. There is a fungus that infects carpenter ants and causes them to leave their happy ant homes to go on a quest for something that will ultimately kill them and use their bodies to perpetuate. The ants have no choice in the matter. They are infected and must search out very specific parameters in order to fulfill their new and abrupt destiny. When they find the perfect place — they bite. Weird? I’ll say.

I’m just saying, folks — we don’t know what’s out there. So a virus that controls people is not totally out of the realm of possibility. The walking dead? Mmmm. I don’t think so. Now, are you quivering yet? Watch the movie. After learning this weird stuff, you might be.





3 thoughts on “World War Z: Worth Watching; Lots of Action; Doesn’t Bog Down

  1. eek! That video is down right creepy. I’ve never been a fan of zombie movies, but I must admit I love “The Walking Dead.” I like Brad Pitt, too, and that’s probably the only reason I would watch this movie.

  2. I was surprised because the trailers made the zombies look ridiculous. The movie was far better than the trailers suggested, since, as you point out, the acting was very good.


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