For Fun Photo Op Get Your Little Red Caboose Down to the Derailed Diner

Lots of fun in the sun down in the Mobile area of Alabama. That was our second RVing trip back in April, and reblogged from our new travel posts in “Sunset Gypsies”. Enjoy.

Sunset Gypsies

DSCN2686Dear Folks,

When Mike, Katie, and I spent the weekend in Baldwin County, Alabama, for the Strawberry Festival this past April, we checked out surrounding interesting sites. Well, you can’t get much more interesting, not to mention bizarre, than the Derailed Diner in Robertsdale. If you’ve got sightseeing and photo ops on your traveling agenda, this is something you won’t see every day. The motif of the entire huge building is molded around the train wreck theme, with the inside also including nostalgic memorabilia.DSCN2684DSCN2673

Some tables are set up to look like you’re eating on a truck tailgate; the back window of the “truck” is a TV screen. Why the kitchen is the inside of a school bus rather than a boxcar I don’t understand, but it’s interesting to see waiters and waitresses dash in and out of the full size bus doors.



It’s nice to be able to get…

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2 thoughts on “For Fun Photo Op Get Your Little Red Caboose Down to the Derailed Diner

  1. Linda,
    I love the blog! I am doing research on the Kilgore family and have a family reunion this weekend. Would you please contact me via email? I think you might have the answers I need.



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