The Yard, By Alex Grecian: London’s Murder Squad Targeted for Murder

Nobody noticed when Inspector Christian Little of Scotland Yard disappeared, and nobody was looking for him when he was found.

So begins “The Yard”, by Alex Grecian, a mystery/detective/police procedural that you will fancy reading from your armchair by a cozy fire. It will take you to London, 1889, where the police are smarting from their failure to identify or capture the infamous Jack the Ripper. It will take you into the halls of horror as the newly born forensic science is adopted by Dr. Bernard Kingsley as he follows in the fresh footsteps of Sherlock Holmes — measuring, poking, and peering with his glass. And, like all medical examiners before and since Quincy M.E, probing for the secrets of the dead.

in order to keep pace with a new era of old evil, Scotland Yard is taking its first steps in the science of criminology,  Jack the Ripper has broken the bounds of whatever has held back the beast within, and The Yard must produce a hound especially trained to bring him to ground. And so they formed “The Murder Squad”, twelve detectives for a foggy, crime-ridden city with thousands of murders each month. Twelve detectives to cover twelve months in the year. Already backlogged from its inception, the detectives struggle to put new  procedures into practice. And then comes the realization that a new serial killer is targeting their own.

“Don’t go out alone,” they are warned. “Always take a partner.”

Down gritty back streets and alleyways they track an ever evasive scent. struggling with grief and personal dread against the backdrop of a Victorian London teeming with the poor and dispossessed, the mad and the hopeless. Inspector Walter Day, Dr. Kingsley, and other members of the squad, race against time to piece together a portrait of the man who is butchering Scotland Yard inspectors. Looking for patterns and comparing notes rather than jealously guarding their individual investigations, is something that must be learned the hard way, and with precious little time to learn it.

What does the disappearance of a child from his own yard in the middle of the day have to do with this investigation? One detective is pursuing that case, but separately from their main objective. When they finally bring all the clues together, it leaves the remaining members of the squad reeling. But not before a young and vulnerable inspector vanishes from his predetermined route.




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