New Travel Blog, “Sunset Gypsies”, From The Village Smith

Mike and I will soon be embarking, not only on a new life style in a few more months, but on a new blog, “Sunset Gypsies: A Couple of RV Rovers“. Actually, the new blog is already up and running. Though we have an introduction page about what, when, and where, I will be reblogging some of my travel posts from “The Village Smith” to “Sunset Gypsies”. Then I will turn to stories and pictures from travel times I haven’t yet posted. Stuff on the back burner. That should keep me occupied until the new experiences come along.


Header from Sunset Gypsies: A Couple of RV Rovers — The view of beautiful Mobile Bay from our campsite.

We just got the new blog up and running so we won’t be strangers when we do get on the road. After all, we already have a few traveling stories on “The Village Smith”, which I’m reblogging to the new site. God willing, Mike and I will hit the road in our RV, aptly called a “Challenger”, sometime around February or March of 2015. Depends on how long it takes to tie up loose ends — like grown children and umbilical cords.

We have prepared for this life-change by reading up on lots of travel blogs and blogs from veteran and savvy full-time RVers. We know the highs and lows of such a life-style, not only by reading about them, but experientially. We lived in our old RV for a couple of years on Folly Beach, SC, a barrier island off the coast of Charleston where I was a workcamper at Pelican Cove. Our RV had the site right by the sea wall overlooking Folly River with the beach just a couple of blocks away. We slept to the tune of water lapping and the lullaby of the surf.

Mike worked in North Charleston. Those days were a working vacation. When Pelican Cove closed down, we were kept on as overseers, though I was allowed to hold down a part-time job with an on-island marketing company. One wall of that office was glass filled entirely with an overlook of the Atlantic Ocean. My employers were witty people with a good sense of humor. We got along famously. A friend at church who coveted my position slid joyfully into my shoes after I left. For breaking one of the Ten Commandments, the friend got ten Hail Marys and five Our Fathers — really rough penance considering it was a Baptist Church.:)

I think God gave us a time in Heaven before we descended into Hell. In 1995, our old RV traveled to Alabama, and parked beside the home of my ageing and ailing mom and dad. When it became evident our new job was for the long haul, we moved the RV up on the hill above my parents’ home, where we lived for over two years until we bought the adjoining property and put a mobile home on it. We have been here ever since.

The hell part wasn’t the time with mom and dad. It was battling to keep them alive, dad through four years of cancer, and mom with dementia and, eventually, mini-strokes, until her death in 2011. It hasn’t been long that I couldn’t write these words without my heart bleeding all over my draft page. The Village Smith became my therapy. That caregiving time in our RV was so bitter-sweet, that for the first time I felt cramped for space and longed for a larger home.

That’s when I knew that RVs are like birds. They are wonderful when they’re free, but sicken and die when they are caged. Our old RV deteriorated over the years as it sat in its one location, dreaming of golden days and the open road. We never sold it until we bought our “new” RV Challenger, though it hurt us to see it go. It was a symbol of the freedom we hoped to one day see, though that freedom has come at a heavy price. Mike’s mom and dad are gone, as well as my own. Our roots, the ties that bind, are snapping and unraveling more and more.

Now we want to see America. We want to go to historical sites. We want to see the purple mountains and the fruited plains. We want to meet like-minded people who chuck it all for life on the open road. I want to play Scrabble again with somebody. Haven’t played in years. Mike doesn’t play it. We used to play chess quite often, but grew too tired to bother. We pray that, with the freedom to explore and see and do, our energy and lust for life will return in some measure. Actually, it’s already happening. Mike smiles more. My eyes are back to half-sparkle. We laugh more and are getting more active. Yes. We know there is, and we anticipate, a new life in Heaven. But after all these years, I pray we are allowed a time of renewal here.

And how we look forward to sharing our beautiful and joyful metamorphosis with all of you.


4 thoughts on “New Travel Blog, “Sunset Gypsies”, From The Village Smith

    • Hi, Peter, the address is:

      We’ve gotten off to a late start because our daughter had an accident and needed care for a few months. We’re hoping to hit the road by the end of April. We’ll be posting our locations sometime in May. Thanks for checking in with us. Sorry you had trouble.

      • Thanks Linda. I’ll tr to stop by and see what’s happenin’. Sometimes life has a way of grabbing hold and saying, “No, you will not,” and there’s not much we can do about that other than knuckle under and take care of what needs taking care of. 🙂


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