Busy Passing the Buck. That’s Where You’ll Find Alabama Gov. Agencies

This  picture of poverty is taken from Google. But you can drive almost anywhere in Alabama and see children living in these conditions, and much worse, living in filth with huge holes in the floors and going hungry. Why? Because the relative or household adults, or parent(s) are on drugs, often selling Food Stamps for them, while the government agencies pack off responsibility on the next agency.

* * *

Dear Alabama Governor, Congressmen, Senators, and Agency Authorities,

I can’t give you any names on a public forum, but I got a call recently from someone I’m well acquainted with who was so frustrated and mad she was crying. She was trying to report someone who had broken the law — a law considered a felony. She was attempting to report a man with a wife and children who received hundreds of dollars worth of Food Stamps each month, yet his children went hungry, because he sold their Food Stamps for drugs.

The woman fears the children are in danger. She may be in danger. So what are you doing about it? You are so busy passing the buck from one agency to another, nothing can get done. It’s been some weeks since it happened, but no agency I know of has said, “Okay, the buck stops here. I’m taking responsibility.”

At first she called the Food Stamp number. (I’m assuming they have a special number for fraud?) They pawned her off to DHR. She called DHR who told her she needed to call the Food Stamp authorities. She called Montgomery, the state capital. “You don’t need to be calling us”, she was told, “you need to call your county.” If all government agencies are so gnarled that you don’t know who’s responsible for what, there needs to be a MAJOR overhauling.

Finally, out of frustration, and a need to tell SOMEBODY, she put it out on Facebook, but was accused of harassment. This is a very deep and involved situation that I can’t tell here, but any number of people would be willing to cooperate. Most of my information comes second-hand, but don’t you people investigate anymore? I’m here to tell you that people who try to step forward to do the right thing in this day and time are putting life and limb on the line. You need to be there for THEM, too.

I’m asking. What do you do when children suffer; when taxpayers are defrauded of money they can ill afford? On the other hand, I know destitute people who are on Food Stamps who desperately need them and take care of their children as best they can. Every year they go hungrier and hungrier. Why? Because the ones who legitimately need the assistance are being shoved out by those whose appetite is for drugs. And we’re paying to subsidize these addicts.

Listen to the cries of the hungry, why don’t you, and take the addicts off your roles. A simple drug test might tell you what you need to know. Go check out the house and refrigerator and pantries. If they are empty with lots of assistance coming in, it might give you a clue. Are your hands tied by government restrictions? Let the public know about it. Because if you don’t, we’ll just assume you’re not doing your job, and that you are also taking our hard-earned money and not providing the service it is paying for.

I want to know why a desperate person can’t help alleviate the suffering of children, and at the same time save the taxpayers from fraud. They could do so if someone would listen. But you’re not listening..


6 thoughts on “Busy Passing the Buck. That’s Where You’ll Find Alabama Gov. Agencies

  1. I’m guessing (based on Alabama.gov) that the County Department of Human Resources (what a terrible misnomer, since I’d think it was the personnel office) or the County Sheriff’s office would be the one to contact, though, reported as child abuse rather than food stamp fraud. The reporting of fraud and the resolving of that problem is probably just going to be a bureaucratic nightmare, but engaging the child protective services at the local level will likely get the kids on someone’s radar far quicker. Plus, the police would go in with eyes-wide-open for any drug paraphernalia.

    (By the way, I had idea there was a second ‘r’ in paraphernalia. Thanks to spell check.)

    • Already been there done that. Don’t know why the police are not on the drug thing, but DHR is aware of the situation besides the Food Stamp fraud because they were told the whole situation. They even asked if the kids would rat on their parents, at which time the lady told them “—- no. They’re terrified.” By now half the county knows about this. (It’s not my county). I’ve called again to see if they have heard from anybody. Nada. Even each county do things so differently you can’t talk anybody because in this bureaucratic nightmare, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

      Thanks for your input. I’m going to keep seeking a resolution.

    • I am from Alabama born and raised here. I have just moved back from Georgia and the same thing is going on there also. so it is not just this state but all over . How about lets start at the head quarters of this great nation of ours. I seen children left in a exteneded stay motel in Georgia while the parent was off to who knows where and doing who knows what. I gave food to these kids and went to the front desk and ask about them. All they could say is they had been reported to there stay childrens services but nothing is being done. So hats off to our Nation while this goes on everwhere.

      • Thank you for responding, Delane, and for giving us insight into another state. This is a national tragedy as well as a shame and disgrace. God bless you for doing what you could and trying to get someone in government to take notice..

  2. How well do I know this for a fact. Let me tell you. I now have custody of my niece and nephew cause their parents are on meth. These children couldn’t add or subtract 2nd and 3rd grade work. She failed to send her children to school in hopes of getting them on disability at 19 themselves. These children were kept from school for three years until I took the children in (thru DHR).

    Their mom is on disability and has been since she was 19 and now she is 40. Being on full disability she receives medical and food stamps. Both her and her husband take advantage of these benefits. He chooses not to work because she receives all this government support and supposedly is paying household bills. Yet they live without power and water! And they owe the court system lots of money that OUR TAXES PAY. Her brother has drawn disability since he was 19 or younger because he was not made to go to school and can’t read or write. HELLO! …this is not the taxpayers problem. And yes he is on pills and anything else he can do or take for a high. Now she has two children who have been added to this free government money.

    After DHR finally went out to check on them (after being reported a bunch of times) they removed the children because of crystal meth. They had in fact been reported to Crime Stoppers! That’s when they were finally removed by DHR. After these children were removed they were allowed to draw $600 in food stamps. But the food stamps do not come directly to the children at my house where we take care of them. We haven’t seen a dime of help. They go to their mother’s house, who doesn’t care to give her children the food stamps which are sent for their benefit.

    Their mother has been on government funding for 21 years. She knows her way around the system. I called Montgomery and talked to someone in authority about what has happened to no child left behind. Well of course nothing can be done. If it involves religion they can’t touch it, and yes they were enrolled in a Christian school. These people know this and get away without sending kids to school. THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO DRUG TEST PARENTS EVERY SIX MONTHS.

    Years ago, my grandparents received commodities, which were cheese, peanut butter, bologna, dry milk, dry beans and rice. Now they give a food stamp card that can be abused VERY EASily! SO NOW THEY SELL THEM FOR DRUGS! THEY GET A LIST FROM A DEALER FOR GROCERIES OR SELL THEM FOR CASH. I know someone who sold dealers $600 worth of food for $150 FOR DRUGS. WHILE HIS CHILDREN WENT HUNGRY.!!! Do you think any one did any thing? HE** NO! Yes they were reported to everyone they could think of. So were the parents to the kids I have. Family is encouraged to take care of family and the government will let them so they don’t have to.

    But let’s keep up all the drug addiction and meth heads while our veterans are homeless and go hungry and our children go uneducated and hungry, while we work our A**S’S off to pay taxes toward this crap!!!!! I would like to say good job to our government. WAY TO GO!!! BREAKING AMERICA FOR SORRY A** PEOPLE SITTING ON THEIR BUTT LETTING us support them. One day you will learn about commodities! !!! That way you control their food and keep that food stamp card out of their hands and stop supporting the drug dealers with it!!!!!!!!! Talk about America going to HE**. And YOU know you can control that if you wanted too!!!

    • Thank you, Cindy, for another personal look at the problem. It seems many people are taking care of nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and even cousins. Most of the ones I’ve talked to are not rich people. They have to sacrifice to do this, some of them at a time when they should have reached a point in their lives where they could lay down the burden of such responsibility and enjoy life. The lady in the story I wrote will be seventy years old this year, has had heart surgery and is caregiver to her son who has been quadriplegic for about 25 years and lives on a fixed income. And helping feed hungry children. And yet these people who have payed taxes all their working lives, are now having to subsidize those who are fraudulently taking tax money.

      I would like to say here that we shouldn’t tar the truly disabled with the same brush. Also, that there are excellent Christian and home schools out there. But, as Cindy says, if someone can use the system, they’ll find a way. And it looks like there are a lot of foxes in the hen house these days. Either the system has got to change, or the authorities should uphold the laws we already have. No one is policing the system. WHO IS GUARDING THE HEN HOUSE!!!

      So shout it out, Cindy. Get fighting mad.


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